Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 44: Resentment From Loners

Once Lu Zhou was finally freed from the controversy, he came here to study.

As usual, he met Chen Yushan, who was studying for the graduate entrance exam.

They were discussing mathematics and started to talk about what happened recently.

Chen Yushan’s eyes widened when she heard that Lu Zhou rejected the offer.

“You rejected the offer from Shunfeng?”

That’s half a million yuan salary!

That’s unlike him…

“Yeah, I can’t just stop studying and work in Shenzhen,” said Lu Zhou as he rolled his eyes. He added, “That would kill my father.”

“Oh yeah, if you accepted the job, you can’t continue with your studies,” said Chen Yushan as she nodded. She poked her chin with a pen and said, “Then don’t go. Getting a bachelor’s degree is important.”

Lu Zhou laughed.

From his perspective, the bachelor’s degree was not that important.

It was just that the missions were easier to complete in a school. He could read all the books in the library, download all the research material for free, and he could even talk to the professors.

God knows what kind of impossible missions the system would give him once he left school.

He should stay in the school before he levels up. He wanted to start a tech business and there was no better place to do research than in a university.

Chen Yushan said, “Oh yeah, my auntie wanted me to ask if you are free tonight.”

Lu Zhou replied, “I’m free, what’s up?”

Chen Yushan said, “She wants to buy us dinner.”

“Dinner? Why?” asked Lu Zhou as he looked at Chen Yushan curiously.

Why would she want to buy me dinner for no reason?

Of course, if someone insisted on buying him food, he definitely would not refuse.

Chen Yushan said with a smile, “You’ve been tutoring my cousin, right? This month’s exams results came out and her maths score was better than expected. My auntie wants to buy you dinner as a show of appreciation. Of course, I’m the one that got you this job, so I should take credit as well. I’m going too.”

Lu Zhou smiled and asked, “What did she get?”

“116! She was ecstatic when she heard the result. So was my auntie! I haven’t seen her that happy for a long time,” said Chen Yushan. She pouted, “See I told you that you would be good at teaching mathematics.”

High school mathematics…

Reviewing the outline, going over the mistakes, and the book “High School Exams Done In Three Years.”

If you had these three things and some time, your results would not be bad. However, if you want high scores, then it would depend on talent. Some people were naturally gifted toward numbers. It was impossible to catch up with hard work if you were not gifted.

For example, Lu Zhou had a high school classmate that could do two-dimensional equations without a pen. He could just do it in his head. Every time the maths teacher would talk about losing easy marks in the exam, she would mention that genius.

Han Mengqi actually had some talent for science. Once you taught her something once, she would never get it wrong again. If she had the right attitude towards learning, she could easily catch up.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Maybe because your cousin and my sister are around the same age. Dealing with teenagers her age is mostly about communication.”

“You have a sister?” asked Chen Yushan as her eyes lit up.

At the exact moment, there was a heavy cough coming from the front row.

The pair sensed a strong hint of a complaint and shut their mouth up.

The resentment was coming from the loner sitting near them.

Chen Yushan poked her tongue out. She took her exercise book and moved the chair back to her spot.

It was hard to chat and laugh in the library. Even if they were quiet, the people that were studying could still hear them. Lu Zhou knew this and smiled. He was embarrassed and he quickly stopped talking and started to read his book.

Yesterday, he finished the book [Topology]. He had finished all the mathematics on the book list. The next subject waiting for him was information science.

The system did not generate that many information science books on the book list. There were only three in total. One of them involved a new algorithm while the other two mainly contained advanced knowledge of C++.

What was annoying was that it would be difficult to learn advanced programming just from reading the textbook. He had to read a lot of other materials. It was also not easy to pick out a valuable thesis from the big sea of computer science.

It was also at this moment that Lu Zhou profoundly realized that the real “academic cancer” were those that submitted substandard theses. Disgusting.

In the evening, Lu Zhou packed up his things and walked to the school gate with Chen Yushan.

A white Maserati stopped at the side of the ride and a young girl in a dress stood outside the opened door.

When Han Mengqi saw the two, she waved in their direction.

Speaking of which, it was Lu Zhou’s first time seeing Mrs. Yang’s car. The high-end vehicle shocked him.

People that own a company are so rich.

This car is worth more than most people’s houses.

Han Mengqi saw her cousin and hugged her with a smile as she said, “Sis, you finally came. I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

She was very warm to her friends and family, but very shy towards strangers. Lu Zhou had never seen her so cheerful and relaxed.

Of course, it was because she did well in her exam last month. Since she was about to go on a month long summer vacation, obviously the little girl was very happy.

At this moment, Mrs. Yang opened the car door as well and walked outside.

When she saw Lu Zhou, she smiled and nodded at him.

“Teacher Lu, thank you for teaching Meng Qi mathematics.”

“You’re welcome. It’s my duty,” replied Lu Zhou with a smile.

Speaking of which, it was the first time he saw Mrs. Yang with a smile that was not a courtesy smile. However, it seemed that the tension between the mother and the daughter had not reduced. When Han Mengqi saw her mother, she dropped her smile and did not even look at her.

Mrs. Yang did not care for her daughter’s coldness. She greeted her niece, smiled, and said, “Let’s get in the car.” She then went back inside the car.

Han Mengqi took one of the back seats. Chen Yushan and Lu Zhou exchanged looks.

Lu Zhou, “Who is sitting in the front?”

Chen Yushan, “Maybe… I’ll go?”

Lu Zhou, “Okay then.”

Chen Yushan opened the car door and sat in the front while Lu Zhou sat in the back with Han Mengqi.

The car started.

When Han Mengqi looked at Lu Zhou, she pouted her mouth, cleared her throat, and said, “Hey, I have good news for you.”

Lu Zhou felt like the news was related to Mengqi and so, he smiled and said, “What news?”

Han Mengqi turned her eyes away and said, “I’m not telling you. Guess what I got for my monthly exam!”


“Hey, someone told you! It doesn’t count! My sister told you, right?!” said Han Mengqi as she looked up with a dissatisfied expression. Chen Yushan who was sitting in front was secretly laughing.

Who cares if it counts or not, it’s not like we bet money.

Lu Zhou looked bored.

“Meng Qi,” said Mrs. Yang while driving.

Han Mengqi pouted but she did not speak.

It was obvious that she still hated her mother.

Well, her mother did installed dozens of security cameras at home. Who would not hate a mother like that?

It was slightly awkward inside the car because of the tension between the mother and daughter. Chen Yushan occasionally chatted with her aunt while Han Mengqi just stared outside the window and remained silent.

At this moment, Mrs. Yang asked, “I heard that you rejected the offer from Shunfeng Group?”

Lu Zhou paused for a second before he said with a gentle smile, “Yeah I did. How do you know about this?”

Mrs. Yang asked, “You want to start your own business?”

Lu Zhou replied, “I do actually have plans for that, but right now, I’m focusing on my academics.”

Mrs. Yang nodded her head and said, “If you have any good ideas and need funding, give me a call. Even though I can’t help you much, I can introduce you to some angel investors. Of course, whether or not you can get the funding is still dependent on how you shine and how your presentation goes.”

Lu Zhou sat. He was alert as he listened intently.

The words from a successful experienced person were something that he could not learn in a college class.

However, Han Mengqi did not seem to like her mother’s lecture and she muttered, “You’re already off work, can you stop talking about work…”

The daughter’s words shocked Mrs. Yang slightly.

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