The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 23: Number One Handsome Man

She wanted to ask if the White Academy had teachers who specialized in Psychology, because she wanted to see if her pet really wasn’t sick in his head!

“Woman, you’re looking at me like that again! And you still dare say that you have no weird thoughts about me! Humph, just give up, this deity will never fall in love with a human!” Yuan Ming said with a red face, giving off an elegant aura.

Helian Wei Wei “……..”

“Disciple? What’s wrong Disciple?” The Grandmaster couldn’t hear what Yuan Ming was saying. Naturally he wouldn’t understand why, during the short time he was here, the girl would sigh and ruffle her hair, looking very depressed.

Helian Wei Wei coldly pushed his hand off, getting up from the wooden chair, ” Let me tell you again. I don’t have a Master, you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

“Wait!” As if realizing that his ways were a bit extreme, the Grandmaster was afraid that this talented apprentice would run away. He slowly changed his tone, with the might of a profound elder, “Young girl, don’t be afraid. I just want to talk with you about armaments. That’s all.”

Helian Wei Wei, hearing the subject was about business, halted her steps.” What did you want to talk about?”

“How many armaments have you made?” The Grandmaster smiled like a cunning fox, thinking that this girl was pretty good, neither obsequious nor supercilious. And above all, really polite.

Helian Wei Wei indifferently replied “Two.”

“Two?” She had only made two weapons before making a Silver Spirit?

Helian Wei Wei calmly nodded, and continued, “The first one was made at the Phoenix Loft. There seemed to be an Armament Master Assembly or something, so I went try it out.”

“Assembly? Are you talking about the assembly that Tu Lao arranged?” The Grandmaster couldn’t sit still anymore as he felt his heart tremble. In this world, were there coincidence like this?

The Grandmaster hastily asked “What did you make at the assembly?”

“It wasn’t a sword.” Helian Wei Wei sipped her tea again and said leisurely ” It was a whip, I made a long whip.”

The elder instantly stood up with a swoosh, this time he couldn’t contain his excitement anymore. Clenching his fists, he said. “That wasn’t a long whip, it was a Nine Tunes Silver Snake! Young girl, did you know that we have searched the entire city for you! Hahaha, I still can’t believe that you came to the academy. Wait, that’s not right, with your talent you should join the White Academy! Yup! Since I met you earlier than Tu Lao, this old one have to make you my apprentice and let that arrogant brat see that there’s another genius other than him!”

Helian Wei Wei didn’t say anything during the whole rant, her face expressionless. However, when the Grandmaster finished his last sentence, she smirked. ” I don’t accept.”

Lazily saying those three words, the girl hadn’t shown any hesitation nor concern. This stunned Li Feng who had just walked in.

He must have heard it wrong, someone actually dared to reject the Grandmaster?

Does this young girl know who the elder standing in front of her was?

Several aristocratic families in the Capital had wanted to join the Grandmaster’s tutelage. But they were all rejected by him.

And now, the Grandmaster had finally found someone he wanted as a disciple with great difficulty and what did she do? She unexpectedly said no!

“Why won’t you accept?” The Grandmaster was also shocked that the girl had rejected him as his wrinkled face became red, his demeanor also showed that he was offended.

With one of her hand supporting her chin, Helian Wei Wei casually said, “From what Grandpa just said, you seem to want to take another person as your disciple, but he rejected you right?”

“Yes.” He didn’t plan on hiding anything from her.

Li Feng was astonished. Someone had rejected the Grandmaster before? Who? How come he didn’t know about it?

Helian Wei Wei put the money away and smiled casually. ” I, Helian Wei Wei, won’t ever become someone’s replacement.”

Helian Wei Wei? Why did this name seem so familiar? Li Feng frowned, glancing at the young girl before him.

The Grandmaster felt anxious now and said very sincerely,” No, young girl, you’re mistaken. This Old One did not see you as a replacement. This Old One really wants to accept you as my apprentice from the bottom of my heart, my one and only apprentice for the rest of my life!”

Helian Wei Wei stopped, her eyes glimmering. Maybe she should have a Master, this wasn’t the modern era after all, having more friends was much better than having more enemies. Moreover with him instructing her, it would take less detours making armaments.

“Okay, but you still have to pay me the armaments that I send here.”

When the Grandmaster heard ‘Okay’, he was so happy he could fly. He could care less about money, laughing loudly while stroking his beard, ” Sure, sure,sure! If my apprentice want something, Master will definitely give it to you!”

Hearing his statement, this old man’s position must be high. Helian Wei Wei smiled, not pondering too much about it.

However, Li Feng who was standing by the side, suddenly jumped up, staring startled at Helian Wei Wei. “AH! I remember who you are! You’re the one who just got her marriage annulled by the Murong family, that tr…”

He really couldn’t say the word ‘trash’.

Because he saw it himself that she had made the Silver Spirit!

That kind of armament that can make anyone’s heart tremble. Moreover, with all his days dealing with armament weapons, yet even he couldn’t help but admire her!

Who would’ve thought, that the Miss who was hated by all in the Capital, was an unmatched Armament Genius!

Could it be that throughout all these years, she was always hiding her ability?

Only, he didn’t know if the Murong Family knew about this, would they regret endlessly from withdrawing from the marriage.

Actually this annulment of the marriage wasn’t a secret, moreover it was spread out really noisily.

When the two babies got engaged, the General’s residence was still controlled by the Helian Old Master. However, since he has passed away, the Helian Family was done for. Plus this young girl who didn’t have an ounce of Qi, the Murong Mansion started to complain, forgetting the kindness that was given to them by Helian’s Old Master. Everything in their heads at all times of the day were about how to turn this marriage down.

And now, they finally got want they wanted. But they will never know, what they’ve missed!

Li Feng shook his head, sighing, thinking that the affairs of the world were really not set in stone, nothing was certain.

The Grandmaster coldly humphed, “Murong? Isn’t that the disciple Tu Lao accepted? His behavior is not good, he’s not even handsome, he can’t compare with my disciple! Dare to cancel his marriage with her? Humph, men like him, she wouldn’t want even if they were given to her!”

Li Feng raised his head, “Grandmaster, I’ve heard the Murong Young Master was ranked third as the most handsome man in the whole city. Since he withdrew from the marriage, several Young Misses from aristocratic families have sent proposals to the Murong’s Residence, all wanting to marry him.”

The Grandmaster humphed angrily in his beard when suddenly, his eyes sparkled. He said proudly, ” It’s just the third place! Dear Disciple, later on, Master will introduce the number one most handsome man in the city to you, a hundred times better than that Murong Young Master!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.