Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 24: Notification of Interview (2)

“Ye Tianxin, you must think this through carefully. Are you sure you want to go for the interview at Capital Film Academy? Have you considered that if you can’t get there in time, you would be making a wasted trip?”

“I’m sure!”

Having estimated the travel time in her head, Ye Tianxin decided that although they’d have to hurry, they shouldn’t have any problems getting to the university in time for her interview.

And it didn’t matter if she didn’t make it to the interview on time.

After all, this trip to Capital City was for her grandmother to get a medical check-up. That was the most important thing.

“So, Sir, may I take a leave of absence for a week or half a month please?”

The homeroom teacher frowned. Recently, Ye Tianxin’s schoolwork had just begun showing some steady improvement. If she were to take time off now, would her work deteriorate?

“Sir, here’s the thing. I did some research online and discovered that there are three interviews in total—first, second, and the final one. It would be a waste of time and energy to come home and then go back to Capital University again for each interview. I’m prepared to try my best in these interviews. Also, my grandmother is getting on in years, and I want to take her there for a medical check-up.”

Since Ye Tianxin seemed to have ample reasons for requesting time off, the homeroom teacher decided not to make any further comment.

“All right, then. I’ll ask Di Shanshi to collate the recent study notes for you. Expect to have to work super hard when you return. If you’re planning to be away for half the month, that means you barely have two weeks before the mock exam…”

“I understand. Thank you, Sir. I’ll head out now.”

Returning to the classroom, Ye Tianxin retrieved her school bag, which was next to Di Shanshi.

“Ye Tianxin, class will start soon. Where are you going?”

“I’ve asked for two weeks’ leave of absence. Di Shanshi, about my request, please find out for me. I’m off now. Wait for good news from me.”

A short while after Ye Tianxin’s departure, the homeroom teacher walked into the classroom, teaching manual in hand.

Standing on the podium, he faced the students and said, “Everyone, since Ye Tianxin has been notified by the Capital Film Academy about an impending interview, she has asked for two weeks’ leave of absence. I hope that during this period all of you will give your best and study hard…”

Capital Film Academy?

It wasn’t a school the third-year high school students at Jiameng High School were familiar with.

The majority of the students didn’t even know that such a school existed.

Pencil in hand, Ye Youran looked up at the homeroom teacher and asked, trying to look innocent, “Sir, Capital Film Academy, what type of school is it?”

“Capital Film Academy is our nation’s only world-renowned film academy for professional actors. The character Chunxue in the drama series ‘Happiness’ graduated from this film academy…”

5Upon hearing the name “Chunxue,” Li Xiaohui’s eyes gleamed.

“Happiness” was a television drama series that told the rags-to-riches story of a factory girl who rose against all odds from the ranks of the factory floor production lines to become an accomplished female entrepreneur.

The drama series, from start to end, was truly inspirational.

The streets were literally empty whenever it was on TV.

“Sir, may I also apply for the academy?” Li Xiaohui raised her hand and asked.

The homeroom teacher replied, “Well, Capital Film Academy’s recruitment drive has ended. However, if you’re interested in pursuing this further, please come see me later. I think the recruitment drive at Fleur Institute of Theatre Studies is still open. That’s that, then. So, if any of you have further questions, please see me later. Now, let’s begin our lesson.”

With her school bag on her back, Ye Tianxin sped across town.

Being Market Day, the streets of Jiameng town were packed with people. Ye Tianxin’s first stop was the Jiameng train station.

Since the Jiameng train station was very small, the trains would usually stop for no more than two minutes.

If she missed the train for that day then she would have to wait another two days for the next one. If that happened, she definitely wouldn’t be able to attend the scheduled interview. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.