Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 45: Thinking About Fear

Lu Zhou had not expected this. He thought that Mrs. Yang would take them to an unusual place, but the destination was actually a small street far away from the city.

The marble decorated entrance was deep inside a strange street. Instead of being buried by the small shops, it stood out.

Maybe this is the style of the rich?

Lu Zhou did not understand.

They got off from the car. Mrs. Yang walked in front and lead the group of people into the restaurant.

The decor of the restaurant was completely different from the entrance. It was like a different world. Water was flowing through the marble statues while the various plants represented a western style. In fact, the restaurant brought out a sense of beauty between China and the west.

With a western restaurant like this in the middle of nowhere, Lu Zhou knew that the owners must be insanely rich.

“Four people.”

“This way, please,” said the waiter as he made a gesture. He guided the group of people onto the second floor.

Han Mengqi refused to sit with her mom and so, she sat next to Lu Zhou.

Just like back in the car, Chen Yushan sat next to her auntie.

The group sat down and the waiter brought four glasses of lemonade while placing two menus on the table.

Mrs. Yang flipped through the menu. With a gentle smile, she said, “This restaurant is quite good. It’s very quiet and there’s no city noise here. In a place like the City of Jin Ling, it’s difficult to find such a restaurant. I recommend the steak here. If you don’t fancy the steak, the paella is quite good as well. Today is my treat so order whatever you want.”

“Then I’ll order…” murmured Lu Zhou as he smiled cautiously. When he looked at the menu, his eyebrows jumped.

Mother f*cker, so expensive!

888 yuan for steak? What the hell is that? I’ll order the fried rice… Hundreds of yuan for the rice?

This is a scam!

However, when he saw Mrs. Yang’s expression, it looked like she did not feel that there was anything wrong with it.

Lu Zhou could not help but think.

Rich people’s concept of money is on a completely different level than mine.

Han Mengqi did not mind. She took the menu from Lu Zhou and quickly flipped it over. She pointed to a picture and said, “I want the applewood steak! And this ice-cream…”

Naturally, Chen Yushan ordered as well.

It was Lu Zhou’s turn.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and eventually decided on the Spanish paella.

He did not want to waste their time. Besides, he had never eaten it before. Also, eating with a knife was too fancy for him. He did not want to embarrass himself.

As for Mrs. Yang, she only ordered a salad.

Lu Zhou looked at the picture of the salad and he wondered if Mrs. Yang would actually be full just from eating the salad.

Perhaps it was because there were not a lot of people in the restaurant, the dishes arrived quickly.

Lu Zhou looked at the steamy seafood risotto and could not help but drool over it.

Especially the green mussels and scallops sprinkled in garlic, it looked very delicious!

Lu Zhou had not even picked up his spoon when Han Mengqi stole a piece of mussel.

Lu Zhou’s eyebrows jumped. He did not want to step down to the same level as her so he pretended like he did not see anything.

However, Han Mengqi’s movement had not escaped her mother’s watchful eyes.

Sure enough, Mrs. Yang said sternly, “Meng Qi.”

Han Mengqi’s smile faded and she looked towards the side.

“Mrs. Yang… I think there’s no need to be so strict. Han Mengqi is just joking,” said Lu Zhou with a smile as he tried to mediate the situation.

“This is about politeness,” said Mrs. Yang seriously. She did not give in.

Lu Zhou looked helpless and did not say anything.

He really could not comment much on how to educate other people’s children.

He just felt sympathetic towards her…

The vibe was quiet during dinner.

Lu Zhou and Chen Yushan sensed the cold war between the mother and daughter. When they glanced at each other, they saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

Chen Yushan, “Sorry, I didn’t know it would be like this.”

Lu Zhou, “It’s okay, actually I expected it…”


Lu Zhou suddenly realized that he seemed to have mastered a new skill.

He could communicate with people just by looking in their eyes?

What is this?

Did I develop this from looking at her in the library?

Or is it the system…

Lu Zhou had to confirm this and so, he looked at Han Mengqi.


It seemed useless.

Han Mengqi saw that Lu Zhou was acting weird. Blushing, she asked, “Why, why are you looking at me?”

