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Phantom took several glances at the weapon as he stared at it before suddenly calling out in a somber voice, “I recognize this thing. It’s called Chasing Light!”

“Chasing Light!” Xia Fei was somewhat surprised. Just from hearing its name, he knew that this double-edged hidden blade must be a decent weapon, as its name also sounded so imposing.

“Chasing Light is a weapon that was created by a group of skilled craftsmen from a planet called Talmania. It is said that such a double-edged hidden blade requires three top tier craftsmen to spend an entire year working on it. Just the Cyan Blood alloy that the blade used is worth 100 million star coins!” Phantom explained.

The fact that it took three top tier craftsmen a whole year to create something so small was enough to show its complexity and meticulous make.

“What rank is this weapon?” Xia Fei asked.

“Legendary!” Phantom proclaimed.

The quality of equipment that was used for battle, like weapons and combat suits, could all be similarly distinguished by their ranks, just like Abilities. The higher the rank, the higher the price and the higher the performance of the equipment.

Xia Fei’s cultivation had just reached the Primary Star Base rank, yet a Primary Star Base ranked Ability User actually had the opportunity to own a Legendary rank weapon. This was an exceptionally extravagant situation!

Even though the rank for the Windshade Mark IV combat suit was only at the Star River rank, its performance could already achieve that of the Intermediate Legendary standard. So if he were to complement it with this Legendary rank Chasing Light, it would result in such a combination that would even make a Legendary rank true expert jealous.

After all, these two equipment were not only high in ranks but were also exceedingly rare. One was a completely handcrafted weapon, while the other was a combat suit made from purely natural raw materials. These were all the things that countless true experts dreamt of!

“Legendary rank! Then, surely its price wouldn’t be low, right?” Xia Fei asked.

“Keke, A long time ago, a buyer would have to spend 200 million star coins just to acquire a Chasing Light. Now that the craftsmanship for Chasing Light had been lost, I’m afraid the price would be even higher.”

200 million star coins! Xia Fei felt a burst of joy in his heart. This middle-aged man was only asking for 6 million star coins for it right now, a total difference of 194 million star coins! It was essentially a steal!

“I want to buy this thing. How much is it?” Xia Fei asked the middle-aged man.

That middle-aged man hesitated for a moment. He had suffered plenty of setbacks back in the weapons market just now, all of them felt that Chasing Light was not worth 6 million star coins, and the only shop owner who expressed a willingness to offer a price to buy Chasing Light had been too low, measly offering up to 50,000 star coins.

In fact, what these shop owners said was right. Chasing Light was indeed not worth 6 million star coins, but 200 million!

The difference between 200 million and 6 million was huge, making well over 30 times the profit, yet such a serendipitous gift from the heavens had actually been given to Xia Fei, who could not help but feel thankful for the ignorance that these shop owners had shown today.

If it were not for them, Xia Fei would really have to spend up to 200 million star coins just to end up with a weapon that would not even be of the same rank as Chasing Light.

“How about 6 million star coins?” The middle-aged man asked tentatively.

Xia Fei pretended to hesitate for a moment, which was a technique when buying something. Humans were greedy and fickle, so if he were to readily agree to the price, the other party would surely believe that his asking price had been too low and had thus suffered a loss over the transaction.

“This double-edged hidden blade is rather old. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be worth that much,” Xia Fei shook his head, showing a troubled expression.

The middle-aged man felt his heart seize up from a wave of anxiety, afraid that Xia Fei would decline. Though he endured his impulse to lower the price and waited for Xia Fei to come to his decision.

“Fine. I can only blame myself for liking this item, so what if it’s a little on the expensive side,” Xia Fei pretended to consider this for some time before smiling, “We’ll go with the price you’ve set. It’s a deal!”

The middle-aged man was relieved, and with a rare smile on his face, thanked Xia Fei profusely for closing the transaction.

Regardless of how powerful an equipment was, it would still need someone to use it, and people would only improve through continuous training and cultivating, no matter how talented they were. 

Xia Fei understood this fact very well, which was why he immersed himself in high-intensity cultivation the first chance he got.

Xia Fei had increased the time he spent cultivating from 6 hours a day to 16 hours a day!

Aside from the 8 hours of sleep, Xia Fei spent every second he had remaining on cultivation, even going as far as to have his meals in the cultivation room.

Frenzied cultivation! Non-stop cultivation!

Aside from Breath Control and Crafty Thrust, Xia Fei had added another task to his daily routine, and that was to cultivate the Beast Spirit Codex.

