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A deep and resounding voice echoed from behind Xia Fei, “Why is the Stinger of Massacre with you?”

“Someone is there!” Xia Fei suddenly turned around with his quickest speed. He then retreated 30 meters back and held the Golden Stinger in his right hand with a defensive posture.

He was facing a golden will-o’-the-wisp, burning and flickering with dazzling light while being suspended in midair.

“Why don’t you answer my question?” That will-o’-the-wisp suddenly turned into the appearance of a saber-toothed tiger and opened its fangs to ask Xia Fei with an extremely fierce attitude.

“A bundle of flames is actually talking!? Could this be the legendary evil spirit?” Xia Fei was rather startled. His mind was rapidly thinking of a countermeasure.

If the opposition were a human or even a wild beast, Xia Fei wouldn’t have felt awkward.

However, the opposition just had to be an indistinct and untouchable flame.

‘Let me try it out.’ Xia Fei thought of an idea and lowered his defensive posture. He then bowed to the will-o’-the-wisp before smiling and replying, “My name is Xia Fei. I came over from the Asia Continent to revere the legendary Atlantis that isn’t more than 5,000 km from here. Is this the Stinger of Massacre you mentioned?”

Xiao Fei held the Golden Stinger in his palm and allowed the will-o’-the-wisp to observe it. He was speaking with a very respectful tone.

“That is right. This is Atlantis’ Battle God of Massacre’s personal weapon. It is called the Stinger of Massacre, it was lost in a battle a long time ago. How did you obtain it?” The will-o’-the-wisp asked.

There was a saying that, ‘It is hard for one to slap a person who has already admitted their mistake.’ The will-o’-the-wisp saw that Xia Fei was very respectful to it. Therefore, it spoke in a much milder tone and didn’t put on a cold and indifferent attitude.

“This stinger was obtained by my ancestors a very long time ago and was passed down to me. I worship the Atlantis civilization and have been searching for Atlantis diligently since I was seven years old. For the last ten years, I have gone through a long and difficult journey to finally arrive here. You must surely be the great God of Atlantis, right?” Xia Fei composed a series of lies.

The will-o’-the-wisp replied frantically, “I am not the great God of Atlantis, I am merely the mount of the Battle God of Massacre, Khan Milda. I am a golden saber-toothed tiger. A very long time ago, I accidentally ingested an unknown plant and died due to it. But my beast spirit had obtained eternal life in exchange. You can call me Soma.”

After finishing his statement, Soma turned into a benevolent old man who was chubby and had white hair and beard.

Soma looked at Xia Fei with satisfaction and thought to himself, ‘Such a great young man. He turns out to be a worshipper of the God of Atlantis. It seems like there are still plenty of people in the outside world who worship our great God.”

Soma was getting increasingly happy while his eyes were filled with appreciation.

Xia Fei stood up and asked, “Are you not the great God of Atlantis? Then may I ask which God are you?”

‘Haha! He treats me as a God.’ Soma was ecstatic while his heart was filled with pride.

“I am not a God, I am just a beast spirit. Our Lord God has already left this place a long time ago.” Soma put on a virtuous and kind appearance while saying.

‘Flattery will get you everywhere!’ Even a beast spirit enjoyed getting flattered as Xia Fei’s words were just what Soma wanted to hear.

Xia Fei asked anxiously, “Why did Lord God leave? What happened?”

Soma sighed and said, “So be it. You seem to be very sincere. I shall tell you the truth, but you must never mention this to any outsider.”

“A very long time ago, the God of Atlantis and his citizens lived on a very remote planet. Afterward, the great God of Atlantis was betrayed by another God and had no choice but to escape to Earth.”

“After tens of thousands of years, his enemy arrived in the vicinity of Earth. As such, Lord God took his citizens, flew back to the universe, and hoped to find a truly safe planet in the vast outer space. They would then be able to reproduce. Once Lord God had recovered enough, he would take his revenge on his enemy.” Soma spoke while recalling. His face looked very agonized as he seemed to have extreme animosity towards the enemy of Atlantis.

“What nonsense God; he is simply an expert who has cultivated to a stage where he cannot age. It is a story of him bringing his clansmen to escape.” Phantom said with dissatisfaction.

Xia Fei didn’t bother about Phantom and continued to listen quietly.

“This piece of land is in a crescent shape because it was left behind when Lord God flew the entire city into outer space. It is a pity that I am only a beast spirit and isn’t qualified to travel along with Lord God.” Soma spoke while feeling extremely regretful.

Xia Fei finally understood that Atlantis was originally a temporary establishment for a group of aliens, and they left after resting on Earth.

“Those three are your friends, right?” Soma asked.

“Yes.” Xia Fei said, “We arrived here with over 1,000 members. It’s a pity when we were sabotaged by evil people just as we arrived. Now there are only four of us left.”

Soma went into a towering rage. “Hmph! My off-springs have also been killed by those evil people. I only wish I could rip them to pieces personally. I have already asked for help, and they will soon pay the price for their actions. Look.”

A screen of light appeared on the wall, and the image on it was the submarine that was parked in the middle of the sea.

All of a sudden!

A few giant tentacles extended out of the surface of the water. Each tentacle was seven to eight meters in thickness while their lengths were a few hundred meters. The tentacles were covered with suction cups.

As compared to those tentacles, the submarine looked extremely delicate. Without much effort, the tentacles pulled the entire submarine into the water.

The water surface emerged with large quantities of white bubbles as it was inevitable that the Black Snake Gang’s remaining underlings would perish underwater.

