Super Gene Optimization Fluid

Xia Fei’s virtual reality helmet had already sunk into the bottom of the ocean along with the Storm Goddess, so he needed to buy a glasses-type virtual reality device. This set of glasses was much smaller than the helmet, far more convenient to carry along, with much stronger display capabilities.

The price tag was 18,000 star coins, ten times more expensive than a virtual reality helmet. There were even more advanced virtual reality devices that could connect directly to a person’s nervous system. It was said that such devices had already achieved the level where the lines between virtual and reality were blurred, but the price was unfortunately somewhere around the price range of 800,000 star coins, thus Xia Fei decided to buy the cheaper one.

Entering the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website, what greeted his eyes the first was a large pink colored email that pretty much obscured all his vision.

Needless to say, it was another prank from Avril.

“Ah! Can’t even ignore it,” Xia Fei sighed as he opened the email.

All of a sudden, the entire scene before him turned monochrome, like the static display found in old-fashioned, black and white television sets.

“What’s going on?” Xia Fei took off his virtual reality device and inspected it. “Could it be that the virtual reality device I just bought is defective?”

When Xia Fei wore the glasses again, the scene returned to normal after several seconds, except now there was a young girl with black straight hair.

This girl looked to be about 13 or 14 years old, with flawless white skin and a pair of large, bright eyes. She was wearing a white and blue sailor uniform that revealed her long, slender legs and small bosom; she looked very pretty.

If the ideal standard for beauties in Xia Fei’s heart were rated on a scale of 100, this girl was definitely above a 90.

The girl gracefully pirouetted where she stood before demonstrating a curtsy to Xia Fei.

Her skirt was already very short, and when she turned, she had accidentally exposed her pink panties beneath her skirt. Xia Fei could even clearly make out the little bear print on it.

“So, aren’t I beautiful?” The girl asked with a smile, unaware that she had exposed what was beneath her skirt in the process.

“How dare you ignore me? No one dares to ignore me! Hmph! The more you ignore me, the more I’m going to pester you!”

“Heh, now you know how powerful I am. I had only just caused your virtual reality device to temporarily malfunction. I will directly make it explode next time!” The girl revealed a grin, while miming an explosion with her hands as she very boisterously said this.

Although her voice was as sonorous as a crisp silver bell, her tone also withheld a hint of mischief.

Suddenly, a blossom of brilliant fireworks burst forth, and by the time it all dissipated, the beautiful girl was already gone, and the virtual reality system was back to its original state.

Xia Fei looked at Phantom dumbfoundedly, “How did she do all that?”

Phantom shook his head repeatedly, “How would I know? That was really absurd.”

Xia Fei was completely helpless. “Just who exactly is this Avril person? Could she be the legendary cosmic hacker?”

Xia Fei shook his head, trying his best to not think about it anymore.

Opening his inbox, Xia Fei saw that there were dozens of emails from Avril, most of them were her description of the fun things she came across, how happy she was with playing these things. Her words held the very air of a young girl’s innocence.

Xia Fei could not be bothered reading these in detail. He simply closed his inbox and bought an anonymous interplanetary account from the black market.

‘Since I can’t afford to offend you, I’ll just have to avoid you,’ Xia Fei thought to himself.

Virtual medicinal ingredient market, Masterpiece Line’s shop.

Xia Fei immediately saw small-eyed, fatty Xu Maorong’s smile upon entering the shop.

“Good evening, mister. Welcome to our store,” Xu Maorong very courteously greeted.

Xia Fei was just a virtual avatar on the interplanetary internet. Since he was using a different account, his virtual avatar was naturally also different, which was why fatty Xu couldn’t recognize Xia Fei, thinking he was just a new customer.

“Oh, it’s me, Xia Fei. I just changed my interplanetary account. Here is my member card,” Xia Fei took out his card and showed it to the man.

Xu Maorong glanced at the card and smiled as he said, “So it is actually Mister Xia Fei. I will immediately bind your membership to your new account.”

Xia Fei hurriedly waved it off, “There’s no need for that. Just help me change my account to use a password for access. I got this account from the black market. If you bind it, it’ll be troublesome if something goes wrong.”

Xu Maorong nodded and helped Xia Fei make the necessary changes accordingly to his member card.

“Mister Xia Fei, it may not be my place to say this, but logging on with this sort of anonymous account would cause a lot of trouble. For example, if your bank account isn’t bound, even buying something that costs a dollar would require you to do very complex password transactions. Besides, given the unknown origin of your account, you ought to be a little cautious.” Xu Maorong told Xia Fei the various disadvantages of an anonymous account.

Xia Fei said helplessly, “I’m at my wits end myself. The original account has gotten a little unsafe.”

“Unsafe?” Xu Maorong was very confused. “How is your account unsafe?”

Xia Fei was too lazy to explain and simply asked, “Do you have any new stocks in here?”

“A few precious medical ingredients just came in two days ago, please take a look.”

The display cabinet to the west had several curious and weird things within, Phantom glanced over them once before saying, “That Aquamarine Illusory Star has some uses, everything else is not of much value.”

Xia Fei went over to take a look. The Aquamarine Illusory Star was as large as a soybean, completely sea-blue in color. It was translucent and seemed to be some sort of fluid that was slowly flowing inside it, giving the onlookers a dream-like sensation.

“There lived a square-shaped sea turtle on some distant planet, and that sea turtle not only looked strange but also possessed a life span of 10,000 years. When they die, the shell they leave behind would have 12 aquamarine crystals, and that is the Aquamarine Illusory Star.”

“The strangest thing is that only the sea turtles with a lifespan of over 10,000 years and had died a natural death would end up leaving behind the Aquamarine Illusory Star. There’s no way to get it if they were to be caught and killed manually. An Aquamarine Illusory Star can somewhat double your endurance, and is considered a fairly decent medicinal ingredient.” Phantom introduced.

Xia Fei could reach a maximum speed of 185m/s right now, but his endurance could only sustain this full speed for 2 minutes.

Endurance was crucial in combat, and the speed of the Speed Ability Users was not only their most effective weapon but also their best defense.

When you’re caught in a fierce battle, if you have insufficient endurance, you would have no choice but to reduce your speed, and a Speed Ability User without speed would be akin to a warrior without a weapon; it would be fatal.

The price of one Aquamarine Illusory Star was 35 million star coins. Xia Fei was gritting his teeth as he said, “I want that Aquamarine Illusory Star. Do you have any other medicinal ingredients around?”

“What a coincidence that you’ve come by at the right time. The catalog for Masterpiece Line’s Auction had just finished. I’ll send it to your inbox. Take a look and see if there’s anything you need,” Xu Maorong offered politely.

Soon, Xia Fei received the auction list, and there were plenty of items that Masterpiece Line was putting up for auction, up to several thousand assortments.

Phantom followed the list and looked from top to bottom. Suddenly, his eyes fell on a certain item.

Xia Fei followed his gaze and glanced over at the item, “The Windshade Mark IV combat suit. Is it any good?”

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