B2C14: The Xiuzhen world (1)

The Qian Long continent has a strangely large number of species of wild beasts. Quite a few people have tamed wild birds and beasts. However, these tamed birds and beasts in general are only loyal to their own masters, therefore other people basically cannot ride them and, moreover, it is difficult to domesticate wild beasts on a large scale. Ordinarily, their job is to help deliver messages or invitations as Qin Yu is doing.

When war breaks out, most of those bird owners will become military intelligence personnel or form airborne raiding squadrons. There is a wide variety of ways to fight a battle on the Qian Long continent. The use of various kinds of birds and beasts makes the fighting even more colorful and unpredictable. Moreover, everyone in an army does internal practice. For example, in the army under East Vanquishing Prince’s command, any junior soldier who has joined the army for a year is eligible to practice the lowest consummate technique of the Five Consummate Military Combat Techniques. Every junior soldier in this army is powerful enough to kill 7 or 8 ordinary people. When a soldier has more military merit, he will have a higher status, which will also allow him to practice the higher levels of the Five Consummate Military Combat Techniques.

On the Qian Long continent, when war breaks out, urgently recruited soldiers simply cannot compare with regular soldiers. At least in terms of quality, they are so much inferior to regular soldiers. A 200,000 strong regular corps can eliminate a large army of 1,000,000 ordinary people who have been enlisted forcibly.

Sitting on the back of the black eagle, Qin Yu looks down at the ground. In a short while he has already gone out of Yan City.

“In terms of speed, it seems I’ve never heard of any kind of bird which can match the black eagle.” Qin Yu strokes the black eagle’s neck while smiling.

The speed of the black eagle is astonishingly fast. At least according to Qin Yu’s knowledge, there are no birds as fast as the black eagle. After all, eagles are already always extremely fast, and Qin Yu’s black eagle is a special kind of eagle which is even 2 or 3 times faster than ordinary eagles.

The black eagle dives down, heading directly for a thatched cottage. This thatched cottage is exactly where Fengyuzi usually lives. There is a lake in its surroundings. The area around the cottage is very quiet. Since it shows no signs of human habitation, no one will come to disturb him.

At this moment, a Xian crane flies up from the lake nearby on one side of the house. It is none other than Fengyuzi’s transport. Fengyuzi himself is standing outside the thatched cottage. Looking up at Qin Yu, who is descending from the sky, he smiles broadly.

“Uncle Feng,” shouts Qin Yu in excitement after jumping down directly from the back of the black eagle.

“Xiao Yu, why have you come to my place?” Fengyuzi says with a smile. Fengyuzi himself is so much older than even Lian Yan but he and Qin De treat each other like brothers. He is the kind of person who does not regard age as important.

When Qin Yu is about to say, he suddenly notices that Fengyuzi’s eyes are unexpectedly totally focusing on the black eagle.

“Uncle Feng, what’s the matter? You know what Xiao Hei is, don’t you?” asks Qin Yu doubtfully. Fengyuzi is staring at the black eagle but the black eagle simply does not give him a look. After a long time, Fengyuzi shakes his head and says: “That’s strange. Judging by the crown of its head, this seems to be a Golden Flame Eagle, the king of eagles. But not only does a Golden Flame Eagle have a flame-like golden crown, its entire body’s feathers are also golden. Moreover, it is covered in blazing flames while this black eagle’s body is pitch-black and its claws also have an ice-cold black color.”

For the present, Fengyuzi still cannot tell what it is.

“Moreover, the Golden Flame Eagle is extremely powerful. Even when it’s just a few years old, using its body-protecting golden flame alone it can already cope with Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists. But obviously this black eagle is equal to a Xiantian-level mortal at best. It’s much weaker than a Golden Flame Eagle,” says Fengyuzi while frowning.

Hearing Fengyuzi’s words, Qin Yu also knows he cannot recognize what kind of bird the black eagle is either.

“Uncle Feng, you mentioned Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists or something, who are they? According to your meaning, they seem to be even more formidable than Xiantian experts. Aren’t Shangxian the ones superior to Xiantian experts?” asks Qin Yu doubtfully.

“Ah …” Only now does Fengyuzi shift his attention away from the black eagle. Seeing Qin Yu’s doubtful expression, he shakes his head and says with a smile: “Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists, I, your Uncle Feng, am a Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist.”

“Uncle Feng?” Qin Yu immediately frowns deeply.

In his mind, Xiantian experts are already extremely formidable and Shangxian, who are superior to Xiantian experts, are invincible beings. Now that Qin Yu has heard Fengyuzi say he is only a Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist, he is wondering what Fengyuzi means. What is a Xiuzhenist? And what is the Jindan-stage?

