Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 23: Notification of Interview (1)

He reasoned that Ye Tianxin must’ve encountered something pretty dire to have practically grown up overnight.

“I can find out for you. However, the law states that only people who are eighteen and above have civil liability. I don’t think you’re eighteen yet, are you?”

“I’m almost eighteen. I can prepare the required information and documentation before I turn eighteen.” Furtively, Ye Tianxin pulled Di Shanshi aside to sit by a flower bed and said, “Di Shanshi, I’ll be honest with you. I saw a surveyor team at the crossroad near our school. As you know, there’s only me and my grandmother in our family, and I’m worried about people scheming to get their hands on our house.”

Di Shanshi hadn’t expected Ye Tianxin to confide in him about such private matters.

His heart fluttered with happiness. Did this mean that Ye Tianxin regarded him as a friend?

“Surely not?”

As someone who had died once, Ye Tianxin knew better than anyone the importance of being prepared and nipping a growing problem in the bud.

Auntie Zhu’s motive couldn’t have been more obvious.

Ye Tianxin’s rationale was that if Auntie Zhu couldn’t fool her grandmother with the offer to be her caregiver in her old age, she’d surely find another way to mislead and trap her grandmother.

Her grandmother was old and an easy target for scams.

Ye Tianxin wasn’t the least interested in her grandmother’s bit of property. However, she didn’t want her grandmother to be cheated by others in her naivety.

Not to mention the fact that Grandma had lived in that place for decades and had grown emotionally attached to it.

And it was her home too. She couldn’t let her home be destroyed…

Just in case her mother returned one day.

“We must never let our guard down. Di Shanshi, please find out for me. Thank you.”

To Di Shanshi, this request wasn’t too big of a deal. It was something he could easily get done, so he saw no reason to refuse his help.

In fact, when he got home last night, he had shared his thoughts with his parents.

He told them that he wanted to apply for admission to Capital University.

He said that he’d re-sit the entrance exams if he couldn’t make it on the first attempt and that it was his dream to continue his studies at Capital University.

Actually, that wasn’t why.

He wanted to sit the entrance exams for Capital University because of the girl whose smile was as sweet as maple syrup. He wanted to be there with her and bask in the glory of studying at Capital University.

3He wanted to be a first-hand witness to everything she did.

“We share the same desk in class. You don’t need to be so formal with me.”

One behind the other, they filed into the classroom. Noticing Ye Tianxin, Li Xiaohui announced in her gentle voice, “Tianxin, the homeroom teacher wants to see you.”

“I’ll bring your school bag in for you.”

Handing her school bag to Di Shanshi, Ye Tianxin walked toward the teacher’s office. “Sir.”

The homeroom teacher glanced at Ye Tianxin and asked, “Where were you last night?”

“I was in the classroom all last night,” Ye Tianxin replied, not knowing that Ye Youran had lied about her whereabouts. “Sir, what is it?”

“The recruitment teacher at the Film Academy called for you last night…”

Ye Tianxin was stunned. They called her last night, barely two hours after she submitted her email application. They seemed super-efficient, almost too efficient to believe.

“The recruitment teacher said that they have received your email and that you should go for a preliminary interview on March 18.”

March 18. That was only three days away.

Ye Tianxin did the math in her head. Since the trains ran through the town of Jiameng, she could catch the train directly from the Jiameng station. The journey would take two days and two nights, which meant that she and her grandmother would have to catch the train that night. If they missed the train, she wouldn’t be able to attend her preliminary interview. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.