The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 40: His Highness’ Musings

But the extremely composed Helian Wei Wei simply smiled, neither conceited nor rash.

This allowed the anxious old man to be placated.

He believed that his disciple absolutely would not be so ignoble.

That poisonous bee must have appeared because of another reason.

What’s laughable was that those colleagues of his, themselves teachers who instructed others, unexpectedly, because his disciple came from the Inferior Compound, also made slanderous accusations against her!

As if she’d perceived the old man’s wrath, Wei Wei’s lips curved into a smile. Ah, it looked like her own master still had a lot of confidence in her.

No matter what, she couldn’t let this old man down, could she?

“Everyone said this poisonous bee had been released by me. Why not tell us who raised this poisonous bee?”

Wei Wei, who hadn’t opened her mouth all along, started talking, her tone was so cold, it was difficult for people to ignore.

Staying out of sight in a dark place, Baili Jia Jue raised his eyebrows a bit balefully and gazed in Wei Wei’s direction, his eyes were filled with contemplation.

Everybody was having trouble understanding. Let’s forget that she didn’t say anything to exonerate herself. Why would she even ask something so meaningless?

Yet, the instant Wei Wei uttered those words, the one who was the chief culprit thoroughly became numb all over!

It couldn’t be!

That slut couldn’t possibly know of that method!

“Since everybody can’t figure out who it was, then let me tell everyone.” Wei Wei’s figure suddenly moved, the leaf in her hand danced along with the wind and like a kind of a knife, it flew over to Helian Mei’s sleeve.

Only a swish swish sound from cloth was heard!

An embroidered flower with jade dropped to the ground with a ‘pah’ sound!

That embroidered flower was very small. If it weren’t for the special color, it’d be very difficult to discover.

Helian Mei’s face thoroughly drained of color.

She wanted to stand up and continue to make a scene as a way to shift everyone’s attention.

But how could Wei Wei allow it!

She was already a step ahead as she picked up the embroidered flower and leisurely played with it. Her voice was neither rushed nor slow, “I think the teachers present have seen much and have extensive knowledge, so should all know what this thing is. Blood jade is a necessity for raising poisonous bees, because only when it is present do the poisonous bees peacefully calm down and not target people. Third Sister, your poisonous bee was raised by you. How did it come about that you pinned it on me?”

“Oldest Sister!” Helian Jiao Er knew the situation was bad once she saw the blood jade and hurriedly wanted to engage in sophistry.

Wei Wei cut her short with a cold smile, “You as well! You and Third Sister are so close that you’re indivisible. You knew early on that the poisonous bee was raised by her, yet you still took part in framing me this way, wanting the Principal to expel me! I’d like to turn around and ask the two of you, you two say again and again that I bully you, yet why do you insist on joining hands to lead me down a path of death?”

Once the sound of her voice dropped, the truth of the matter also already came out as well!

The compound suddenly contained a bit of an uproar. Everybody’s eyes, one after another, looked over at Helian Mei and Helian Jiao Er.

“No, it wasn’t raised by me! Second Sister, hurry and tell everyone that poisonous bee wasn’t raised by me. Hurry up and say it!” Helian Mei’s still sluggish body once again trembled uncontrollably. She grabbed Helian Jiao Er’s hand and didn’t stop shaking it, wanting her to open her mouth and speak.

However, the current Helian Jiao Er certainly couldn’t even protect herself. How could she help defend Helian Mei.

This move of Wei Wei’s had simply caused her to be seen as a malicious girl in front of everybody.

It’s not like that, it shouldn’t be like that!


Helian Jiao Er had just started to open her mouth when Tusu Feng’s eyes coldly looked over. Things had already progressed to this point, yet she still dared to try to rationalize.

“White Academy has consistently refused to accept students of low moral character. In regards to Helian Mei and Helian Jiao Er, they are expelled to leave down the mountain and will not be able to enter the academy forever!”

Such an ice cold voice made everyone involuntarily shocked numb, the previously gentle and kindly Principal obviously had become angry!

This was what being White Academy’s Principal was like. No matter how prestigious of a background the other party came from, under the circumstances, he still had the power to make the other party thoroughly disappear from White Academy without the need to notify any of the high officials!

