Super Gene Optimization Fluid

A spaceship silently appeared in an abandoned construction site in the southern suburbs of Beijing. A few minutes later, the spaceship vanished into the night quietly as though it didn’t even appear.

Interstellar travel was much faster than people imagined. The warp engine technology made traveling the distance between planets very easy.

The distance between the Blue Sea Star and Earth was nearly 200,000 light-years, and the spaceship merely used four warps to arrive at Earth. The total time elapsed was only a few hours, and before Xia Fei could be content with the space travel, he was chased off in a rough manner.

After distinguishing a direction, Xia Fei took big steps and conveniently touched the few thin pieces of cash notes in his pocket. He didn’t need to count since he knew that there was only a total of $73, and this was pretty much all of his wealth.

After turning at the corner, Xia Fei was lucky enough to flag down a taxi. Twenty minutes later, Xia Fei had returned to his own home.

Since ancient times, Beijing has had the saying, ‘The rich in the east, the noble in the west, the poor in the south, and the commoner in the north.’ Xia Fei’s home was situated in the southern part of the city, and it was in the dormitories of a leather factory.

This government factory had been shut down for many years, and most of the residents were the factory’s laid-off workers. The building was a tube-shaped apartment that was constructed dozens of years ago.

The building was completely dark and didn’t have any light. Xia Fei didn’t have any choice but to climb upstairs in the dark. After staying on a foreign planet for half a month, his mobile phone, which was the only thing that could provide light for him, was already out of battery.

Xia Fei climbed up each floor with steady steps. These passageways here were filled with plenty of bicycles, beer bottles, and many other unsuspecting obstacles.

This was life, and even though it was already a new year, the current Earth wasn’t that much different from before. Especially in the slum area where Xia Fei was residing, a single glance would make others think that they had returned to the previous era.

Xia Fei’s apartment was on the top floor. It had one room and a living-hall, and the surface area wasn’t more than 40 square meters. The room only had a few old furniture that was all thrown here as they were unwanted by the landlord.

The only things that belonged to Xia Fei were his clothes, the old computer in the bedroom, and that Giant Bicycles brand road bike.

After closing the door gently, Xia Fei entered the bedroom and sat on the desk before switching on the computer.

The old computer had a very slow boot-up time. Xia Fei took out a rectangle-shaped metal box and opened it carefully.

There was a bottle of purple fluid, resting quietly inside the box. The sparkling, translucent, and limpid color emitted an indescribable mystery under the illumination of the lamplight.

The bottle wasn’t big, and it looked extremely alike to a health drink that could be consumed orally. It didn’t have a manufacturer, date, or any instructions.

Xia Fei used his finger to gently rub the bottle while his heart was filled with excitement and expectation.

Every year, the Universal Pan-Human Alliance would deliver 100 portions of gene optimization fluids to the Earth Federation. It was to aid the elites on Earth to unlock the seventh brain region.

However, 100 portions of fluid were not enough for seven billion individuals. It could be imagined how intense the competition was. A minor character like Xia Fei wouldn’t even dare dream of obtaining the gene optimization fluid.

Xia Fei had once watched the news when the Earth Federation president presented the boxes that contained the gene optimization fluids to the human’s 100 most outstanding elites in front of the global media.

The elites who obtained the gene optimization fluids were all weeping, while some had even fainted on the spot due to the overwhelming bliss.

Those who didn’t have the chance to obtain the gene optimization fluids could only watch anxiously at those small bottles that all of them craved for, while their hearts were filled with envy and jealousy.

Xia Fei remembered that those gene optimization fluids were green in color, but his bottle was in a mysterious purple color.

As he was thinking, his computer had completed the boot-up. Xia Fei endured the urge to consume the fluid right now and closed the box before putting it inside the drawer.

Since the extraterrestrials descended on Earth three years ago, the discussion of extraterrestrial civilization had never been as popular as now. In a single night, countless websites regarding extraterrestrial civilization had popped up, and the most famous of them was the Starry Sky Network.

Xia Fei started to search for information related to gene optimization fluid on the homepage of Starry Sky Network.

“The brain is the human body’s most amazing organ. A regular human would only be able to utilize less than 10% of their brain. Even a genius at the same level as Einstein could only utilize 30% of their brain. After consuming the gene optimization fluid, it would greatly increase the utilization rate of the brain. According to each individual’s constitution, the increase in utilization would be different. The highest utilization rate could reach beyond 90%!”

