The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 3: Mysterious Man


Another crisp slap resounded.

Helian Wei Wei’s clothes blew in the wind, she pursed her lips, and called out in an icy tone: “Younger sister”.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, this had all happened so quickly that they couldn’t react, and they weren’t sure who exactly she was addressing.

Helian Wei Wei lightly smiled at Helian Mei’s confused expression, as she gently blew on her fingertips, smilingly opening her mouth and said, “Perhaps my dear Younger Sister can go and ask around, in this city which concubine’s daughter actually has the audacity to talk back to the main wife’s Eldest Daughter? If you don’t want your life, you can just tell me!”

“You! How can you qualify yourself as the Eldest Daughter, you’re just cheap trash!” Helian Mei clenched her teeth, obviously not convinced, “You……ughhh”

Helian Wei Wei suddenly turned around, and her left hand had swiftly grasped Helian Mei’s delicate neck, a dangerous glint in her eyes seemed to have been ignited as she looked at her.

“It seems that you don’t want to be able to speak again!” Helian Wei Wei sneered, her tousled damp hair framed her exquisite face and she was like a demoness that had just emerged from the depths of the ocean, and an icy cold aura that could freeze everybody around her.

With Helian Wei Wei’s intense gaze, no one dared to step forward, they couldn’t help but feel afraid from the bottom of their hearts.

That kind of chill they felt tingling down their backs were as if hell had frozen over, and anytime they too, could be frozen to death.

Helian Jiao Er was was watching everything from a bit further away and her expression sank.

What had happened to this waste?!

They were actually threatened by a girl who had no cultivation? And she had the cheek to prattle on some nonsense?!

However before she could retort, she heard a low and dignified voice from behind sternly asking: “What is all this?!”

Everybody looked at the person who said the words, he was the head of the family, Helian Guang Yao.

He wasn’t alone, behind him were a few other noble sons from distinguished families.

Within them, even the person who had just annulled their wedding engagement, Murong Chang Feng was there. He was wearing a dark blue fur coat, a handsome face that was clean and notable. Especially those phoenix eyes, they were like an ancient ink stone, deep and stoic, people couldn’t pull their eyes away from him!

Helian Wei Wei glance swept by all the ladies and saw that they were simply staring at him with infatuated gazes, with a slight tinge of blush. She started to take a good look at the man standing before her and realized why the previous Wei Wei was so obsessed with him. This man had the looks, no wonder, this man could make almost any girl go crazy for him without doing anything.

Only, she could see that what he held for her was utter contempt and disdain. This could all be seen with a simple gaze from him.

A man was watching all of this a distance away as he sat by the river bank, leisurely sipping his tea. His robe was casually draped over, with his eyebrows raised in interest, as he slowly put down his priceless blue and white bone china tea cup. Beneath his silver mask, he eluded an oppressive aura that would make anyone want to surrender. He was watching the whole scene unfold as he brushed his robe lightly. His calm and carefree demeanor revealed a glint of lazy charm, his lips curved up into an enigmatic smile,while his eyes reflected a hint of mirth in them.

On the other side, Helian Mei’s face had started to swell and she angrily glared at Helian Wei Wei.

Helian Jiao Er looked at Helian Wei Wei, with reddish eyes, tears at the tip of her lashes.

Helian Guang Yao’s favorite daughter was Helian Jiao Er. Seeing her wronged, he got really angry, and he flourished his large sleeves towards Helian Wei Wei with obvious disgust and said, “What exactly is going on?”

“Father.” Helian Mei called out in an aggrieved tone while clutching her face. She then angrily said, “Second Sister lost her jade and just now the only other person there was Eldest Sister. It’s obvious that the jade was taken by her but she still denied it and even hit me!”

Helian Jiao Er put on an aggrieved expression and gently tugged on Helian Mei’s sleeves. She shook her head and said, “Third sister don’t say anymore. It’s just a piece of jade, if Eldest Sister likes it that much, then just give it to her. It’s just that I’ll be letting Father down as that the piece of jade was the one father had painstakingly got from the Western Region. I usually can’t bear to wear it on normal days and I only wear it on special occasions. I’ll have to trouble Eldest Sister to take extra care of it, from time to time, please wipe it with down with spring water. As for your face, when we go back, let me put on some ointment on it. Don’t disturb Eldest Sister any further…we don’t have the right to..”

The more she said, the angrier Helian Guang Yao got. For so many years he had been tolerating Helian Wei Wei’s antics and whims.

To Helian Guang Yao, Helian Wei Wei was a black mark in his life that he was ashamed of.

It is because of this waste’s existence that he was constantly reminded that he isn’t the true heir and that he was just the ‘Son-in-law’ that married into the Helian Family.

And now she actually dared to bother his beloved daughter!

Today, if he didn’t put Helian Wei Wei in her place he would not be able to suppress the insurmountable anger that dwelled within.

Helian Guan Yao raised his whip and sh it towards Helian Wei Wei!

Helian Wei Wei’s eyes narrowed and she swiftly kicked the whip aside.

Helian Guang Yao was surprised, he didn’t think that his eldest daughter who was trash could make such moves.

“Helian Wei Wei! You…..! Hmph! You even dare to be disobedient to father!”

Helian Wei Wei laughed, “I don’t want to be beaten for no reason, how is that disobedience?”

“Eldest Sister, even up till now you haven’t given up?” Helian Mei rushed over, her eyes open wide, “Second Sister have already seen that you have something shiny on you!”

Helian Wei Wei’s thin lips curled up into a sneer: “You mean to say that anything that’s shiny is jade? Then why don’t you say that all that glitters is gold? Then I’m sure the unique lustre of gaudy riches exuding so explosively from your entire being must be so irresistibly charming to all!”


The ladies surrounding them couldn’t help but laugh out.

Helian Mei has always liked to wear gold and silver, before they just thought that she dressed up brightly but now that they took another look, it was really a bit too heavy and garish for their taste.

“Eldest Sister… don’t bully Third sister any further” Helian Jiao Er looked up innocently, her beautiful face showing pity. “A family in harmony will prosper, next time if you see anything you like, just tell me, there’s no need to make father so angry.”

When he heard this, Helian Guang Yao held the whip even tighter and angrily said, “Enough! Helian Wei Wei, if you aren’t going to own up, then get out! As one of the esteemed protectors of our kingdom , we cannot tolerate any thieves!”

“Hmmm, get out?” Helian Wei Wei’s raised her eyebrows and smiled chillingly. “I shouldn’t need to mention it, but all of you seem to have forgotten that I, Helian Wei Wei, am the real successor of the Helian Family, and you are merely the Son-in-law that married in!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.