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A civilization’s development wasn’t a fixed route. Take the Earth for an example, apart from ancient China, no other era was able to create such graceful poems.

However, it must be noticed that only ancient Chinese predecessors could write such wonderful poems that would circulate for ages. While the modern descendants were only able to recite their ancestors’ work.

This was an unsolvable life question. Poems were only created at a specific timing and specific place; all the conditions must be right.

Poems weren’t just unique to Earth, it was ancient literature that never had any comparison even in the entire universe.

As such, when Xia Fei uploaded those 13 poems, all the poetry hobbyists in the entire Endaro Star Region went crazy!

The translation microchip in Xia Fei’s body was very useful in this matter. With its translation, the essence of the poems had been preserved to its greatest extent, unlike many other translated works, which was just an insult to the original work.

In just three short days, each poem had been purchased for no less than 10,000 times. In just this single job, Xia Fei had an income of over 100,000 star coins.

Star coin was a genuine and valued general currency of the universe. If it were exchanged for federal dollars, it would probably be hundreds of millions!

Xia Fei’s account ID was called the Wind Speaker, and he was sought out by everyone. Everyone wished to know who this mysterious author was and how he could write such graceful poems.

There were plenty of elite poem enthusiasts who had been keeping watch for days in front of the computer, hoping to see this Wind Speaker coming online so that they could read his other works at a moment’s notice.

It was a pity that since the previous login, Wind Speaker had been offline for three entire days and had truly put everyone in suspense.

When Xia Fei left the Western Hills, he had exhausted his body, and it felt fatigued. He had a hotpot feast at Dong Lai Shun before returning to his hotel room to have a relaxing sleep. After everything, he visited the A-class Citizen Management Office’s top floor where the AI computer was located.

After logging in to the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website, Xia Fei clicked on his account.

“Heavens!” Xia Fei didn’t dare to believe his eyes. After deducting the 50% transaction fee, his account actually had the figure in five digits!

There were a total of 74,351 star coins, and this number was still constantly increasing every few seconds.

There were also countless emails in his inbox that were requesting to speak with him. The first few emails were sent to him by the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website itself.

After picking a random mail to read, it was actually a request to monopolize the poems’ copyrights by paying 1,000 star coins for each word.

One thousand star coins for a single word! This would be such an enormous sum of wealth!

It was fairly simple to retrieve tens of thousands of words from the poems that were left behind by the predecessors, and those would be worth tens of millions of star coins!

Xia Fei pondered for a moment and simply closed the mail before disregarding it.

“Hurry up and agree to their requests. This way, we will have enough money to purchase the medicinal ingredients. Don’t you wish to become a true expert?” Phantom spoke anxiously.

Xia Fei shook his head and boasted, “If I sell the copyright to them, they will take the opportunity to increase the price greatly. By then, normal hobbyists would have a hard time to see these poems.”

In fact, Xia Fei wanted to earn all the money, but he couldn’t.

The predecessors had already passed away a long time ago, and the copyright naturally belonged to no one. It was fine if Xia Fei made use of the extraterrestrial civilizations’ lack of knowledge about Earth to earn some quick profit. However, it was truly unwise to involve himself in some copyright dispute that he didn’t know clearly about.

How would Phantom know what Xia Fei was thinking, but he was convinced by Xia Fei’s words and exclaimed with admiration, “I admire you even more now. You are actually considered a messiah for all these poetry hobbyists.”

Xia Fei was speechless, as he wasn’t as noble as Phantom mentioned. After flipping through the other mails, most of them were mainly friend requests from poetry hobbyists. Some media organizations sent requests for interviews. Xia Fei had resolved himself to hide his identity, ignoring all the mails without exception.

There was a special mail that caught Xia Fei’s attention. The rest of the mails were displayed with a gray color, even the website’s own mail was black in color. However, this mail was displayed in an outstanding pink color.

Xia Fei took at a glance at the sender ID, Avril.

He then conveniently opened the mail to take a look and couldn’t help but laugh out loudly.

