The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 27: His Highness Attacked

“It was really her!” Nangong Lie laughed while rubbing his chin. He turned and looked at Baili Jia Jue’s reclining figure and meaningfully said, “From now on, you surely won’t forgive her. However, your situation at the academy right now is not great. Those lads living at the Superior Compound see you as a thorn in their eyes.”

“They can think whatever they want.” Faced with this provocative news, Baili Jia Jue only coldly said a few words to Nangong Lie. His fingers slightly curled, like he thought of something. His pair of eyes quickly changed to become incomparably deep.

That ‘little thing’, contrary to expectations, was not as he imagined.

That kind of tenderness, that kind of softness, unexpectedly made him feel an excitement that he’d never experienced before…..

Nangong Lie knew that he had never placed those lads in his eyes. From the moment he’d started to know that guy, he’d already known that he’s even more wildly arrogant than what his outward appearance portrayed.

As long as Baili Jia Jue wanted, the entire government would bring him clouds and rain to place in the palm of his hand…..

Let alone those few young lords from influential families who’d just entered the academy. If only those new students would open their eyes to look closely at what kind of man he really was. They absolutely must not stupidly turn and bump into his lips!

Of course, if someone didn’t have eyes and bumped into them, he’d also love to see and hear about it.

Nangong Lie turned a little on the bed. He placed his hands behind his head and dissolutely laughed.

Like, for example, a ‘little kitten’ who wasn’t afraid of death, hee hee.

He’s really looking forward to it, this glorious life in the academy…..

On the second day, the first rays of morning sun brushed upon the face as willows formed the shade. All of the young misses who needed to wake up early to start the first class gave orders to their maids. Draw water, wash their faces. Draw water, wash their faces.

“Hey, have you guys heard?”


“Allegedly, last night, a female sexual predator entered the men’s bathing complex and almost forced herself upon a young lord?”

Helian Wei Wei was in the middle of raising her head to gargle. After hearing these words, she choked.

“Cough, cough cough!”

When did she ever almost force herself upon him?

He was clearly the one who got fresh with her, alright?

“Don’t know how that woman had the gall, too frightening!”

Helian Wei Wei : “…”

Actually, what’s frightening were those guys who congregated around them over the excitement. Everyone was saying it was a female sexual predator.

“In addition, I heard that the woman was big and tall, and ought to be tough and stocky, having a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist, ahhh!”

Helian Wei Wei: “…..” She shouldn’t be considered stocky, right?

“Then after that, what happened afterwards?”

“Afterwards, that young lord screamed loudly ‘molested’ which scared the girl off. This really is so thrilling!”

“Pffffft!” Wei Wei honestly couldn’t hold it in anymore. She pictured that guy wrapping his hands to cover his chest and laughed until both shoulders started to tremble. Mm hmm, this indeed was very riveting!

The servants and their masters alike looked at each other. In fact, they didn’t know what this person could be laughing at and only assumed that she was excited.

Even though she was similarly a young miss from the Defense Division, her younger sister had entered the enviable “Superior Compound”, while she herself stayed at the “Inferior Compound”.

Those girls didn’t care about being assigned here. After all, it was expected because of their birth origins. Also because they only recently entered White Academy, they were prepared early on in their hearts to live within the ‘Inferior Compound’.

At White Academy, there was definitely no shortage of ranking officials’ sons and rich families’ daughters. Any random person could be some ninth ranked provincial commander’s son or a royal tutor at the capital’s daughter.

People like them who came from distant small villages were only regarded as a bunch of “common people” by those privileged people.

On the other hand, this Helian Family’s Oldest Young Miss clearly belonged to the lineage of one of the four great clans, yet had fallen down to the same level as them.

Looked like those rumours were not false, she really must be a good-for-nothing without a shred of Qi.


The ancient wood forcefully started to strike at the metal bell suspended in the middle of the courtyard. That deep and profound sound reminded all the students that the new class was about to start.

At White Academy, a huge hall that was constructed within every courtyard. The floors of the halls were laid with ancient wooden planks and incense were lighted within. There was the feel of tradition everywhere.

When Helian Wei Wei arrived at the hall, it was already filled with people sitting inside. Her eyes lifted and looked into the distance. The disorderly group of students were as noisy as middle schoolers starting school in the 21st century.

Unlike other people, she chose a seat towards the very back. That seat was the best. It had good natural lighting shining upon her body, and was great for sleeping, as well as very suitable for her to secretly slip into the Celestial Boundary Space to cultivate. She used one hand to prop up her cheek while her elbow rested on the desk top. She sat on a thick piled area rug and was feeling rather comfortable and enjoying herself.

Except that this enjoyment didn’t last for very long, because she had barely sat down when the sound of laughter arrived by her ear. Words can’t express the arrogance that that laugh contained, which seemed to convey that just by speaking, it was already doing her such a big favor.

“I even thought that I was mistaken just now. Couldn’t believe that it’s really that love struck good-for-nothing who pestered my cousin and won’t let go. Hey guys, look at how she looks, so poor that she isn’t even able to afford to buy a coat, ha ha ha!”

His jeers very quickly drew the attention of people from all sides.

Wei Wei’s eyes closed for a moment, then extended her hand to clean out her own ears, as carefree as can be. It seemed like whatever the other person said wasn’t related to her at all.

It’s precisely her attitude of not being bothered in the least which made him even angrier!

To think that as the dignified son of the governor of the Eastern Mountain Province, no matter where he went, everyone would fawn over him. Yet this good-for-nothing unexpectedly looked down on him like this, not even sparing him a glance.

Zhang Shi Jie immediately stopped smiling. His face was sullen as a right palm struck at the low desk Wei Wei was leaning on, and left a hand print on top of it. That handprint’s form was very special. A layer of fine dust floated around it.

The new students heavily let out a mouthful of air and quietly commented, “It’s someone from the Clear Void Sect!”

“That hand print looked like it should be their sect’s exclusive martial skill, Dragon Descent Claw! Look how powerful it is! If this kind of palm landed on someone’s body, it would definitely cause severe wounds, if not death.”

When hearing the three words Dragon Descent Claw, Wei Wei’s eyes narrowed. She studied the jerk in front of her for a bit. Seemed like he was the one who executed this martial technique. She suddenly realized that she had almost forgotten this scum.

The Zhang family’s social standing had declined for generations, so their current generation didn’t receive her Grandfather’s favor.

Not even waiting until her mother’s burial, this Zhang Shi Jie and her biological father defected at the critical time and joined the Su family’s side. Then they even turned around to bite her mother, spreading lies that she was not tolerant and that she harassed the concubine in every way. Her mother was upset. However, she passed away very early on without being able to do anything…..

Who could have imagined, a little boy at the mere age of eight, could tell lies almost more poisonous than poison itself.

While all the people in the capital ridiculed her mother, he was delightedly accepting rewards from the Su family. He was malicious to the extent that once, when she wasn’t careful and merely bumped into him, he kicked her, then used Dragon Descent Claw to attack her back.

And the matter of Murong Chang Feng and Helian Jiao Er seeing each other this time, was also due to him pulling them together.

Huuu, really is a twenty year old professional pimp.

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