Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 42: I Want To Be A Scientist

However, as he did not have an email, the offer was sent by mail delivery to the school. It was actually Shunfeng that delivered the package.

Unfortunately, it was the school that called his phone and asked him to pick up the package. He did not even think that it could be the offer. He opened the package as soon as he got it and a few students around him saw it.

Perhaps some people had applied for jobs at Shunfeng because they recognized the package logo.

They thought about that trending Shunfeng post…

As of now, everyone knew that the CEO of Shunfeng was serious!

Not only was he famous on Weibo, but he was also famous in his WeChat friends’ news feed. People posted stuff like “worship the god” and “worship the genius”. He could not even be humble if he wanted to.

Although there were plenty of geniuses in a place like the University of Jin Ling, there were not that many that were on the level of Lu Zhou!

He had already received half a million yuan offer in his first year. Imagine if he graduated!

As for those students that had already graduated, they felt like they had wasted their four years at university. They studied the most popular majors, received a bunch of certificates, worked a couple of years, jumped a couple of ships, and even then, they only earned 20-30 thousand yuan per month.

When they looked in the mirror, they could only see themselves as a nearly retired middle-aged person.

A half a million yuan salary was something that most people could only dream of.

However, Lu Zhou was slightly upset.

He was stuck. What should he do with this offer?

He had read the offer multiple times since he received it yesterday. Shunfeng’s offer was extremely attractive, half a million yearly salary, stock compensation in three years, etc.

Honestly speaking, when Lu Zhou looked at the salary, he was excited.

Of course, he was excited. He could work for a few years, then buy a house and a car. Then he just had to find a beautiful wife that could be worthy of him and his life would be set!

However, he thought about the system and became silent.

Although the system screwed him over countless times, the system still made him more valuable.

At least more valuable than a half a million salary…

“Zhou… Brother Zhou, have you decided on your offer?” asked Liu Rui. He wanted to shout Lu Zhou’s name, but for some reason, he felt buried under Lu Zhou’s popularity and changed his words.

Lu Zhou looked at Liu Rui. He paused for a second before saying, “Are you jealous right now?”

Liu Rui was stunned and he replied, “No sh*t! Who wouldn’t be jealous?”

Was this question necessary!

Lu Zhou sighed, “But I… Want to reject the offer.”

Liu Rui: ? ? ?

Even though he knew that Lu Zhou was pretending, he still could not help but ask.

“Why? It’s such a good opportunity.”

Lu Zhou looked at the sky and said, “I don’t want that type of lifestyle.”

When he saw Liu Rui’s expression, he finally decided.

A half a million yuan salary was enough for many people to look up to, but it still was a goal for average people. Even a million yuan salary was the same.

He had the system, so why should he have to work for other people?

Lu Zhou decided.

He would never work for other people.

Liu Rui was silent for a while before asking, “Did you think about that kind of lifestyle? The life with that kind of money?”

“I want to be a scientist.”

Liu Rui: “…”

I want to fight this guy…

After all, they sent the offer through an actual letter.

Lu Zhou felt that if he replied using his email, it might be a little disrespectful. Therefore, after a moment of consideration, he decided to call the phone number printed on the offer and gently reject them.

They listened to his speech and went silent for around ten seconds before saying, “Too little? Come to Shenzhen. We’ll buy a plane ticket for you. We can discuss face to face.”

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Why is the human resource so overbearing?

The other end of the phone did not hear Lu Zhou speak and so, they coughed before saying calmly, “Let me introduce myself, I am Wang Wei.”

The f*ck?

The phone number on the offer isn’t for human resources?

This CEO has so much free time…

If Wang Wei knew what Lu Zhou was thinking, he would be furious.

Lu Zhou was not shaken by the guy who was in the Forbes’ rich list. He took a deep breath and said, “It’s not about the money. I think I haven’t learned enough. There’s so much more to learn. Therefore, even though your offer is attractive, I don’t have the intention of working right now. I’m really sorry.”

The other end of the phone did not give up. In an old man’s tone, he continued to say, “A lot of things can be learned in the school of society and work. I believe that if you come to us, you’ll learn many things that will interest you. And to tell you the truth, if you can write an algorithm like this, the university cannot offer you much help. What you need is opportunity and money that the school cannot give you but I can.”

He talked until this point before pausing. He then laughed before continuing, “If you’re worried that your education will be an obstacle for promotions, then you shouldn’t be worried. Education background is more used to screen talent for normal people, not for talented people like you. I think that ability is more important than education and achievements.”

Lu Zhou sighed in his heart while he secretly admired this guy.

No wonder this guy is on the Forbes list. His attitude of thirst is insane. If this was two months ago, I probably would’ve been worshiping this guy.

But now I realize I still have a lot to learn.

“Sorry,” said Lu Zhou as he shook his head. He said with a clear voice, “Although I appreciate that you are looking at me so highly, right now, I don’t have the plan to start working. I’m hoping that the next time we meet, it would be as business partners.”

The other end of the phone paused before the sound of laughter came through.

“Hahahaha, I really look forward to that.”

He was rejected so there was not much left to talk about.

Wang Wei hung up the phone, shook his head, and threw his phone on the table.

“This kid is pretty interesting.”

Become a business partner of Shunfeng? Quite ambitious.

You better get some angel financing first!

There are too many entrepreneurs that have failed. Without capital, there is no chance to actualize technology.

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