Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 43: Should You Forgive When Possible? Nope

Speaking of which, it was his second interview this month.

The interview was different compared to the last one. This time, the Huaguo Youth Daily reporter told Lu Zhou that not only would the interview be published in the newspaper, but the video might also be published online as well. Due to this, Lu Zhou was slightly nervous when the interview began.

A pretty young woman interviewed him. Her voice was pleasant and similar to a radio broadcaster’s voice.

The lady smiled and said, “Hello, Student Lu, can we begin?”

Lu Zhou nodded his head and said, “Yes, please ask away.”

“You don’t have to be nervous. The questions are simple,” said the reporter with a smile. She nodded as a signal for the cameraman to begin before speaking with a professional tone, “First of all, I want to ask how do you study normally? Any tricks or tips?”

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and replied, “I don’t really have any tricks. I just go to the library and study there. It’s not much different than other students.”

“Really? Then I think Student Lu must be a genius of some sort,” said the report with a smile. She continued, “From our interview with other students, we heard that you still work part-time. I would like to ask, how are you able to study and work at the same time?”

Lu Zhou laughed and said, “I work mostly because of my family’s financial situation. I think that if you manage your time well, you can study and work at the same time.”

Meanwhile, in his heart, he was thinking about the opposite.

Work didn’t affect my studies?


The reporter asked, “I heard that you have a younger sister in high school?”

Lu Zhou replied, “Yeah, she’s about to be in Grade 11 after the summer.”

The reporter smiled and continued to ask, “For your sister and other students preparing for the university entrance exam, do you have anything to say?”

Lu Zhou looked into the camera and smiled brightly, “I support you!”


The interview was already over.

The last question was a type of “hidden advertisement” that the school requested. Lu Zhou answered all of the other questions honestly.

The interview ended and the Huaguo Youth Daily reporter packed up the equipment with the help from the school staff. They still had to write reports from other students.

For the University of Jin Ling, this debate could be said to be a great victory. Not only did they cleared up their own grievances, but the media also praised their name.

Which university could train such a talented undergraduate student?

Even though the school did not necessarily cultivate the student, it still brought honor to the school!

At the last school leader meeting, Principal Xu Jian said Lu Zhou’s name twice, which made the mathematical department seemed very respectable. Especially Dean Lu, his face was full of smiles for half of the meeting.

What counts as a good achievement for the mathematical department?

This counts as a good achievement!

The staff handed a water bottle to Lu Zhou and he was taking a sip when he saw Dean Lu walking over to him.

The dean patted Lu Zhou’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Your interview was good. The school leader called and told me to tell you not to work part-time anymore and to quit jobs like sorting packages and handing out flyers. Try not to do them if possible. If there are difficulties in your life, the school has scholarships.”

The sentence implied that the next scholarship was his.

Lu Zhou asked cautiously, “Then is tutoring okay?”

“Of course! I support with both of my hands up!” said Dean Lu with a smile. He continued, “The school does not want to prevent you from working. It’s just… When choosing a job, think about the type of work you’re doing and try not to choose a time wasting and difficult job.”

The dean was actually afraid of people gossiping.

What if someone tried to twist the story and asked why the school was forcing such an excellent student to go hand out flyers or dressing up as mascots? What if they asked where were the scholarships?

Lu Zhou heard Dean Lu and breathed a sigh of relief.

He was happy to be allowed to continue tutoring.

The scholarship would only be ten thousand yuan, plus it was only a one-time thing. He would earn more just by tutoring.

“Oh yeah, one more thing,” said Dean Lu as he cleared his throat. While laughing, he said, “Our school has decided to formally prosecute the person who affected your life a while ago. The prosecuting lawyer is Professor Wang Haihe from our law school. We won’t ruin him, but we’ll at least make him pay the price he deserves! You might have to testify in court. That’s not a problem, right?”

Inviting a law professor to court was pretty disrespectful towards the opponent.

There may even be a couple of students standing in the court.

Lu Zhou imagined this in his mind.

He stood up immediately and said, “I don’t mind! Please inform me to be present if necessary!”

A genius student has to use all his strength to defeat the opponent!

Sparing people? Impossible.

You have to kill an insect like this!

Lu Zhou did not mention that he did not have the time nor the energy to sue. Now that the school offered to help him, obviously he would not refuse them. He could not wait to go to court.

The interview finished and Lu Zhou went to the research building.

Earlier, he had told Professor Tang about the offer that he received. Professor Tang asked him to come to the office and wanted to talk about it with him.

“… Offer for half a million? You really rejected it?” asked Professor Tang when he heard Lu Zhou’s decision. He found it hard to believe because he knew that Lu Zhou was hungry for money.

Half a million.

Professor Tang heard two graduate students talking about this. They complained about how they did not get this lucky. They would have accepted the job if it was just 250k.

“Professor, I’ve already thought about it clearly. I want to dedicate my youth to scientific research. The money will not erode my dreams,” said Lu Zhou with a serious tone.

Professor Tang suddenly realized that not only was this kid hungry for money, he also had another bad trait.

It was dishonesty… He loved to brag…

But after all, this doesn’t seem too bad?

At least, he could back it up with his grades. It’s better than those arrogant people with no skill.

“I’m very pleased that you can make such a wise decision. Your future is definitely brighter than half a million salary. I originally planned to persuade you not to take the job, but now it seems that there is no need for that…”

Professor Tang paused before he continued, “Also, about the invitation from that New York University. As a professor from the University of Jin Ling, I wish for you to stay. But as a teacher, I have to tell you that the invitation from NYU is a huge opportunity for you. Think about it clearly.”

If he was a good student, Jin Ling would not care about him. However, Lu Zhou was a student that produced stellar results. Naturally, the school wanted him to stay in the country and in school. After all, publishing SCI theses as an undergraduate student was impressive. He might even have an opportunity to win the Field Prize once he began to pursue his master’s degree.

Studying abroad in the US?

It seems expensive.

Not to mention the problem of language and culture.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and shook his head. He said with a smile, “I think I shouldn’t. The University of Jin Ling is pretty good, I told my little sister that I’ll wait here for her.”

A smile emerged on Professor Tang’s face as he said, “It’s great that you think that. The school leader asked me to do an “ideological education” on you, but now it seems unnecessary. If you stay at University of Jin Ling, I promise you that you will receive a graduate spot and scholarships.”

Lu Zhou smiled, “That’s… Thank you very much!”

“This is our obligation,” said Professor Tang with a nod. He smiled and added, “Okay, I’ve nothing else to say. Go and reply to New York University, then prepare for your modeling competition. I hope I can see your name on the the list of first prize winners.”

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded, “Yes, for sure!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.