The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 14: Ghost Palace Bears Grudges

“It’s good if you like it.” Helian Wei Wei’s tone was indifferent as she retracted her gaze, turned around and strolled over to her own dwelling.

Yuan Ming rubbed and rubbed his chin, “If they knew that not only did you not get kicked out, and instead, you even won one hundred thousand silvers, who knows what expression those two stupid people would reveal?”

“True, who knows . . . . .” The tip of Wei Wei’s tongue licked over her thin lips, she indescribably appeared like a bloodthirsty demoness.

Yuan Ming laughed while his tilted face was propped up, ha ha, he looked forward to it. . . . . really looked forward to it. . . . . .

“Minister Helian, is this your family’s eldest miss?” The one who was talking was a man with a commanding demeanor sitting next to Helian Guang Yao, this man was none other than the one who just came out of closed door meditation, Nangong Lie. He gently turned the white jade tea cup in his hand, he pondered over something as a glint quickly flashed in his eyes.

But the impatient Helian Guang Yao did not discover it, and he even thought Nangong Lie came today to prosecute her, he asked with an especially respectful attitude, “High Priest is laughing at us, this daughter of mine has a rude temper, doesn’t understand manners, and even offended Third Prince. In my opinion, she should be thrown into the dungeons and be properly disciplined!”

Having heard that, Nangong Lie’s long, narrow, clear, and bright phoenix eyes bent into a tepid sneer, everyone said that Helian Guang Yao was benevolent towards people and an outstanding person that was hard to come by. Yet, he truly hadn’t previously met someone who, for their own sake, would throw their own daughter into the fiery pit of hell.

Ahh, it seemed that rumors really could not be believed.

Nangong Lie flicked his sleeve, put down the teacup that he was holding, and replied, “Minister Helian, it appears you’re being too sensitive, His Highness frankly did not intend to accuse Miss Helian.” It’d be a wonder if that family would seek revenge just for an angry look! “However, I just overheard the Misses Helian talking, seemed like they mentioned White Academy. What happened, was Miss Helian preparing to enter?” If this was really true, then there would be a good play to watch, he remembered that Ah Jue (Nangong Lie’s endearing way of calling Baili Jia Jue) had also agreed to return to the academy. When that time comes, ahh …..

Helian Guang Yao didn’t understand why Nangong Lie suddenly laughed such a devilish laugh, hearing him talk of White Academy, he intuitively thought that the one Nangong Lie asked about was Helian Mei, the daughter who he loved. He pretended to gently stroke his beard, yet he still couldn’t hide the satisfaction that hearing those words brought him, “I didn’t think that the High Priest had heard of this matter. My daughter has no talent, however, my friends in the capitol had been spreading the news, I am really ashamed, ashamed ahh!”

When Nangong Lie heard these words, he knew Helian Guang Yao misunderstood who was the person he was actually referring to. However, Nangong Lie still didn’t explain further, and just laughed devilishly and held the tea cup again. The corners of his lips slowly curved up, whatever the misunderstanding may be, it’s not important, what’s important was, in order to seduce Ah Jue’s little ‘kitten’, it’s necessary to know she if would be living in the same compound. Sure enough, it’s the movement of the Red Phoenix Star. It’s impossible to avoid that star even if one wanted to, ahh, things were progressing more and more interestingly. . . . .

At the other side, in the neglected courtyard, Helian Wei Wei had already handed over the silvers and was looking at the correspondence that White Academy quickly delivered to her, her willowy eyebrows lifted.

“Admissions Notice”?

What the heck was this?

“Congratulations, you’ve already obtained the qualifications to enter White Academy. Students who received this letter, please prepare the following supplies within the next few days: a white long robe, a nationally accepted tall student hat, also, a silver fox fur outer wrap as well as school necessities such as inkstones and writing brushes. . . . .”

The corners of Wei Wei’s mouth twitched, “What kind of admission notice is this, this is just to extort us again, to make us bring our own school uniform and writing materials.”