“Oh, nothing. It just looks like you’re enjoying your food,” said Lu Zhou. He realized what he was doing and quickly diverted his sight.

Fortunately, Mrs. Yang got up from the seat earlier to take a call. She did not pay any attention to the two.

It wouldn’t be good if that strict woman saw this…

Anyway, Han Mengqi actually believed Lu Zhou’s reason. She threw a small piece of steak into her mouth and said while chewing, “Well, it’s okay, but it’s not as good as your cooking.”

Lu Zhou was embarrassed from the compliment and said, “There’s no point in complimenting me.”

“I never lie. You don’t have to believe it,” said Han Mengqi as she rolled her eyes.

“You cook as well?” asked Chen Yushan. She looked across at Lu Zhou and with a tone of being surprised, she said, “I didn’t know…”

“Of course, he’s very good! That… That mapo tofu is super delicious,” replied Han Mengqi before Lu Zhou could even speak.

It was like she was showing off.

“It sounds spicy,” murmured Chen Yushan as she shrunk her neck.

She was still feeling the spiciness from that time Lu Zhou took her to eat spicy hotpot.

At this moment, Mrs. Yang came back to her seat. Next to her was a man that looked very polished.

“Meng Qi, aren’t you going to say hi to uncle?” asked the man with a smile.

“Uncle, hi. Uncle, bye,” replied Han Mengqi awkwardly. She did not even lift her head.

“This kid…” sighed Mrs. Yang. She looked at the man apologetically as she explained, “I’m sorry. Meng Qi is like this towards everyone.”

“It’s okay,” said the man with an awkward smile. He greeted Chen Yushan before looking at Lu Zhou. His eyes lit up as he asked, “You’re Lu Zhou, right?”

Lu Zhou was surprised. He did not know he was famous enough to be recognized.

Even on campus, only a few people could recognize him.

Even though Lu Zhou was confused as to how the man knew his name, he still stood up and politely shook his hand, “Hello, and you are?”

“I’m the manager of this restaurant. I’m also Mrs. Yang’s friend,” answered the man with a smile as he shook Lu Zhou’s hand. When he released his hand, he said, “You rejected an offer from CEO Wang, right? This boy is good.”

“It’s just that I’m busy with school and I think I don’t know enough yet,” answered Lu Zhou humbly. In reality, he was actually complaining in his heart.

Why are there so many people mentioning this? It’s just rejecting an offer.

“I’m Du Haifeng. Let’s talk again in the future,” said Du Haifeng. He handed a business card to Lu Zhou and smiled as he said, “You guys can continue eating. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Maybe because he sensed the coldness coming from Han Mengqi or he was busy. Regardless, he left.

Lu Zhou sat back down and looked at the business card as he thought, “Shareholder of Haifeng Capital?”

I have to take care of this business card.

Connections are always useful.

If Lu Zhou wanted to start a business in the future, he would need contacts in this area.

Han Mengqi saw Lu Zhou accepting the man’s business card and seemed to be somewhat unhappy.

Lu Zhou noticed her change of emotion and analyzed.

Maybe Mr. Du has a relationship with Mrs. Yang?

They’re all adults. One is a charming woman that has an unfortunate family while the other is a talented mature man. If some TV shows like drama happened between them, it is to be expected.


This is a bit difficult to evaluate.

Once emotions are involved in the family, it complicates everything.

Lu Zhou did not want to intervene in other people’s lives and he was very sure of it.

Han Mengqi glanced at her mom and lowered her voice as she whispered to Lu Zhou, “This guy isn’t a good person. Be careful.”

“Okay,” said Lu Zhou. He misunderstood what Mengqi meant and so, he looked at her in a caring way. In fact, he felt sympathetic towards her.

Although she said she doesn’t care about having a step-father, if the parents actually remarried, the child will create conflicts, right?

Lu Zhou obviously did not take what Han Mengqi said into account. She was anxious as she said, “I’m serious!”

Lu Zhou looked at her strangely as he said nonchalantly, “I believe you…”

“You!” Han Mengqi clenched her teeth. She looked left and right before lowering her voice to say, “I saw… Mr. Du likes men.”

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

That last sentence was shocking.

He remembered him saying, “This boy is good.”

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