Fengyuzi says with a smile: “Alright, let’s talk about this later. Ah, why have you come to find me? You can’t be here just to see your Uncle Feng, right?”

Only now does Qin Yu remember why he has come here. He quickly puts the matter regarding the Jindan stage and Xiuzhenists aside and says: “Uncle Feng, I obtained a flaming red crystal. That crystal is too hard. Even Mr. Hei using his entire power couldn’t leave a mark on it. Mr. Hei said …”

“What?!” Fengyuzi suddenly says in astonishment.

Qin Yu is startled by Fengyuzi’s amazement. In his mind, Fengyuzi is always collected with a smiling expression as if nothing in the world, not even world-shattering events, would be able to shock him. However, unexpectedly the eyes of this Shangxian are popping out of his head in front of Qin Yu.

“Even that brat with the last name Hei in the princely mansion couldn’t leave a mark on it?” Fengyuzi asks again to confirm.

Qin Yu can only nod without understanding Fengyuzi’s meaning.

Fengyuzi’s eyes immediately glitter: “That brat Hei’s Sky Burning Art or something has reached the highest level, added to that his school’s unique Blue Flaming Water, then even pretty good ores can be melted easily. But this flaming red crystal didn’t even get scratched. What precious kind of ore is this flaming red crystal actually?”

“Where is this flaming red crystal?” Fengyuzi stares at Qin Yu and asks.

“In the princely mansion.” Qin Yu immediately replies.

“Good, let’s go now.” Fengyuzi does not call the Xian crane. A flying sword suddenly appears under his feet and expands. He grabs Qin Yu and makes him also stand on the sword. Then, paying no attention to the black eagle, he thus flies directly toward Yan City.

“Uncle Feng, we want you to come to …” Qin Yu hurriedly says. Even though he came to ask Fengyuzi to forge the flaming red crystal, he has not told him about this yet.

Fengyuzi says with a smile: “You needn’t say. I know why you came. That precious kind of ore simply isn’t something any of you can forge. Only the Samadhi flame of Xiuzhenists can help forge it.” Qin Yu also understands what Fengyuzi says. However, he is curious about what the Samadhi flame is.

In just a while, Qin Yu’s attention has totally been shifted onto the flying sword. As for the black eagle, he is not worried about it. He knows the black eagle can find him easily. It does not matter where he is, the eagle can always find him. This is perhaps because a special telepathy has been formed between him and the eagle after being together for the last 11 years.

“So this is a flying sword.” Qin Yu stares at the huge flying sword in wonderment.

There are written talismans and markings on the sword. At the same time, the sword sends forth fierce gusts of air successively. In his mind, Qin Yu is certain that, if Fengyuzi wants to kill someone, the fierce sword air of his flying sword alone can put to death Xiantian-level experts.

The flying sword is alterable in size, which is extremely marvelous. And it is very fast, even much faster than the black eagle.

In only a short while, the 2 of them have already arrived in the princely mansion. Without waiting for Qin Yu to say anything, Fengyuzi lands directly on that courtyard. Seeing Fengyuzi, all the people in the courtyard including Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Lian Yan and Mr. Hei hurriedly salute: “It is an honor to see you, Shangxian.”

Fengyuzi’s eyes, however, are totally focusing on the flaming red crystal before him and shining very brightly.

“My heaven, it is In-rock Flaming iron.” Fengyuzi remembers that, when he was still practicing in the Overseas Immortal Islands, an elder of his school was so happy after finding a chunk of In-rock Flaming iron in the depths of the ocean. A flying sword was then forged from it and given to a Yuanying-stage senior of his as a reward for meritorious service.

But that In-rock Flaming iron chunk was not like the chunk of In-rock Flaming iron before him. It was only a tenth as large as this one.

“Whose is this?” Fengyuzi immediately asks the people around.

“Xiao Yu accidentally found this on Mount Dong Lan.” Lian Yan immediately replies. Fengyuzi turns to Qin Yu, his heart full of disbelief. He once spent a good few years searching in the Immense Wilderness but could only find ordinary ores.

He has always thought that no place on the Qian Long continent other than the Wilderness has an ore of this caliber.

“Good, I’ll forge this crystal. Xiao Yu, as the owner of this crystal, you are to decide what to do with it. So follow me.” Fengyuzi makes a wave of his hand. A vigorous stream of energy instantly covers the flaming red crystal. The 2000 jin crystal thus flies up.

“Yes!” Even though Qin Yu is doubtful, he still follows Fengyuzi.

In the princely mansion, Fengyuzi has some specialized secret rooms. Without his permission, even East Vaquishing Prince Qin De cannot enter these rooms. At present, Fengyuzi takes Qin Yu into a secret room which is specifically used for forging holy objects.


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