Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 47: Meeting of Father and Daughter (4)

Through the rear-view mirror, Lu Jijun looked at Lu Qinxin and Ye Tianxin and replied, “I’m acquainted with Tianxin’s mother.”

Lu Qinxin made an “oh” sound and continued. “Since Ye Tianxin is so pretty, her mother must be even prettier. Pa, were you one of Ye Tianxin’s mother’s suitors?”

Gu Yancheng’s curiosity was also aroused.

Lu Jijun’s ears suddenly turned red. “Tianxin’s mother was very attractive back then. She had many admirers, and your father here was of course attracted to her as well.”

Seated in the back of the car, Ye Tianxin felt like throwing up when she heard what Lu Jijun said. She really didn’t know how Lu Jijun had the audacity to speak like that in Lu Qinxin’s presence.

Lu Qinxin leaned forward slightly and said, “Pa, please tell me more!”

“Uncle is driving!” Gu Yancheng interrupted Lu Qinxin’s interrogation.

Being a man, Gu Yancheng could instinctually tell that something wasn’t quite right. He silently speculated that perhaps this Ye Tianxin was Uncle Lu’s illegitimate daughter….

If she was his illegitimate daughter, then surely Uncle Lu would want her to live with them in the Lu family home?

And if Uncle Lu did bring Ye Tianxin home to live with them, both Qinxin and her mother would be hurt.

“Oops, I forgot!”

Impishly, Lu Qinxin stuck out her tongue and stopped asking Lu Jijun any more questions. She then sat sideways and looked at Ye Tianxin. Lowering her voice, she asked, “Tianxin, have you ever engaged any acting professionals to teach you how to act? I noticed that your acting was very good. All the inspectors liked you a lot!”

“It’s probably a natural talent!” Ye Tianxin replied shortly in a flat tone of voice.

Seemingly unaware of Ye Tianxin’s coldness, Lu Qinxin continued talking. “Then you must have inherited your mother’s talent, unlike me. I’m so silly and dumb. I can’t seem to pick up on anything that I’m taught.”

Lu Qinxin’s words caused Gu Yancheng’s heart to ache badly.

“Qinxin, you’re not stupid at all. The way you play the violin is simply the best!”

“Oh, yes, but that’s because I was pressured to play the violin by my mother. Actually, I don’t like the violin at all, but my mother insisted on it, claiming that girls must learn one instrument so that they’re better able to present themselves. Tianxin presents herself extremely well. Did your mother make you learn ballet or the piano or stuff like that?”

Although seemingly focused on driving, Lu Jijun’s senses were heightened, picking up on every aspect of the conversation.

When Ye Tianxin first got into the car, he had expected her and Lu Qinxin to start fighting. Unexpectedly, the two seemed to be getting along amicably.

If Lu Qinxin didn’t show any aversion to Ye Tianxin, he would discuss with his wife and arrange to bring Ye Tianxin home to live with them as a member of the Lu family.

“I didn’t take any lessons at all,” Ye Tianxin replied.

Lu Qinxin looked surprised, “Really? Oh, how I envy you. If you don’t need to attend any classes like that, then you must have lots of time on your hands to go out and have fun every day, unlike me. I’m so busy every day….”

Gu Yancheng opened a bottle of mineral water and presented it to Lu Qinxin. “Drink some water!”

“Yancheng, I’m not thirsty. Tianxin, what do you usually do with your time?” Lu Qinxin cocked her head and looked at Ye Tianxin’s beautiful, long black hair, unable to suppress her envy. “If you don’t need to learn to play a musical instrument, you probably have a lot of time to spare. How do you usually pass the time?”

This was the same question that Lu Qinxin had asked her in her past life. At that time, Ye Tianxin didn’t have any defense mechanisms against Lu Qinxin and freely admitted to her that she used to skip classes to surf the net at the Internet cafes, spinning the stories to sound like heroic tales.

Not long after that, many people came to know about Ye Tianxin’s delinquent past of skipping classes and getting embroiled in fights, and that she was generally a bad kid with little education or skills.

“Studying and doing exam questions!” Ye Tianxin replied naturally. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.