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The Atlantic Ocean was unusually peaceful and the skies were boundlessly clear.

Storm Goddess, a cargo ship that weighed 35,000 tons, was sailing in the Caribbean Sea. To suit the requirements of underwater exploration, this ship had already been modified beyond recognition.

The deck was loaded with the most advanced underwater robots and submarines. There was a 10,000-meter long composite steel cable and a large crane that weighed 500 tons. There were also deepwater illumination cabins and pressurization cabins. It was fitted with every necessary equipment.

A helicopter descended on the flight deck at the aft of the ship. When Xia Fei and Wu Long got off the helicopter, Andre and his grandson Charlie were already waiting for them.

“Xia Fei, you are finally here. Any later, and you would have missed out on the century’s most important show.” Andre walked over in high spirits and hugged Xia Fei.

“Listening to your words, it seems like you are very confident with this exploration.” Xia Fei asked.

“Hahaha, I am naturally confident. I have a feeling that we are very close to the mysterious Atlantis this time.” Andre laughed heartily and said. This old man, who was over 70 years old, seemed to be very energized and healthy. His complexion was also much more florid.

“Charlie, how have you been these days? I heard from your grandfather that you are very talented, and you will become the family’s most outstanding banker.” Xia Fei said to Charlie.

Charlie’s face was rather shy as he repeatedly nodded, “I am not just going to become a banker, I also want to become a Speed Ability User like you.”

“Why do you want to become a Speed Ability User? Isn’t it rather good to have the Strength Ability like me? Look!”

Wu Long lifted a steel pipe with his arms and bent it into a U shape. “How is that? The strength ability is rather good too, right?”

Charlie frowned and asked, “This is a water quality testing device. Why did you break it?”

“Uh…” Wu Long originally wanted to show off his ability but didn’t expect to make a fool out of himself. He scratched his bald skull and blushed as he said to Andre, “Apologies, I didn’t know that it was useful.”

Andre and Xia Fei couldn’t help laughing. Wu Long had a straightforward personality and was a frank person. Everyone liked him and didn’t mean to mock him.

“There are plenty of spares at the back. If it’s broken, then so be it. We just need to bring out a new one.” Andre didn’t pay any attention.

“Xia Fei, follow me, I will introduce you with the experts for this exploration project.”

They entered a massive conference room in which eight individuals were all spread out. The table was filled with all sorts of unknown instruments, and maps were put up on the cabin’s surrounding walls. There was also a projector that was playing underwater video recordings.

“Everyone, please stop for a moment. Let me introduce Mister Xia Fei to all of you. He is my partner and also the ally of the Rothschild Family.” Andre gave an introduction to everyone in the room.

“Hello everyone, this exploration operation shall depend on everyone, and I shall give my thanks in advance. If we can successfully locate the ruins of Atlantis, I will prepare a generous gift for everyone as gratitude.” Xia Fei spoke in a forthright manner.

Everyone started to applaud apart from a black-haired old man who seemed to be around 60 years old. He didn’t seem to be amused and said with a cold face, “We are all experts in our fields and we are here to search for Atlantis, the history’s most important archaeology. We are not here for the banking family’s dirty money.”

The applause stopped in a very awkward manner. Wu Long glared viciously at the old man and rolled up his sleeves as he prepared to use his fist. Xia Fei held Wu Long back and stopped his rude behavior.

Since the previous plane hijack, Wu Long admired Xia Fei a lot. He might be much older than Xia Fei, but he was willing to follow Xia Fei’s decisions blindly.

“Keke, Xia Fei, let me introduce you. This is Professor Kobayashi Gojiro. Both of you are from East Asia, making you two neighbors.” Andre mediated the situation.

Xia Fei politely reached his hand out, “Mister Kobayashi, Xia Fei is a commoner. If I offended you in any way, please forgive me.”

When Kobayashi Gojiro saw how polite Xia Fei was, he couldn’t possibly make things difficult for him and forcefully extended his hand to shake hands with Xia Fei.

“I know that everyone here is an expert with profound knowledge, but experts also need to wear clothes and eat their meals. Furthermore, all of your researches would need plenty of money at times. I promise everyone that if we managed to find Atlantis, I would donate 10 million federal dollars for your research funds!” Xia Fei said loudly.

All of the experts started to applaud. They were also humans, and who would want to miss out on money? With Xia Fei’s generous rewards, the experts were much more driven now.

Kobayashi Gojiro was also silently moved. ’10 million! This young man is truly generous. My annual research fund is only 2 million. Since he insists on giving, then I shall reluctantly accept it. Sigh, he is yet another hedonistic child who only knows how to spend.’

