Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 5: Wash Your Face Before the Lucky Draw

On the way out of the library, Lu Zhou glanced at the mission panel and saw that there were only nine hours left. He felt a little disappointed.

He barely felt that fifteen hours had passed by. He had never felt time passed by like this while reading textbooks before.

After a full day of studying, he discovered an issue. When he finished reading a book, that book’s value score would decrease to a single digit. Not just this, but other similar books’ value scores would also decrease to different amounts. On the other hand, books that were previously at a very low or even zero value scores started to increase to various amounts.

For example, the “Di Donne Foundation of Modern Analysis” book only had a value score of 10 in the beginning, but now it had more than doubled to a value score of 30.

As he walked home, Lu Zhou could not help but think of what would happen to his body if his mathematics level went from zero to one.


Able to solve questions instantly?

Or would his brain be filled with the knowledge that he did not even know existed? Would he became a legendary mathematician, similar to the likes of Chen Jingrun?

Lu Zhou thought about this and did not feel excited at all. Rather, he felt nervous.

The human brain was limited. It was akin to how one could not store 2TB of information into a 1TB hard drive. He was scared that the system would force his brain to store the extra information and it might destroy his brain.

Of course, Lu Zhou knew that worrying about it was pointless.

Only the system knew what would happen exactly.

Anyway, the answer would be revealed tomorrow. He just had to get a good sleep tonight and relaxed his overheated brain.

[User, congratulations on completing the mission. First mission prize bonus: Additional lucky draw ticket.]

[Mission completion details: Books read in the library: “New Mathematical Analysis Lectures”: 100 value score, “Higher Mathematics Tu Boyun Edition” : 100 value score, “C Language Fifth Edition”: 100 value score, “Nickelsky Mathematical Analysis Translated Version”: 57 value score, “Level Four English Detail Explanations”: 0 value score. Total value score earned: 357. Grade: B+.]

[Mission reward: 500 mathematics experience points, 100 information science points, 100 general points, one lucky draw ticket (90% garbage, 9% samples, 1% blueprints) ]

After another day of painstakingly reading books, Lu Zhou finally finished the mission.


Lu Zhou came out of the library feeling excited. He found a spot near the dull basketball courts where the security cameras could not see him. He looked around to see if anyone was near, exhaled a deep breath and opened up his characteristic panel.


High tech system:

Host: Lu Zhou

Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 0 (500/1000)

B. Physics: Level 0 (0/1000)

C. Biology: Level 0 (0/1000)

D. Engineering: Level 0 (0/1000)

E. Materials science: Level 0 (0/1000)

F. Energy science: Level 0 (0/1000)

G. Information science: Level 0 (100/1000)

Technology branch: None

Technical blueprints: None

General points: 100 (two lucky draw tickets)

Mission: None


Lu Zhou was a bit disappointed that he did not level up but he still had the two prize draw tickets. His disappointment vanished immediately.

What prize could the high tech system give?

He was eagerly looking forward to it!

The two tickets had different odds. The first mission bonus had an odds of 75% garbage, 19% samples, and 5% blueprints.

As for what the samples were for? Lu Zhou did not know either. However, given the type of system, it was definitely not something like a toy car or a water gun. It had to be related to high tech and different from “garbage”.

Of course, a little tech was enough. Even if he got a starship, he would not have the space to park it. Not to mention, he would have no idea what to do with it.

He would not get something like a bug spray, right?

Anyway, he began the lucky draw.

He started with the inferior lucky draw – the mission reward!

“Let’s go!”

A spinning wheel appeared in front of him. Lu Zhou could not read the words written on it. He could only see the blurry colors.

He held his breath. Looking straight at the wheel, he focused on the path of the spinning arrow.

Suddenly, his brain lit up. He immediately followed his instincts and shouted, “Stop!”

The arrow continued to spin for a few more seconds before gradually slowing down.

[Congratulations, you won the garbage prize.]

[You won a can of coke. Don’t be discouraged. Keep trying.]

F*ck you!

Blaming the system was of no use. There was more important stuff to do!

He saw next to the general points was [coke (garbage)]. The impetuous Lu Zhou quickly left the system space. He checked again to see if anyone was around him. He then looked at his hand and began to think.

coke coke coke coke…


Without any warning, a can of coke appeared in Lu Zhou’s hand when he opened his eyes.

The next moment, his facial expression was indescribably strange.

The fuck?

He sensed that the universe had a contradiction. The law of conservation of mass faced an unprecedented challenge.

How would he use modern physics principles to explain this can of coke?

Lu Zhou did not know.

Maybe he had to be above level 10 in “high tech” to understand.

Anyway, after seeing the can of coke, he was finally convinced. This system was not part of his imagination. It was real. He could affect the physical world with his own brain.

He should not think about the nonsense for the time being.

Lu Zhou cracked open the can, took a big sip and exhaled after.


Even though the system classified this as a garbage prize, the flavor of the coke rendered him speechless. Lu Zhou usually did not like to drink sodas but he still licked his lips from it.

“Future? There’s a brand of coke called Future? Whatever, who cares…”

Lu Zhou shook his head and threw the can into the trash.

He had repeatedly examined the can but it was just a normal aluminum can. Other than the fact that it could satisfy people, there was nothing high tech about it. Even the design and packaging had a “vintage and retro” feel.

The only destination for the can was the recycling plant.

Lu Zhou went to wash his face at the water taps near the basketball courts. He sat back down in the shade and entered the system space again.

This was his last lucky draw ticket and he took a deep breath. Like a gambler, his eyes were red as he pressed the button without any hesitation.

“Let’s go!”


The arrow started to slow down and Lu Zhou’s heart was pounding in his throat.

When the arrow stopped, so did Lu Zhou’s heartbeat.

[Congratulations, you won the blueprint!]

Lu Zhou was ecstatic. It was all because he washed his face!

Even with only a 5% chance, he managed to get lucky and won!

[Blueprint awarded – Formula and proof for Mersenne prime number distributions.]

Lu Zhou was stunned.

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