The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 32: Signing up for Martial Qi

“What?” Nangong Lie curved his thin lips up and turned to glance at the guy by his side. The way he talked hinted that he was gloating over someone’s misfortune, “Indeed it’s a love that’s deep and long lasting.”

Baili Jia Jue’s hand that was holding the teacup simply paused, the water in the tea cup indistinctly swirled into layers upon layers …..

In the distance, the so called boyfriend in their discussion, Murong Chang Feng, was just recommending Helian Jiao Er to several masters. Right now, seeing the masters’ pensive gazes turn to look over at him, he merely felt a burst of embarrassment.

Upon seeing this, Helian Jiao Er blinked her beautiful and tearful eyes, “Lord, don’t blame Older Sister. Her Qi was lacking and her heart was also anxious. That’s why she thought of a strategy like this. I’m afraid she’s just thinking of making use of Lord’s glory.”

“A good-for-nothing is still good-for-nothing after all.” Murong Chang Feng said emotionlessly, as if he was just stating a fact.

However, he totally didn’t notice that Grandmaster, who was sitting at the seat of honor, was fiercely furrowing his brows, trying really hard to hold down his anger…..


This bunch of brats who didn’t have their eyes opened dared to call his dear disciple names like good-for-nothing!

If she was a good-for-nothing then all of them were dirt that can’t even compare with a good- for-nothing.

“Grandmaster, this is the one I previously talked to you about, my official disciple. Come, come, Chang Feng, hurry and come meet Grandmaster.”

Murong Chang Feng was overjoyed at heart and was just about to step forward and say his greeting.

Grandmaster coldly interrupted him, “I am unable to accept Lord Murong’s complements. That year, didn’t the Helian family collapse exactly because of these flatteries. Let’s just forget about this old man here.”

Everybody was stunned and really could not understand how Grandmaster, who seemed fine just a moment ago, now had a temper which flared up without any reason.

In addition, even the Helian family was mentioned?

Murong Chang Feng’s smiled a bit stiffly at the corners of his mouth. Considering that he’s the heir of the prestigious Prince’s Palace, when did he ever receive such treatment? However, he knew that the person in front of him wasn’t just anyone. Rather, he held the prestigious reputation of the Grand Advisor, Grandmaster.

This old man’s temper was even more unpredictable than his own master’s. It’d be very difficult to curry his favor!

Helian Jiao Er wholeheartedly wanted to help Murong Chang Feng out of his predicament. In a melodious voice, she opened her mouth, “Grandmaster mentioned the Helian family, do you actually know of father?”

“Of course I know.” Grandmaster leisurely stroked his white beard.

Helian Jiao Er laughed and thought of using this to establish a connection.

However, what she heard was the Grandmaster say in a cold tone: “He was married into a grand family, yet wasn’t satisfied with his lot, bringing an outsider into the family. A perfect example of repaying kindness with enmity and ignoring righteousness, how can I not know of him.”

After the words spilled out, Grandmaster stood up, flicked his sleeve, and left.

Even though that disciple of his had never said anything, he, Grandmaster, hadn’t become old and senile.

Both of them clearly were daughters of the Helian family, yet one’s life was pampered and comfortable, whereas the other one had to earn her own money to pay for tuition.

What Helian Guang Yao’s character was like, could be deduced clearly by this one matter.

“However, I’m thankful for their ruthlessness. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have run into my dear disciple so quickly. As for that Murong Chang Feng, my disciple most likely has already seen through his nature and knows that this kind of guy is no good!”

Having thought this way, Grandmaster more or less felt a bit more comfortable.

Actually, his disciple was a heaven gifted rare genius, a young man who could match up to her must also be exceptional and without equal in the world.

“Oh yeah! Not long ago, didn’t Retired Emperor say that he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to find a wife for that little stinker who only knows to lie all day within Ghost Palace? Maybe he can have disciple go try out…..” While Grandmaster was mumbling and talking aloud to himself, he was also secretly pondering. Speaking of which, that little stinker should’ve already entered the academy, how come it’s already been two days, yet he still hadn’t seen him within the Superior Compound? Could it be that he hadn’t entered the academy?

No, not possible! That little stinker considered everyone to be beneath him, but he still listened to Retired Emperor’s words, more or less.

Moreover, at the time he was asked to enter the academy again, his face was emotionless and he said indifferently, “Anyway, it’s nothing but a change of place to sleep.” Right. He shouldn’t have not arrived.

Then where in the world could he be now?….

“No test result?” On the scroll in the teacher’s hand was a page that was entirely blank. He raised his head and looked at the tall shadow in front of him, his eyebrows furrowed, “You’ve never been tested even once before?”

“Mm hm.” Baili Jia Jue casually replied offhandedly. Light and shadow broke through the tree branches and rested on his face. The first rays of morning sun which shone upon his bright and clean chin highlighted his arrogantly handsome looks even more.

The teacher really hated to see these new students from the Inferior Compound. He waved him away. Since it’s like this, go first to where the crystal sphere is and get tested, then decide what you want to specialize in.”

“No need.” Baili Jia Jue’s tone was coldly emotionless. Not a shred of feeling could be heard within it, “I choose Martial Qi.”

Yet another person from the Inferior Compound who wanted to specialize in Martial Qi!

The teacher, whose heart was definitely already on the verge of having a stroke, grasped the brush pen in his hand, the color on his face turned green as he deeply howled, “Next one!”

The next one was Nangong Lie.

“Don’t say anything. You also want to choose Martial Qi, right?”

Nangong Lie devilishly waved his fingers.

The teacher thought he finally found an easy and straightforward case, and was already going to put a checkmark in the box for pill refining.

When he heard someone laughed dandily, “I want to choose divination. Allegedly, there are a lot of girls there.”

Teacher: …..

Did you come to study, or to chase after girls!

No matter what, within the compound with the worst aptitude, unexpectedly, two people indulged in fantasies and announced Martial Qi, while the other one was even weirder, choosing Divination.

One has to know that in the Dragon War Empire, Divination Masters and Martial Cultivation Masters were the same, awfully skilled at nitpicking. Not just anybody can handle it. Is this guy sure he’s gonna be alright?

Even saying that he chose divination merely for the sake of acting cool. Enough of these people from the Inferior Compound!

“This year’s new students truly are a mix between good and bad.” While writing records, the teacher’s head was shaking back and forth. Don’t say that he held anything against the Inferior Compound’s new students. It’s just that their foundation was too poor. At test time, they won’t be given any chance to shrink back whatsoever.

Another teacher avoided them and curled his lips, “Maybe this is the difference between the Inferior Compound and Superior Compound. Some people simply don’t know how high sky or how profound the land is, so they’re way too arrogant. It’s not the same in the Superior Compound. My God, you don’t know how surprisingly high Helian Jiao Er’s Qi has. In regards to the academy, can be considered an unexpected blessing. Heh, no wonder the Principal looks so happy lately.”

Unlike those three people from the Inferior Compound who simply were too arrogant. Maybe we won’t need to wait until one month later. Tomorrow’s confirmation…..

The sooner they get tested, the sooner they’ll be taken down. The result should already be very clear, these three people simply won’t get far… If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.