In regards to Wei Wei restarting anew the “life of a student”, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“White Academy. . . . . this name brought a person many cherished memories.” Yuan Ming sighed from the side, with a look that said, “I have stories to tell, quickly ask me about them.”

Wei Wei decided to give him some face, curved her lips in a smile, “You also know of White Academy?”

“Of course I do!” Yuan Ming’s wildly arrogant voice was filled with pride, “Recalling that year, this venerable one actually beat up a lot of the students!”

Wei Wei: “. . . . . ”

Ahh ahh, this really was happy news worth hearing . . . . . .rubbish!

She needed to think it over carefully, did she want to bring Yuan Ming there, she was afraid someone would not be able to hold back and might impulsively beat Yuan little Ming to death!

“If you go to White Academy, don’t forget to sneak into their Battle Spirit Forces, that branch of defense guard squad was still very good.” Yuan Ming convinced Wei Wei in all seriousness.

She rarely saw this kind of expression from him, so couldn’t help but feel interested, “Hmm? How were they good?”

“Their mess hall was great!” Yuan Ming licked and licked his lips, “I used to patronize it often.”

Wei Wei . . . . .

She was crazy to have thought he was being respectable!

“Also, I remembered that students who entered the Battle Spirit Forces, were able to have their academy tuition waived.” Yuan Ming propped up his chin, his eyes narrowed in recollection. . . .

Wei Wei suddenly raised her head, she wore a smile on her mouth, “That really sounds like a great defense guard squad, we should join it!”

Yuan Ming’s mouth twitched, “Don’t tell me, you were targeting the free tuition.”

“Compared to you, who only focused on their food, this pursuit of mine is comparatively much loftier.” Wei Wei lazily grasped a strawberry and put it in her mouth, asked, “What kind of defense guard squad was that? I should gain a better understanding.”

Yuan Ming’s brows lifted up, perversely looked at her, “It would be useless even if you tried to know of them.”

“Why?” Wei Wei lightly smiled, “You don’t believe in my strength?”

Yuan Ming wagged his finger, “This has nothing to do with strength. These defense guard troops has always been very mysterious, they’re not controlled by anyone, to the extent of not having to obey the king’s command. Apart from recruiting amazing people with outstanding natural talents, they also regard an individual’s cultivation level as being important. No one in the Divine Continent knew who they were specifically, but every empire knew that those troops were hidden within White Academy. Maybe they could be the academy’s old janitors, or maybe they were weapons master teachers. Regardless, the people they selected all belonged to illustrious noble families in the capital. How about you? Based on what I know, how did that father of yours treat you?”

Wei Wei laughed in a low voice, turned her head around, a bit of light flashed in her eyes, “Yuan Ming, have you heard of a saying among us humans.”

“What?” Yuan Ming lifted his head.

Wei Wei directly declared an adage, “The river of fortune flows East. In ten years, the river may yet flow West. Don’t! Look down upon! Impoverished youths!”

These declarations seemed to cause all the glory to gather upon her body, her sleeves fluttering, shining bright throughout the skies!

Yuan Ming perceived that it seemed like all the blood within the body of the woman standing in front of him was heated up. He had no choice but to admit that maybe having been contracted to her wasn’t so bad. . . . .

At dusk, as a gentle wind stroked her face, Wei Wei, for the purpose of buying the things mentioned on the “admission notice”, popped strawberries into her mouth and left early.

She was a Miss who didn’t receive her family’s affection, even so, she’s doing well. At least, she was carrying on leisurely, without anyone bothering her.

Don’t know if it was because school was about to begin, all the fancy horse carriages were carrying young masters and misses to buy heaps of expensive long robes and tall hats, to the extent that many fabric shops closed to business due to a shortage of inventory. Wei Wei strolled for a long time without having made purchases to her satisfaction, so she decided to rest her feet. However, without waiting for her to reach Phoenix Inn, a horse carriage had stopped in front and blocked her . . . . . If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.