The book was like an encyclopedia of beasts, from the most common wild beast to even the extremely exotic beasts found in the universe. Each and every one of them had detailed records within its pages, and there were plenty of exotic beasts that even Phantom had not heard of before.

Furthermore, the book also described in detail how to communicate with these exotic beasts, establishing a relationship of mutual trust until they would finally make a contract so that the exotic beast would remain forever loyal to the user.

The Beast Spirit Codex was divided into 9 stages, and a user would be able to open their Beast Spirit Eyes upon cultivating to the 3rd stage.

By then, the user would be able to use their two eyes to directly observe the Beast Spirit Fire within the exotic beasts’ bodies and perceive the changes to the flame and its color, thereby determining its rank, habits and its health status, whether they were sick, the nature of the sickness, and could even tell the mood of the exotic beast.

A user would be able to establish contracts with exotic beasts once they reached the 6th stage.

Once a contract had been established with an exotic beast, the owner and the beast would be able to connect in their hearts and minds, allowing them to communicate directly through their consciousness, giving out orders in such a manner.

An exotic beast would remain loyal once it had recognized someone as its master, staying alive if their master lives, following them in death if their master were to die.

Finally, a user would be able to command interstellar beasts, allowing the user to build a strong and loyal army of exotic beasts once they reached the 9th stage!

Unfortunately, the Beast Spirit Codex in Xia Fei’s possession was incomplete, as there were no records of the mantra after the 6th stage.

Xia Fei reckoned that the Beast Spirit Codex he had was a duplicate copy, which was why it lacked the most important mantra for the last 3 stages.

Even though it was regrettable, just the first 6 stages of the Beast Spirit Codex would allow Xia Fei to gain benefits that would last a lifetime if he were to successfully cultivate it.

After completing the prescribed amount of cultivation, Xia Fei walked out of the cultivation room sweating profusely, the singlet he was wearing already drenched through, his sweat spraying with every step he took.

He made his way to the drinking fountain and loudly gulped down a large glass of clear water, followed by two more glasses of water.

Xia Fei drank six glasses of water in rapid succession before he collapsed on the sofa from exhaustion, as his two eyes struggled to stay awake.

“How is your Beast Spirit Codex cultivation coming along so far?” Phantom had appeared in the corner of the room and asked.

Xia Fei picked up a cigarette and placed it on his lips, taking a deep breath as he lit it up, “I just broke through the first stage.”

“I see,” Phantom couldn’t help but nod. The Beast Spirit Codex contained the two major techniques of ocular cognition and telepathy. They were very difficult to cultivate, and the fact that Xia Fei could make the breakthrough to the first stage just by fumbling around on his own in such a short time couldn’t be considered slow progress.

After all, having a teacher to guide you and grasping the concepts by yourself were two different matters altogether.

The crisp sound of a ringing telephone sounded all of a sudden as Xia Fei brought the receiver to his ear, “This is Xia Fei. May I know who this is?”

A deep and robust voice came from the other end, “I am the deputy examiner for this Adjudicator Union’s Crisis grade assessment, Bosingwa. I am calling to inform you of some things.”

“Oh, hello there. May I know what information you are passing along?” Xia Fei furrowed his brow and thought to himself, ‘Deputy examiner? What could he possibly want to tell?’

“It’s this. There would be another Apprentice Adjudicator assessment organized on Earth next year in the month of June; it would similarly be looking to recruit three Apprentice Adjudicators, except it would be a Safe grade assessment this time, which means there’s no need for you to participate in the Crisis grade assessment this time around, while still retaining the chance to become an Adjudicator,” Bosingwa explained.

Xia Fei chuckled, “Examiner Bosingwa, I’ve already decided I’ll be participating in the assessment this time. If I do not make it, I will be sure to register for the next year’s assessment.”

The voice on the other side of the call was stunned. Evidently, Xia Fei’s answer was not something Bosingwa had expected. “Have you read the latest update regarding this assessment? It has been re-graded to be a Crisis assessment.”

“I’ve read it,” Xia Fei replied faintly.

“In that case, I have nothing further to say to this. The only native Earthlings registered for this assessment are Su Ruoyu and yourself, I wish the two of you the best of luck.”

Hanging up, Xia Fei muttered to himself, “Su Ruoyu? It sounds like a girl’s name.”

That was when the electronic alarm on the table suddenly rang. The first round of bidding for the Masterpiece Auction was about to begin.

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