The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 29: Caught Her

All the people who were present were looking unbelievably at this scene, their facial expressions were phenomenally brilliant.

A second later, as if they had found their breath once again, their eyes were filled with unspeakable astonishment.

“Dammit, my leg!” Zhang Shi Jie cried from the pain, rolling around on the floor. His arm reached out, wanting someone to lift him up.

Yet none of them dared to move, because the other devilish man had his hands on their shoulders, casually smiling, ” Come, tell this big brother where the person who has beaten you guys to a pulp is?”

The nobles cried out in their hearts [When did they get beaten to a pulp?! Well…they were really almost beaten to a pulp.]

After that, numerous complaints and groans filled the air.

Nangong Lie squinted his fox-like eyes, ” She actually hid in the Hall.” The moment the words fell, he turned towards a distant shadow standing on the lawn and shouted, “Hey, Ah Jue, why don’t we go to class and see.”

“Not going.” The silhouette closed his eyes, the first glimmer of dawn shining upon his thin lips, as if covered by a layer of iced diamonds. This made his already flawless features to dazzle brighter than the sun.

Nangong Lie continued to shout, “Think through it first, the little kitten might be there.”

The silhouette raised his hand and took the manuscript that was covering his face off. His nail glittering as he played with the exquisite ornamental ring on his thumb, his unrestrained and evil lips slowly lifted up to form a smile that made people tremble in fear.

At this moment, Helian Wei Wei who was laying on a low table in the Hall, was hiding from the Grandmaster who had just walked in. Stuffing some strawberries into her mouth and to make sure she absorbed all the nutrition from the strawberries, she fell asleep in a daze.

In any case, from experience and normally, the first day of school wouldn’t be about any important themes, probably only self-introductions. It wouldn’t matter if she skipped it.

Helian Wei Wei was right. Wearing his old robe, his hand holding a ruler, the Master introduced himself. However, before he could finish, he frowned and said, ” Silence, our courtyard will be welcoming two new students temporarily.” While continuing, he looked over to the door, his eyes filled with elderly annoyance, “Come in.”

The moment the long statures walked in, it was as if all the air had been snatched away by them. Such peerless elegance clad in a jade coloured robe and a white shirt, with jet black hair like the smoothest silk, rebelling against orthodoxy and yet extremely luxurious.

Suddenly, everyone thought of the same sentence.

Features beautiful as jade, peerless in the world!

“It’s those two nobles!”

“Having features that handsome, up close they’re even more attractive!”

The ladies’ gazes got even more heated at the two silhouettes walking in, so passionate that it made the teacher up front so angry his face was turning green.

“Silence, silence!” Silver haired and white bearded, with one of his hands behind his back and his other one slamming the ruler against his table, the teacher blowed at his beard and his eyes sent warning glances across the room.

Nangong Lie seemed to be used to all the stares as his elegant eyes scanned over the whole Ancestral Hall. When his eyes meet the ladies’, he winked and all the ladies shyly looked down, the tips of their ears red and their palm sweating, wanting to look up but not daring to.

As for Baili Jia Jue, he was very calm and unmoved, his fingers playing with his thumb ring. His heated gaze finally stopped at the Hall’s most hidden corner.

His eyes showed no interest, almost colourless, like a beautiful yet penetrating and ice-cold sharp black gem, making people’s heart tremble in fear.

This kind of Baili Jia Jue fitted the description from old stories of demonic princes ; elegant, cold, charming and arrogant.

Naturally, Helian Wei Wei had heard the commotion, but because she was sleepy, she didn’t bother to open her eyes. No matter who came anyway, it wouldn’t concern her. However, she somehow felt chills running through her back.


It was probably due to the posture.

She’ll just have to change to a different posture.

Helian Wei Wei put the book up and, feeling much better, she continued to sleep!

“Alright, you two can go sit at the back first, we’ll change seats another day.” The teacher finally calmed down the excited atmosphere in the room and told them, frowning. The truth was that he didn’t actually want to take care of the new students of this Institute. The worst students in the entire White Academy were all gathered here. If the principal hadn’t said that he ( the principal ) would be the courtyard’s Headmaster and hadn’t given him the title of Vice-Headmaster, he wouldn’t even step a foot in here even if it killed him.

Until now, he still couldn’t understand why the principal had agreed to become this courtyard’s Headmaster?

Was it because it was so bad that no one wanted it so the principal took the position?

The teacher was right. Tusu Feng became the Headmaster because the condition here was so bad no one wanted to take over.

However, there was another reason, and no one would be able to guess it.

And that’s because the moment these two people walked into the inferior courtyard, no matter what it was – be it status or ability- they were both extraordinary compared to normal young people!

“No need to change, sitting at the back is perfect.” Baili Jia Jue slowly said, his low baritone emitting a mysterious fantasy.

The teacher didn’t know about the grudge between him and Helian Wei Wei and he also didn’t know that his arrangement played perfectly in Baili Jia Jue’s favor. He only acted as a good kid and nodded contently.

Finally Helian Wei Wei was aware something was wrong as she frowned. She suddenly heard a licentious and evil-filled charming voice from behind her, “Ah Jue, this little kitten is odd. Even though there’s no Qi in her body, she was able to take down numerous rank three cultivators in a blink of an eye. No wonder you always suffer by her…”

“Shut up.”

Two simple words, with no emotion.

Yet his deep and icy timbre was like a bucket of cold water, making Helian Wei Wei feel a chill from her ears to the tip of her toes and back again until even her scalp felt numb and her back all tense.

Her sharp instincts were telling her not to turn around, to never turn around. But a human’s natural reaction couldn’t be avoided and before she knew it, her gaze was already turning toward where the voice originated from….

The unconventional and unruly man before her only stood there, the corners of his lips forming a teasing smile as if he was looking at a small animal.

As for the man who was said to had been taken advantage of by her, he was wearing clothes today. A white fur coat was thrown on his slender body, making his features even more attractive, like a celestial being from ancient times. Behind his cold asceticism, he emitted a suffocating aura as his lips slowly curved into a smirk. With a glance, you could tell that this man possessed evil traits. Just his devilish smile could make a crowd of young girls’ hearts beat faster – like a deer thumping around, like a moth flying towards fire – pure and reckless.

Circled by these two men before and behind her with no space in between, Helian Wei Wei obviously didn’t think that this was just a coincidence.

They had clearly come to block her. The unfavorable situation oddly made her heart tremble like a winter storm. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.