The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 22: Forced Disciple

The steward saw Helian Wei Wei nod before he went, reassured, to the back courtyard.

In the study, the Armament Masters that the academy employed were discussing about which of the new students had great potential, wanting to call dibs on them first.

“Brothers, stop shouting, the Grandmaster hasn’t even said anything, and you’re all fighting for this, snatching away that. Is it effective?” Tu Tian shook his head and blew in his beard while sipping the hot tea from his teacup.

The Grandmaster leaned back slightly. “I haven’t yet seen anyone whom I’m satisfied with, so go on, continue!

“Actually… Grandmaster, what type of disciple do you want? I think this Helian Jiao Er is pretty good, she has already reached a peak cultivation at her young age.” Someone passed over a scroll over, pointing at the top to the Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster chuckled, not saying anything, not even opening his eyes. Obviously Helian Jiao Er wasn’t good enough in his eyes.

At that moment, an excited man’s low voice came from outside the door, “Grandmaster, the shopkeeper of the Business Plaza, Li Feng, requested to see you!”

“Li Feng?” The Grandmaster couldn’t think of anything that would make Li Feng come and find him, especially since the masters are currently having a discussion. No matter how important the issue was, he wouldn’t disturb them. This obviously wasn’t the usual Li Feng’s way, “You all stay here, I’ll go see what the problem is.”

The Grandmaster frowned while getting up, before he strolled out from the study.

When Li Feng saw him, his eyes sparkled and he walked up to greet him.

But the Grandmaster waved his hand,looking expressionlessly at him, “Coming to see me at this time, do you have something important to report?”

“Grandmaster, I just received a Soul of Ice sword!” Li Feng’s eyes were sparkling as he couldn’t do anything to control the excitement in his heart.

And yet, the Grandmaster disapprovingly glanced at him, “Just this little matter?” It was very normal to receive a Soul of Ice in the Business Plaza. After all, White Academy was not like the other schools, there was a lot of masters in the academy, especially Armament Masters. He wouldn’t even be exaggerating to say that all the great Armament Masters in the Dragon War Empire were all in this academy.

“N….no” Li Feng gulped, as if he was trying to find excuses, “That Soul of Ice…”

“Li Feng.” The Grandmaster can’t help but cut him off, ” The masters are all still in the study. They could all make a Soul of Ice, these types of weapon like the cold. Just put it where it should be. In the future you won’t have to tell me about these trivial matters.”

“But that sword wasn’t made by a master, but a new student!” Li Feng mumbled quietly, thinking that the other person wouldn’t hear him.

Surprisingly the Grandmaster who was just about to walk away, suddenly turned back, staring at him with astonishment, “What did you say?!”

“It happened like this. Just before a new student holding a Soul of Ice had walked in the Business Plaza. That girl is probably about fifteen years old, she still doesn’t have a master. This sword was completely made by her, even though the materials used were not of very high quality, but it’s really a great Soul of Ice.” Li Feng quickly told him.

The Grandmaster raised his head, his face full of disbelief.

How could it be?

Fifteen years old?

That young, without anyone instructing her, and she made a Soul of Ice?

Even a thirty years old Cultivator might not even able to do that, not to mention she used normal materials!

The Grandmaster seemed to have thought of something. He said impatiently: “Let me see the sword.”

“Yes.” Li Feng raised both of his hand, handing over the blade that was covered with a black cloth.

The Grandmaster ripped open the black cloth. He softly ran his finger over the blade when his eyes widened. He suddenly fell sitting on the hallway’s rocky step, his entire person full of shock, ” This blade is not a Soul of Ice, but a Silver Spirit!”

“Silver Spirit?” That was the first time Li Feng had ever heard of it, “What is that, Grandmaster, did I thought wrong? This blade isn’t actually good?”

“NO!!!” The Grandmaster took a deep breath, his eyes shining, “This blade is much more exquisite than a Soul of Ice. You probably know that when you take a Soul of Ice off its sheath, it could freeze a certain portion of your enemy’s movement. As for a Silver Spirit, it could freeze your opponents nerves, it’s effectiveness is at least ten times better than a Soul of Ice!”

Li Feng’s jaw dropped after hearing it, he did think that the girl was gifted, but he didn’t expect that she was that amazing!

With last time’s experience, the first thing the Grandmaster did after he regained his wits was to grip onto Li Feng’s collar as he asked, “Then the girl ? Where’s the girl? Did you ask her for her name?”

[Please don’t be like that foolish Tu Lao, forgetting to ask anything!]

Li Feng was stunned, “I, I forgot to ask for her name.”

“You! You guys! Ugh!” The Grandmaster was exasperated at Li Feng’s mistake.

Li Feng saw his disappointed face and told him quickly, ” However the girl hasn’t left yet. I thought that she wasn’t an ordinary talented girl, so I kept her at the Business Plaza. If Grandmaster wants to meet her, you could…..”

Without waiting for Li Feng to finish, the elder in front of him quickly turned, his long-sleeves fluttering as he ran straight towards the Business Plaza. Nobody could tell he was over a hundred years old with his speed, being a person of virtue and fame…


Helian Wei Wei who was sipping tea raised her eyes when the sound of the door being kicked open reached her.

In front of the door stood an elderly man wearing a white gown. With the warm sunlight shining upon him and his ashy grey hair, his entrance was as if filled with celestial air. However the aura was quickly dimed when he began to speak. “You’re the girl who made the Silver Spirit sword?”

“If the Silver Spirit that you’re speaking of is that blade, then yes, I made it.” Helian Wei Wei calmly put down the tea cup, her expression calm and serene.

The Grandmaster’s eyes sparkled as he walked over to her before he holded her hand, ” Future Master has finally found you!”

Future Master? Found you?

Helian Wei Wei stared at the elder’s actions, her mouth twitching.

“Haha, Woman, when did you have such a passionate master?” Yuan Ming teasingly said.

Helian Wei Wei held her head, she also wanted to know from where this old funny guy had come from.

“Grandpa, I think you’re mistaken, I don’t have a master.” Saying this, Helian Wei Wei wanted to quickly get her hand back…

Helpless, the Grandmaster persisted, “No, I’m not wrong, Future Master is sure that you’re the person Future Master was waiting for!”

“Woman, are you sure that this old man isn’t trying to take advantage of you?” Yuan Ming was without doubt one who loved to provoke war, always hoping to have a good fight. Even though bullying the elderly was a bit mean, this elder here was clearly looking for a fight, immediately rushing up to touch her hands!

Helian Wei Wei felt really flustered. She sometimes wanted to crack open Yuan Ming’s head and see what strange things were inside. It was always either about women or wanting to have a fight. What was even more hilarious was that every night he would always feel very narcissistic of himself, thinking that she had fallen in love with him… If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.