No one expected Xia Fei’s follow up statement to make Kobayashi Gojiro’s jaw drop.

“Professor Kobayashi has a righteous character and doesn’t like money. Xia Fei is filled with extreme admiration. If we find Atlantis, I will personally give you an embroidered flag. I shall not use the money to taint your nobility.” Xia Fei said loudly to Kobayashi Gojiro and seemed to be extremely serious.

Everyone covered their mouths and were secretly delighted, especially Wu Long, who nearly jumped in joy while Charlie buried his face behind Andre and chuckled.

Kobayashi Gojiro was so angry that his complexion turned ashen. ‘Embroidered flag? You are giving them 10 million each and only giving me an embroidered flag!?’

After leaving the conference room, Wu Long couldn’t help but laugh heartily. “Xia Fei, well done! That Kobayashi has been on my nerves for some time. After this project, I will also send him an embroidered flag! Hahaha! Truly satisfying!”

Andre shook his head. “Xia Fei, you shouldn’t have offended Professor Kobayashi. After all, he is our only marine meteorologist.”

“He is the one who said he didn’t like money. How have I offended him?” Xia Fei smiled mischievously.

New York, Interplanetary Adjudicator Union’s Earth Branch.

Bronze 3-star Adjudicator Kahn was very bored as he placed both of his legs on the table. He was holding an iced beer and was slacking off while gulping down the beer.

Kahn had established the Adjudicator Union’s branch a year ago, and his only job was to drink beer. He would be drinking from day to night as he had nothing to do.

“I really don’t know what those old geezers are thinking to establish a union branch at such a desolated planet. Fortunately, I only need to endure this for another one and a half years, and then I will be able to return.” Kahn said to himself.

All of a sudden, the communication device started flashing with a yellow light.

Kahn quivered and sat up. He threw the beer bottle aside and tidied up his disheveled hair before switching on the communication device.

A slender elder with two deep eye sockets, a tall nose bridge, and a large and wide mouth appeared on the projected screen. He looked as though he could swallow an entire person.

“President Robert, how are you?” Kahn pretended to be composed and greeted.

Robert was the president of the Endaro Star Region’s Adjudicator Union Branch. He had high authority and status. He had jurisdiction over all of the Adjudicators in the star region.

“How am I? I am not fine!” Robert spoke with anger, “Take a look for yourself. Are you the one who put up the notice?!”

The projected screen displayed a document issued by the Earth’s Adjudicator Union Branch. There was a stamp on it, and it was Kahn who signed it.

“That’s right, Mister President, I am the one who issued the recruitment notice for Apprentice Adjudicators. May I ask if there is any problem?” Kahn asked cautiously.”

“Is there a problem? You actually asked me if there is any problem.” Robert was going crazy. His massive mouth was spitting saliva everywhere, and his eyes were shining like a vulture.

“You fool! The union is recruiting Apprentice Adjudicators to pacify this planet, which just joined the Pan-Human Alliance. It is to show that our union cherishes weak civilizations, it is a kind of welfare! But look at what you did! Does the document state that it is only recruiting Earth citizens!?

Kahn was so nervous that he nearly broke down. When he finished reading the notice, his eyes turned dark as he fell onto his chair.

This notice was copied from the headquarters, and when he issued it, he was drinking so much that he was rather drunk. He had casually edited it a little before issuing it.

The recruitment target’s column was written with Endaro Star Region’s citizens, which meant that any Ability User in the Endaro Star Region could sign up for the assessment.

Adjudicators had transcending status in the universe, and all Ability Users dreamt of becoming Adjudicators.

Every single Adjudicator recruitment would bring in countless people from all the places. They would kill and fight to strive for limited places. It would be a super gathering of elites.

According to the headquarters, Earth’s recruitment for Apprentice Adjudicators was just for the show and for the world to see that the Adjudicator Union would treat everyone the same, even if it were a weak planet. In fact, they constructed a union branch on Earth for the same objective.

The entire Earth Federation had less than 100 Star Base rank Ability Users. A small-scale assessment was enough to recruit three Apprentice Adjudicators from Earth.

But now, Kahn had extended the range of the recruitment to the entire Star Region due to his mistake and if this document were issued. It would certainly cause millions of extraterrestrial Ability Users to flock to Earth and strive for these three places.

A small-scaled internal assessment would certainly evolve into an intense and chaotic battle between Ability Users!

For the young Earth Federation, it was undoubtedly catastrophic!

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