Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 45: Meeting of Father and Daughter (2)

In one dash, Ye Tianxin rushed over to them and stood in front of her grandmother. Like a warrior, she blocked Lu Jijun’s outstretched hand.

“You… What do you think you’re doing?”

Lu Jijun retracted his hand, looking embarrassed. He looked at Ye Tianxin, his face filled with fatherly love.

“Tianxin, I just want to talk to your grandmother.”

“My grandmother doesn’t want to talk to you. Grandma, let’s go!”

Ye Tianxin helped her grandmother along as they walked away out of Lu Jijun’s line of sight. Lu Jijun stood rooted in the same spot. While he watched the grandmother and granddaughter pair walk away, all he could think about was the woman who had always been at the forefront of his mind…

“Pa.” Lu Qingxin, together with Gu Yancheng, had spotted Lu Jijun from afar and called out to him. “Pa, who were you talking to earlier?”

Lu Jijun replied, “Someone I know. Qingxin, is your ankle all right?”

Latching onto Lu Jijun’s arm, Lu Qingxin acted coy and said sweetly, “Pa, I’m all right. It’s just a minor sprain. Yancheng was just being overcautious. He insisted on having an X-ray done. Even the doctor confirmed that it’s nothing serious!”

“Just listen to yourself. Yancheng here was simply concerned about you and did it for your own good,” Lu Jijun commented.

Lu Qingxin pouted unhappily and said, “I know that Yancheng did it for my own good. But you know how much I hate hospitals!”

“In the future, you should be more careful when going down the stairs. Don’t get injured again!”

Nodding, Lu Qingxin said, “Got it. Pa, you’re so long-winded. You’ve turned into an old man!”


Subconsciously, Lu Jijun wondered if he had really grown old.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you guys to the hotel first!”

Gu Yancheng supported Lu Qingxin as they walked to the car. Leaning against Gu Yancheng’s shoulders, Lu Qingxin said crisply, “Yancheng, I want to eat KFC.”

“No, you cannot. That’s all junk food.” Gu Yancheng bluntly refused her request without a second thought.

Lu Qingxin pretended to cry, whining, “Yancheng, you have such a cruel heart. I’m sick. Why can’t you just give in and let me have my way?”

“You know very well that you’re sick and that you can’t eat junk food.” After he said this, Gu Yancheng noticed Lu Qingxin’s large, tear-filled eyes. Eventually, he gave in. “All right, then. Just this once! Never again!”

Lu Qingxin immediately hugged Gu Yancheng tightly. “Yancheng, you’re the best!” she said.

Feeling her gentle, soft body against his chest, Gu Yancheng’s face instantly turned crimson red.

Not realizing the effect that she had had on him, Lu Qingxin asked, “Yancheng, are you not feeling well? Your face is flushed…”

“…” Gu Yancheng sighed. Lu Qingxin, that silly girl. How could she possibly be so naive!?

He was, after all, a real man!

Lu Jijun drove his seven-seater multipurpose vehicle and stopped it beside Lu Qingxin and Gu Yancheng. Gu Yancheng slid open the door and helped Lu Qingxin get into the car first. Then, he climbed in and carefully helped Lu Qingxin with her seat belt. When they were settled in, Lu Jijun started driving out of the hospital parking lot. When he drove past the bus stop located in front of the hospital, Lu Jijun noticed Ye Tianxin and her grandmother standing there, waiting for the bus.

“Auntie, Tianxin, where are you going?” he called. “Let me give you a ride there!”

Lu Qingxin turned around and saw Ye Tianxin through the car window, and the events from yesterday’s interview floated into her mind.

“Yancheng, look,” she said. “It’s the girl from yesterday…”

Gu Yancheng also turned around to look and saw Ye Tianxin and her grandmother. Puzzled, he looked at Lu Jijun. He wondered how Uncle Lu could possibly be acquainted with people like them.

Lu Jijun had already unbuckled his seat belt and walked in front of Ye Tianxin and her grandmother.

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