The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 21: Living Together And Sleeping Together

After the grand opening ceremony concluded, the assigning of the living quarters started. The compounds were separated based on their quality – superior, fine, good, and inferior.

And the assignment criteria were based on results of tests held at White Academy, the higher the talent to cultivate qi, the better the assigned quarters were, whereas those on the other end of the spectrum would remain in the worst ones.

So it wasn’t unexpected that Helian Wei Wei got assigned to the inferior quarters.

Yuan Ming said in a low voice, “These are the previous results, if the tests were retaken now, they would definitely regret tossing you into the Inferior Compound.”

“It doesn’t matter where we reside.” Wei Wei couldn’t care less and shrugged her shoulders. There will be another testing period in a month’s time anyway so she wasn’t impatient.

Helian Wei Wei wasn’t impatient, but someone was.

The Elder at White Academy had assigned living quarters for so many years, yet he had never run into this kind of situation.

Unexpectedly, there were two new students who did not have exam results! Even their surnames and places of birth were not indicated!

So how to assign them?!

The elder blew on his beard and turned to face his academy’s principal.

Tusu Feng’s refined disposition didn’t lessen in the least, “Elder Su, you can just randomly assign the two of them to a compound.”

[How could these things be done randomly!] The Elder became upset as he waved his hands around, “You guys just go to the compound for those with the lowest aptitude then.”

Nangong Lie:”……..”

[Damn! You said it wouldn’t be done randomly!]

Bang. . . . . .

Helian Wei Wei dumped the book bag she was carrying on her bed, raised her eyes and looked around the room belonging to her. Although it was a bit small, it had everything she would need and the quarters gave off a traditional feeling.

“This can be considered the second time I’ve lived in school.” Wei Wei devilishly laughed, not to mention there really was a student housing kind of feeling. The only difference was that the rooms at the University were for four people, while here there are single rooms.

After Wei Wei put all her belongings in order, she entered the Celestial Boundary Spatial Space. This time, she didn’t pick strawberries, instead, she fetched a long sword made of common silver. The edge of this sword emitted an indistinct cold energy and with one look, one could tell that it wasn’t an ordinary weapon.

“Isn’t this the armament you made last night?” Yuan Ming yawned as he asked, “Why did you take it out?”

Wei Wei didn’t reply. When she had passed by a courtyard just now, she had seen someone putting away a weapon. This really was a personalized teaching institution, as long as the student had the aptitude to fabricate weapons, they could use this to exchange with real silver money.

The she, in the future, wouldn’t she accidentally be able to dominate the world?

Thinking of this, Wei Wei curved her lips in a smile and said a little devilishly, “Exchange for money. . . . .”

The business plaza was incomparably prosperous as it wasn’t merely the White Academy’s auxiliary compound. On the contrary, it accommodated everything anyone could wish for; restaurants, tea houses, fine jade on every side, and, of course, it also included the academy’s dining hall.

To new students who had just enrolled, the business plaza appeared particularly lively, once in awhile, they could even see an upperclassman who entered a year ahead of them. The bustling scene encompassed every area of the plaza.

Therefore no one noticed when a seemingly dainty young lady carried a long sword and entered a popular and prosperous weapons shop. She didn’t say anything as she took the sword wrapped in black cloth and placed it on the wood table.

The store manager, who originally was doing calculations on an abacus was suddenly distracted. He lifted his head and took a look at the young girl, “Miss, did you come to sell armaments?”

“Hm hmm.” The young girl responded mildly and took off the weaved bamboo hat on her head. Who else could she be but Helian Wei Wei?

The manager furrowed his brows. Quite a few new students had visited the shop and all were those half-grown kids. Wanting a weapon that belonged to them was in their nature, but this girl actually came to sell a weapon. However one looked at it, this was improbable. He sighed. Let’s consider it as buying scrap iron . . . . . the manager thought to himself as he stretched out his hand to unroll the black cloth wrapped around the long sword…..

Soon, the manager’s eyes, which followed along the black cloth that was sliding down, gradually exhibited a look of disbelief, “This, this is! Heavens, this is the Soul of Ice!


The sword obviously emitted a coldness and in addition with the level of keenness of the edge, this clearly was a first-class Soul of Ice sword!

Although this Soul of Ice wasn’t at the peak level, it was, nevertheless, absolutely precious.

No small number of martial artists would desire this treasure!

“Miss, are you certain that you want to sell this Soul of Ice to me?” The manager urgently asked, he appearance was like one who was afraid Helian Wei Wei would regret the decision.

Wei Wei’s appraisal of weapons was originally not very accurate. Having noticed the manager’s expression, she raised the price she had anticipated in her mind by three times as her eyes remained composed, “Yes.”

“If this miss doesn’t take offense, may I ask further, from which master’s hand did this Soul of Ice sword originate from?” The manager was feeling pleased as he wound the black cloth back around the long sword.

Wei Wei was like soft wind and gentle clouds, playing with the money that was handed over to her as she replied, “I made it.”



The manager’s smile suddenly became stiff, as if he had heard some frightening news. Even the abacus in his hand dropped to the ground and, all of a sudden, he couldn’t remain calm anymore as his stunned eyes looked at Helian Wei Wei, “You, you just said this Soul of Ice sword was made by your own hands? No one helped you?”

“Mm hmm.” Having taken the silver, Helian Wei Wei didn’t linger. A single hand in the pocket of her cape and she got ready to leave.

Yet was held back by the manager, “Miss, please wait!”

Wei Wei raised her eyebrows and looked at the manager, “Is there something else?”

“Miss, I’ve noticed that you’re not bad at fabricating weapons, although the materials used are a little poor. Which master are you a disciple of?” The manager’s voice hinted at a slight inquiry. At the beginning, he really was amazed by the weapon this new student had brought. Yet, after thinking a bit, he realised she probably was some disciple from some random sect who wanted to show off their strength by taking out a Soul of Ice!

Wei Wei slanted her eyes downward, her eyes expressionless, “I don’t have a master.”

The manager stared vacantly.

Suddenly, he jumped up again, “Miss, please wait a bit first, wait a bit!”

Wei Wei let out a long sigh as she looked back. . . . .

The manager himself also felt that calling someone back three four times to pester them wasn’t good, however!

Look at what he has found, a martial armament genius!

This girl seemed to be no older than fifteen years old and had just entered the academy as a new student. Under the predicament of having no master to teach her, she could still unexpectedly make a first-class Soul of Ice sword!

This…..this simply was a ten years, no, was a miracle that one could only witness once in a hundred years!

He must immediately tell the emperor!

But the prerequisite was that, he absolutely could not let this girl leave like this!

“Miss, what do you think of this. We can be responsible of providing you with materials while you fabricate. Then we can recover the costs afterwards.” Once the manager finished talking, he shrewdly added a few more words, “Of course, regarding the compensation, we will not treat Miss unfairly.”

Wei Wei thought about it a bit. If the cost of investing in materials was reduced, the profit should consequently increase. And since she currently resided at the academy, it also wasn’t convenient to go down the mountain to buy materials. Therefore she might as well accept the manager’s proposal, “Sure.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.