Super Gene

Chapter 3235 Mirror Moon Candle

As Han Sen got closer to the candle, the cold air felt very heavy. Even someone like Han Sen, who had a strong body, felt the cold air penetrate him.

“Weird. This power does not seem to be a cold element. Otherwise, Jadeskin should have been able to resist it. Now, the cold air goes into my body, but Jadeskin does not react. It is not just a cold element. It isn’t that simple.” Han Sen was more interested in that half-burned candle.

The reverse Dongxuan Sutra ran on its own because it was a power native to the universe of kingdoms. Unlike its counterpart, it wasn’t going to be hampered by the rules that governed the universe.

The reverse Dongxuan Sutra was different from the powers of the primary Dongxuan Sutra. The main Dongxuan Sutra power came through the Dongxuan Aura’s powers of analysis and inspection. The Dongxuan Sutra did not need to analyze things either. It could just simulate the powers of an opponent.

It was kind of like a copying machine. No matter what the content was, it would just copy it.

If the main Dongxuan Sutra was a skill, then the reverse Dongxuan Sutra was a violent skill.

Han Sen’s power was suddenly swapped. It became the cold power, which was practically the same. It was different from the main Dongxuan Sutra. The reverse Dongxuan Sutra was violent, but it could only be used after it had been transformed. One was not able to witness the miracles inside it. Even though Han Sen was now using a power that was the same as the candle, he had no idea what kind of power it was.

Although that was enough, Han Sen’s power became just like that of the half-burned candle. He suddenly felt like the dark was starting to fade away. The cold air went away. The stone pavilion was still the stone pavilion, and the candle was still the candle. Han Sen still stood in the pavilion. It felt as if everything was just a dream.

Han Sen knew that this was not a dream. He still felt the candle’s power, which was very scary.

It was different from before. The power started to get closer to him. It was clearly because Han Sen’s power had changed. It thought he was one of them, or it was getting closer because it sensed the same power.

Han Sen tried to get close to the candle, and the candle did not deny him. The white, half-burned candle still burned with gold fire. There was no longer a cold feeling from it. Beneath the burning candlelight, Han Sen felt warm. It was like he was bathing in fire. “Can you talk to me?” Han Sen walked in front of the stone table to talk to the white half-burned candle.

The white candle was an unknown creature. Obviously, it could not speak or think for itself. Yet, it shook its light to try and communicate.

“Are you Mirror Moon?” Han Sen asked. He wasn’t sure if his question would be answered.

The half-burned candle shook a little. It looked like a confirmation.

“Do you know Moon God?” Han Sen asked.

The candle’s flame shivered a little. It clearly recognized Moon God.

“Are you Moon God’s gene race?” Han Sen asked another question.

This time, the candle’s flame jumped twice. Han Sen knew what that meant. Clearly, it was not a gene race that belonged to Moon God. If it jumped twice, it meant no.

Han Sen’s eyes squinted as he asked, “Did Moon God try and take you away?”

He saw the flames of the candle jump once, so Han Sen immediately proceeded to ask, “Does that mean you did not want to follow her?”

The candle’s light jumped. Han Sen was shocked. “It looks like there is some truth to the legend after all. It was not that Moon God did not want to take it with her. She just couldn’t take it with her.”

Han Sen looked at the candle and asked, “In that case, are you willing to follow me?”.

He directly asked that question because there was no need to beat around the bush. If Jadeskin did not react, that meant the strange half-burned candle could not be used to reverse his Jadeskin body.

It would have been great if he could take it with him. If he couldn’t, he would not be missing out on much.

This time, the half-burned candle’s flame did not move. After a while, it flickered once.

“That means you want to follow me,” Han Sen said with glee. The candle, which was called Mirror Moon, was amazing. It would have been excellent if he could take it with him. It would likely come in handy at some point.

This time, the candlelight jumped extra fast. Despite that quick flicker of the flame, the actual body of the candle itself did not move an inch. It was rather strange.

Han Sen felt compelled to ask, “Can’t you move?”

The candle’s flame flickered one time and one time only. That seemed to suggest Han Sen was indeed right in his clever deduction. The gene race he was talking to was not able to move by itself. If it needed to move, it would require a helping hand.

This was too weird. Gene races at Mirror Moon’s level had an Annihilation God Spirit power, yet it could not move. That was very hard to believe.

“It can’t talk or communicate. It cannot even move. What kind of God Spirit gene race is this?” Han Sen looked at Mirror Moon weirdly before asking, “Can I just use my hands to pick you up?”

After receiving an answer, Han Sen put his hands around the half-burned candle and picked it up.

The moment Han Sen picked the candle up, he sensed darkness ahead. He felt as if space and time around him had been twisted by a strange power.

Han Sen stood where he was, looking ahead with caution. One could not tell what sort of emotions he was feeling. It was like he was seeing a ghost but was not scared.

“If I tell people what happened, no one will believe what I have seen.” Han Sen held the candle with a wry smile.

He understood why the candle had a strong and cold presence. That presence was not simply a cold power.

Han Sen had a closer look. He saw that the space above Jade Wall City display many transparent, white ghosts flying. They were all headed into the sky.

They weren’t just above Jade Wall City. All of space seemed to be filled with transparent ghosts drifting off into the skies.

The spirits featured old people, young men, men, and women. It looked like they all knew geno arts. Everyone was flying in that direction.

This scene was incredibly beautiful. All the dead souls in the universe were flying. It was indescribable how creepy and awesome the scene was.

Han Sen’s vision focused on a giant god hall. The giant god hall had four giant words on it.

“Geno hall?” Han Sen was shocked. “Does this mean the white, transparent souls are the souls of creatures that are reincarnating? Does that mean the geno hall is a place where the two worlds can connect?”

Han Sen quickly put the candle back on the stone table. The spirits and the geno hall instantly disappeared from the sky. When he picked up the candle again, all of that was revealed again.

“This half-burned candle’s power is connected to the concept of reincarnation.” Han Sen was shocked as he held the candle. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.