Having heard that, Helian Jiao Er’s entire body became limp. Within her pair of eyes were tears that made people feel sorry for her. Forbidden from entering the academy forever; wouldn’t it be better to just directly kill her.

She raised her head and looked at Murong Chang Feng, making use of her expression to earnestly request him to save her.

After all, only Murong Chang Feng could make Wei Wei, that low life, change her mind.

As long as he gave that slut a bit of sweetness, this situation might still have a chance to turn around!

Murong Chang Feng also didn’t want to let Helian Jiao Er go. After all, he’d just introduced her to his own Master, and adding to that her own innate aptitude, there might be no limit to her future.

He didn’t want to, with wide open eyes, see Helian Jiao Er suffer like this!

“Chang Feng earnestly requests Principal to allow me to give the Helian sisters an opportunity and let them stay.”

His Murong Prince’s Palace was not the same as other clans. Even though it didn’t share the Royal last name, it nevertheless, was a central branch of the Royal family. Although the Principal wasn’t afraid of anything, he ought to still give him some face.

Seeing this, the teachers also joined in one by one to plead for leniency, “Yes, Principal. These Helian sisters are still young. Why don’t you forgive them!”

Tusu Feng’s eyebrows started to furrow slightly and said a bit casually, “The one who was framed was not me. How about making a plea to the one who was framed.”

Everyone was stupefied and only then turned to look over at Wei Wei, who was cold and indifferent from beginning to end.

Murong Chang Feng thought for a bit, then offered, “Everyone has misunderstood you this time. As far as that letter of annulment, it was just me being impetuous for a time. Our engagement was made through the Retired Emperor’s appointment and wouldn’t be that simple to invalidate. This time, if you could forgive them, I could regard what happened before as nothing having happened. I’ll marry you officially in one month.”

His voice sounded very good. It was clear and cool along with being low and deep, matching well with his opulent appearance and deep eyes which probably could make any girl become infatuated.

In any case, his words already intimately acknowledged, acknowledged Wei Wei as his future lord’s concubine.

Everyone who was standing here knew that everything Wei Wei had done today was done for the sake of it being enough to obtain Murong Chang Feng’s interest.

She had liked him for a period of ten years.

Within those ten years, time and time again, she’d wracked her brains in order find a way to be able to happily marry him.

To this end, she had suffered to no small extent and experienced no small amount of shame.

They had all seen it.

Except that Murong Chang Feng simply didn’t even want to look at her, much less say he wanted to marry her, and he actually postponed the marriage again and again.

This time, it’s all fine now. Lord Murong finally made the promise himself. One month from now, he would marry her.

How could she still focus on continuing the indictment? Instead, she should be laughing to the point of not being able to close her lips!

As expected.

Wei Wei lightly laughed out loud and was saying words to Murong Chang Feng which seemed like she would grant him whatever he wanted, “Having me forgive them is also possible…..”

Suddenly, Baili Jia Jue, whose back was leaning against a tree trunk, slightly stiffened, the ancient tree reaching almost to the sky swayed and dropped tens of leaves.

Murong Chang Feng’s lips naturally curved into a smile. He already knew that it was just for his sake that she had done so much.

Maybe he could try to treat her a little better from now on.

After all, he also didn’t want to lose that gaze which had always been watching him attentively.

A few days ago, he even changed because of her and became somewhat fidgety. Even though he didn’t have any feelings for her, yet when that adoring and bashful gaze had been suppressed and disappeared afterwards, his entire being then felt like there was something wrong with it.

Thinking of it now, she was probably holding in her feelings in order to let go of him and even said something to the effect of if he wanted to, then he could just leave. It simply was just her deceiving herself.

This was a bit contrary to what one might expect and was somewhat cute.

It’s just like how when they were younger, she had flung off her own clothes when she became irritated from training her qi, her fair and delicate, tender little face expressing an adorable naughtiness.

The more he thought, the more Murong Chang Feng felt that it was possible and couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he turned to stroll over to Wei Wei.

Baili Jia Jue’s back, which leaned on the tree trunk, again stiffened, the arc of his mouth slowly became colder. Under his sleeves, fingers slightly stiffened and seemed like he was currently enduring something patiently….. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.