Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 48: Him to the Rescue! (1)

Lu Qinxin’s voice was laced with disappointment as she said, “Really? So what university will you be applying to? Is Capital Film Academy your first choice?”

“No. Capital University is my first choice.” Ye Tianxin, being intentionally provocative, asked, “What about you? Is Capital University your first choice too? We can be college mates, then!”

“Of course. Oh, right. Let me introduce you. This is Yancheng. He is a first-year student at Capital University.”

Looking at Gu Yancheng with immense satisfaction, Lu Qinxin continued her introduction in a serious tone.

“Yancheng is our scholar from Shenhai City who got accepted into Capital University! Isn’t he fantastic?”

Gu Yancheng felt a tad self-conscious. That silly girl, always bragging about him to anyone she met. It was actually quite embarrassing!

“Oh, really? That’s definitely quite amazing!”

Ye Tianxin had no intention of listening anymore to Lu Qinxin’s incessant chatter. From afar, Ye Tianxin could see the main gates of Capital film Academy. In her lovely voice, she said, “Uncle, we’re here. Please stop the car!”

Lu Jijun stopped the car at the main gates of Capital Film Academy. Lu Qinxin and Gu Yancheng got off first, followed by Ye Tianxin and her grandmother.

Lu Jijun looked at Grandma and Ye Tianxin and asked, “Where are you staying? Let me take you to the doorstep.”

“Thank you, Uncle, but the place we’re staying at isn’t accessible by car!”

Lu Jijun took out a business card and handed it to Ye Tianxin. “Tianxin, keep this business card. Call me if you need anything….”

That said, Lu Jijun extracted a wad of notes from his wallet and handed it to Ye Tianxin. “Take this and buy yourself some nice clothes!”

“Thank you, but I don’t need it. Grandma, let’s go!”

Ye Tianxin helped her grandmother into the grounds of Capital Film Academy. She had no intention whatsoever of letting Lu Qinxin find out where they were staying. Neither did she wish to get entangled with Lu Jijun at this point in time.

Her grandmother was already seriously ill. She didn’t want to waste her precious time and energy on these matters. She just wanted to raise the funds as soon as possible for her grandmother’s treatment.

“Grandma, If I get accepted into Capital film Academy, I’ll be studying here at this university. After that, I’ll be able to work at Capital Film Academy’s production houses. If I become a full-time actor, I’ll get a salary….”

Her grandmother nodded.

It was an overcast day. However, there weren’t any dark clouds gathering in the sky above them. It was just a gloomy, overcast sky.

But Grandma was very unhappy. Holding Ye Tianxin’s hands, she asked quietly, “Tianxin, were you really upset when I made you apologize to that young lady earlier?”

Ye Tianxin was extremely quick to reply. “Of course not! I wasn’t angry with you, Grandma. I could never be angry with you.”

“Tianxin, my wish for my dear Tianxin is that you’ll be my little Tianxin who wears a sweet smile on her face every day. Grandma doesn’t want you to turn into someone who’s calculative and small-minded….”

Nodding vigorously, Ye Tianxin said, “Grandma, I understand what you mean! Silly girl. Grandma….”

But before she could finish her sentence, Grandma suddenly collapsed. Ye Tianxin screamed in panic and fell on top of her grandmother, shaking and calling her with everything she had.

Fortunately, within Capital Film Academy, there was a kind person who helped Ye Tianxin out by calling the emergency services.

The ambulance arrived in no time, and Ye Tianxin and her grandmother were sent to the hospital.

“Doctor, this is grandmother’s medical report.”

To ensure that her grandmother was treated right away, Ye Tianxin immediately handed her grandmother’s medical report over to the doctor. After scanning it briefly, the doctor instructed, “Let’s first get her admitted!”


Ye Tianxin was in such an anxious state that she didn’t know what to do. Registering for admittance to the hospital required pre-payment, but Grandma had left her bank book at the bookshop.

Should she head back to the bookshop for the bank book?

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