The screen vanished abruptly while Soma said with pride, “I am an immortal beast spirit, that’s why all the animals on this island and in the nearby sea region will listen to my command.”

Xia Fei was rather impressed with Soma’s ability to command the animals. Those giant tentacles earlier must belong to a kind of ancient giant octopus. It seemed like there were plenty of ancient beasts in the vicinity. It was fortunate that Xia Fei didn’t contest with Soma. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ended up in a similar situation.

Soma’s eyes stared at Xia Fei’s Golden Stinger again. “Young man, this Stinger of Massacre is the remnant of my master. I felt extremely close to it when I saw it. Can you leave it behind to accompany me? I will use this to exchange for the Stinger of Massacre in your hand.”

Once Soma’s finished speaking, the east wall suddenly opened a secret compartment and revealed something hidden inside.

The secret compartment displayed a simple but unadorned ring that was golden in color. The clean appearance didn’t have any decoration and had uncanny craftsmanship.

“This is a spatial ring!” Phantom said in a deep voice, “This ring is connected with a stable dimensional space, and it can also be used to store various items within the ring.”

“How many items can it store?” Xia Fei asked.

“It is hard to say. The appearance is very common and casual. I reckon that the spatial zone inside should be around one cubic meter. A spatial ring of one cubic meter will sell for 100 million star coins. The Golden Stinger is only a very sharp weapon, and the market value will never exceed 50 million. If you exchange for it, you will not lose anything.” Phantom said.

‘This beast spirit is truly petty to only exchange the ring with me.’ Xia Fei thought in his heart.

Xia Fei revealed a very difficult expression. “Lord Soma, this stinger has been passed down in my family for generations. Every time I see it, I will be reminded of my ancestors.”

Soma nodded and said, “Oh, so that is the case. But I don’t have anything else that I can use for the exchange.”

Xia Fei took a glance at the Beast Spirit Codex and asked, “Lord Soma, I wonder what is written in this book?”

“This book is called the Beast Spirit Codex. Each animal has its own beast spirit, and it exists inside the body like a flame, but is invisible to the naked eye.”

“Those who cultivate the Beast Spirit Codex will be able to see the beast spirit flame with their eyes. By observing the beast spirit flame, one can judge if the animal is sick. It can even form a spiritual contract with the animal that shares life.”

“Back then, I was chosen by my master and had established a sacred contract with him. As a result, I learned the human language and behavior.” Soma said proudly.

The universe contained plenty of unimaginably powerful creatures. If one could establish a contract with an overwhelmingly powerful creature, it was the same as obtaining a powerful and loyal helper. This was the power of a beast spirit contract!

“Lord Soma? Can I take a look at this book?” Xia Fei asked.

Soma hesitated. ‘It should be fine to just show him. The Beast Spirit Codex has over a thousand pages. How could he possibly remember everything at one glance?’

“Alright, then. The Beast Spirit Codex is Atlantis’ secret codex and cannot be passed on. I can allow you to take a look, but my master’s Stinger of Massacre…”

“Lord Soma, since this Stinger of Massacre belongs to your master, returning it to you is something I ought to do.”

After responding, Xia Fei placed the Stinger of Massacre on the stone platform solemnly.

Phantom shook his head and felt that it was a pity. ‘It would be great if the Golden Stinger could be used to exchange the spatial ring and this Beast Spirit Codex. It is such a pity to not obtain this great item. Xia Fei… even if you are an Ability User who has unlocked your seventh brain region completely, it is still impossible for you to remember everything in one glance. Your ability isn’t related to memory.’

Something unexpected happened. Xia Fei flipped through this Beast Spirit Codex at a breakneck speed and didn’t really use his eyes to read it.

Phantom stomped his foot angrily. “Fool, this is such a great opportunity. It will be beneficial even if you can only remember just a portion of it!”

This Beast Spirit Codex was extremely important. If Xia Fei were to read it word by word, Soma might just harden his heart to keep Xia Fei on this uninhabited island forever. He would rather break his promise than to allow this important codex to leak into the outside world.

However, Xia Fei flipped through the book like a machine and would even yawn from time to time. He seemed rather impatient and would even spare some time to speak with Soma. As a result, Soma was completely at ease and used a much more friendly attitude to look at Xia Fei.

In just a few minutes, Xia Fei flipped this entire codex, which had over 1,000 pages.

After closing the book, Xia Fei placed the spatial ring into his bag and said to Soma, “Lord Soma, it is truly a blessing to visit this place. I might not be able to witness the amazing Atlantis personally, but meeting you has been a great eye-opener. It is a pity that I cannot stay in this place for long. I still have to return with my comrades.”

“After returning to the continent, I will definitely praise the great God of Atlantis and Lord Soma to the others.”

Soma was very happy. He had used a ring to exchange for his master’s personal treasure, which was a great deal. Furthermore, he didn’t break his promise towards Xia Fei and had maintained his personal and Atlantis’ dignity.

“Alright, I can open the entrance to the outer world at any moment for you. I welcome you to visit again. Soma put on a pretense as he said.

After walking out of this pyramid, Phantom was constantly reproaching Xia Fei, “Why didn’t you take a few more glances at it?! That Beast Spirit Codex is an extinct technique that is rarely seen!”

Xia Fei silently pointed at the watch microcomputer on his left hand.

Phantom looked puzzled for a long time before laughing loudly. “Xia Fei! You are really something! You used the computer to record the entire book?!”

Xia Fei chuckled as his mouth revealed a grin with a weird angle. “Why do I want the book? I just need the wordings.”

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