Super Gene

Chapter 3234 Half a Candle

“Night God No Moon? Isn’t that the name given to Moon God by the Qin Kingdom? Does she have a gene race in the Qin Kingdom?” Han Sen was shocked by this.

If there was a gene race left behind by Moon God, it could be unique.

Qin Jing Zhen said, “Let’s not mention this person Night God No Moon, but just this Mirror Moon gene race has a very legendary story behind it.” “What is so amazing about this gene race?” Han Sen asked with curiosity.

Qin Jing Zhen said, “This gene race has a legend that Night God No Moon’s friend left behind. After that person died, Night God No Moon did not keep the gene race. She kept it someplace. Whenever she missed that friend, she went to see that gene race and speak with it.”

“Of course, there is another side to the story. It says that Night God No Moon was never able to claim that gene race, and that was the reason why she kept it there. In fact, that gene race has been in the Qin Kingdom for a billion years, but no one has ever been able to claim it. Fortunately, its personality is considered a rather nice one. As a matter of fact, it is even a bit lazy. If you do not incite its wrath, it will not hurt anyone. It has always been kept inside Jade Wall City.” “I did not know that.” Han Sen was very curious about this creature, so he could not help but ask, “What species is this gene race?”

“If you are interested, Mister Han, please go and take a look.” Qin Jing Zhen paused. He spoke to an officer and said, “Take Han Sen to Candle Garden.”

“Mister Han, I am sick. I cannot go with you. You go check it out. It will be a fantastic thing if you are able to claim it. If you cannot, we will think of something else.” Qin Jing Zhen coughed at Han Sen.

“Take care, My King. I will leave you now.” Han Sen did not suggest a way in which he could help Qin Jing Zhen yet.

It was not like Han Sen did not want to help him. It was just that he had no better way to do it. Wan’er’s power was all over Qin Jing Zhen. The only thing that could save his ravaging was Wan’er. Not even Qin Xiu would have been able to help him.

Han Sen’s Super God Spirit mode repelled Wan’er’s power, but Wan’er’s power was far stronger now. His Super God Spirit mode worked on Qin Jing Zhen, but he could not scrub it all away.

Han Sen forced himself to break the rules of the universe to use the Super God Spirit mode and delay the inevitable death of Qin Jing Zhen. It was because of his Super God Spirit mode. Other people were not even able to extend his life by one second, and breaking the universe was considered taboo. It cost Super God Spirit mode power to do this. Han Sen only asked for a God Spirit gene race in return, so it was not too costly.

Han Sen said Qin Jing Zhen might one day be all better. That was not entirely a lie.

Qin Jing Zhen was Qin Xiu’s heir. If he was able to live when Qin Xiu came back, perhaps there was a chance Wan’er would be willing to save him. That was one of the possibilities Han Sen had considered. If Han Sen was able to reverse his Super God Spirit mode, he could save the dying king himself. That was another chance he could put faith in.

At the end of the day, though, these two opportunities for saving the king were in the future. At this point, no one could do anything

Han Sen went to Candle Garden, which had a weird presence. It kept appearing and disappearing. Sometimes it was there, and sometimes it was not there. It made Han Sen be unable to look at it.

“Candle Garden is a place where no trespassers may go,” the officer said at the gate. He did not go forward. “Without the king’s orders, no one is allowed to enter. I can only bring you this far.”

“Thanks.” Han Sen pushed the door open and went into Candle Garden.

Candle Garden was big, but the big garden did not have flowers, grass, woods, or trees. It did not have fake mountains or streams of water. The ground was composed of stone boards. There was also a small pavilion. The small pavilion was very tiny. Compared to the garden at large, it was very empty. Han Sen looked at the stone desk inside the stone pavilion. The garden did not have anything in it. There was only the stone desk on the inside, which had half a white candle.

Han Sen felt a weird presence earlier. He determined it came from this strange half candle.

“Weird. If this half-candle is the legendary gene race, it should be a fire element one. Why did Qin Jing Zhen say it was Yin and cold? Why does the half-candle not seem to have anything to do with Mirror Moon? Is this half-candle not Mirror Moon’s gene race?” Han Sen frowned as he looked around. The results of the inspection were the same as before. Aside from the half-burned candle, there was nothing else to espy in the garden. Besides the fact that there were no gene races there, there also weren’t any ordinary plants.

“This is a little strange. Is the half-candle really Mirror Moon?” Han Sen stepped toward the stone pavilion. He sensed that the candle was nothing ordinary, but the presence was very hidden. Han Sen could not see it clearly.

Outside the pavilion, he did not think the candle was very special. When he went to the stone pavilion, he felt cold. Everything seemed to go dark. It was like he had just entered a cold and dark cave.

He could not see anything beyond the pavilion. Everything was pitch black. He could not even see his fingers. All he could see was the very dim light of the candle that was down upon the table.

The light was weird. The candlelight outside the pavilion looked yellowish. It looked like any ordinary candle.

As he looked upon it now, the candlelight was blueish and greenish. It was a distinctly ghost-like fire, and it released a scary and cold air. The cold air in the stone pavilion came from the candle.

Han Sen entered the stone pavilion. He suddenly heard the old man with white hair, whom he had encountered in the palace, coldly said, “You are an outsider, yet you wish to take Mirror Moon. If you were smart, you would leave right now. If you are too slow, I am afraid you are just going to die here.” After pausing, the old man with white hair said, “Jing Zhen fears his demise. He must have become possessed. His wounds cannot be healed by an Annihilation-class elite. He believes an outsider human can help him. It looks like he is just a commoner after all. He is nothing like how a true king should be. If the Qin Kingdom can ever hope to unite the universe, it will always boil down to the strength of an heir.”

After saying that, the old man with white hair looked glum as he said, “Jing Zhen only has one son, Qin Bai. On top of that, the kid is an asshole. The Qin Kingdom’s fate is something we should worry about. I am afraid I will have to wait for the right moment. I should wait for the real Qin king to show up.” Han Sen looked at the candle and thought, “Qin Jing Zhen did not lie. This half-candle is a Yin and cold gene race after all. Still, it is a bit different. While it has fire, the fire is awfully cold. What kind of gene race is this? Why is it called Mirror Moon?”

While he was thinking, Han Sen stepped toward the candle. Even if that half-candle wasn’t a worthy match for Jadeskin, having that powerful gene race was still beneficial. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.