The mail’s content was:

“I order you to write a poem with the autumn’s ocean as the topic and send it to my inbox.”

After lighting up a cigarette, Xia Fei took a quick puff and could see that this ID obviously belonged to a female. But, this attitude was hard to accept.

‘Order? Who do you think you are?’ Xia Fei clicked gently and wrote his reply.

“Ocean, you are so big. Autumn, you are so dry. Autumn’s ocean, you are still so big…”

Xia Fei edited Phantom’s noxious poem with evil intentions as a pleased smile appeared on his face, as he clicked send.

After completing this prank, Xia Fei racked his brain and recollected another 24 poems to upload onto the website. Right now, he was regretting that he didn’t have enough literature knowledge. If he knew this was actually a method to earn some money, he wouldn’t have skipped the literature classes.

After transferring 74,000 star coins to his own bank, Xia Fei started to browse the other trading websites and prepared to purchase medicinal ingredients for his cultivation as well as some high-tech items that weren’t available on Earth.

“Buy ten of the Golden Crow Herbs, ten of those Luminous Fruits, buy more of those Green Vine Date Pits… about thirty,” Phantom spoke in a very relaxed manner as though these ingredients didn’t cost any money.

Xia Fei endured his heartache and constantly clicked on the purchase button. Each time he clicked, he would feel the pain in his heart.

There wasn’t any other choice. Right now, Xia Fei had lost the ability to advance on his own. If he wanted to increase his cultivation, he could only rely on these medicinal ingredients as supplements.

17 different medicinal ingredients and a set of apparatus to refine the medicine actually cost 63,800 star coins. The wealth that he had just obtained was gone in less than a few minutes. Spending money on these websites was the same as burning money!

“Too inferior. If these medicinal ingredients were placed in front of me in the past, I wouldn’t even take a glance at them. Right now, we can only make do with them.” Phantom sighed.

Xia Fei was speechless. He was a person born from poverty, and he was far from the state where he could allow Phantom to spend extravagantly.

After exiting the medicinal ingredients market, Xia Fei started to browse the miscellaneous goods market. The miscellaneous goods market was just like the flea market on Earth, and most of them were second-hand goods. With Xia Fei’s limited funds, he couldn’t buy high-end goods and could only search for opportunities in these stores.

It was truly inconvenient to shop around the market without a virtual reality helmet. Countless items were displayed on the screen in a densely packed manner. One would feel dizzy just by looking at the screen for a short moment.

After lighting up a cigarette, Xia Fei forced himself to focus and continued to browse. This place charged 10,000 federal dollars for an hour of internet usage, Xia Fei didn’t wish to waste a single minute.

“Wind Eye Ring!” Phantom exclaimed, “Grade 2, made using Cicada Stone. This item is rather good, buy it.”

“What is this thing for?” Xia Fei asked.

“It is very useful.” Phantom said, “You possess the speed ability. When you run, do you feel the resistance in the air?”

Xia Fei nodded. “Yes.”

“This Wind Eye Ring is designed to reduce the drag that is produced from the air resistance. Everyone with speed ability would wear this type of ring. According to my calculations, the purchase of medicinal ingredients this time is enough for you to break through from the Star Light rank to the Primary Star Base rank. By then, your speed will be beyond 100 m/s, and you would suffer from significant air resistance without the Wind Eye Ring.”

Xia Fei nodded slightly. This item actually had such an amazing effect, possessing it would reduce the air resistance, allowing the speed ability to be utilized better.

On the price column, there was a word ‘negotiable,’ and the name of the item was ‘Static Wind Ring.’

“It says that this is a Static Wind Ring, not the Wind Eye Ring.” Xia Fei pointed on the screen and stated.

“This person doesn’t know the ropes.” Phantom spoke with disdain, “The Static Wind Ring and the Wind Eye Ring have the same functions, but the Wind Eye Ring has better performance. In terms of price, a single Wind Eye Ring would need at least 80,000 star coins, while the Static Wind Ring would only be 10,000 star coins at most.”

“If it is like this…” Xia Fei was immediately invigorated when he heard that he could pick up a good deal.

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