“In fact, the brain still has a special region that is hidden, and it is called the seventh brain region. Once this part of the brain region is unlocked, incredible superpowers could be activated.”

Xia Fei’s eyes lit up. “Superpowers? Could one become Spider-man?”

It was a naturally good thing to become smarter, but obtaining a superpower was something that everyone fantasized about.

“Superpowers developed would vary with each individual when they consume the gene optimization fluid. Even the most advanced extraterrestrial civilization can’t explain clearly about the different kinds of superpowers activated by the seventh brain region.”

“More than 70% of the individuals would become super combatants with extraordinary strength. Some would become genius musicians, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, etc.”

“Mathematician?” Xia Fei frowned. For his entire lifetime, he had never been interested in anything related to maths or physics. “If I accidentally become a mathematician, it would truly be the worst thing.”

“According to an incomplete statistic, only less than 1/10,000 individuals would receive no superpowers after consuming the gene optimization fluid. 1/100,000 individuals would die, and 1/1 million would result in a vegetative state. It means that the current gene optimization fluid’s formula isn’t flawless.”

After reading this entire article at one glance, Xia Fei took a glance at the surface of the table where there was half a box of Hongtashan cigarettes. Xia Fei was a heavy smoker, and he only smoked the cheapest type of Hongtashan. He took one bud out and lit it up for himself. A faint smoke rose, and it was very mesmerizing.

There was a certain risk when consuming the gene optimization fluid, but the risks were incomparable with the benefits.

In fact, apart from the consumption of the gene optimization fluid, humans could also cultivate the ‘Star Tip Mantra’ to unlock the seventh brain region.

From the discovery of this fact, everyone from young to old was practicing this type of exercise daily. It was a pity that after three years, less than 8,000 individuals were able to unlock their seventh brain region by cultivating the ‘Star Tip Mantra.’

“No hurry, no hurry. Let me check why my bottle of fluid is purple in color.” Xia Fei mumbled to himself.

Xia Fei grabbed the mouse and gently scrolled down. There were indeed a lot of articles regarding the gene optimization fluid on the Starry Sky Network. There were at least a few thousand articles.

“Variety of gene optimization fluids.” Xia Fei clicked gently to open up the article.

“The gene optimization fluid’s quality is separated into peak grade, high grade, middle grade, and low grade. In the universe, most civilizations produce their own gene optimization fluid; therefore, the colors and tastes are all different. The gene optimization fluid of higher qualities would use raw materials that are much more precious. As such, the effects after consumption would be more obvious.”

Xia Fei was suddenly enlightened. “So it turns out that the gene optimization fluids aren’t all green. I wonder what the grade of this bottle is?”

“Forget it! I will know if I simply drink it. The worst-case would be death or turning into a mathematician.” Xia Fei scanned his hideous room with his eyes and said, “It doesn’t matter what grade it is; it is definitely not going to be worse than my current state.”

Xia Fei took out the purple bottle from the drawer.


There was a clear and crisp sound as Xia Fei took off the cover of the bottle.


After lifting his neck, the gene optimization fluid entered Xia Fei’s stomach in one smooth motion, and there wasn’t any hesitation.

The purple fluid had a slightly sour flavor and an indescribably strange taste.

Xia Fei lit up another cigarette for himself and sat on the chair while waiting quietly.

After one minute, apart from the warm sensation in his stomach, there wasn’t any other anomaly.

Xia Fei was a little anxious. He took a glance at the small bottle and saw hints of purple on the walls of the bottle, meaning there was some residual left.

He ran to the bathroom and opened up the tap to fill up half of the bottle with clean water. He then shook the bottle repeatedly.


The clean water, along with the remaining fluid, entered Xia Fei’s stomach, and this time, the bottle was completely empty. Xia Fei revealed a satisfied smile.

Right at this moment, the gene optimization fluid started to take effect!

In an instant, Xia Fei felt the world was spinning, and it felt as though he could see thousands of butterflies flying in front of him while his mind was experiencing a ripping pain.

The bathroom had an old bathtub that wasn’t used for many years. This slum area would frequently experience water stoppage; therefore, Xia Fei had always kept his bathtub full in case of unexpected needs.


Xia Fei shook his head twice and dove straight for the bathtub.

His entire head was now immersed in the icy cold water.

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