The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 41: I Want To Break Off The Engagement

Except that right at this moment, Wei Wei opened her mouth again. She stood at the center of the compound without any makeup, sleeves fluttering. Her pair of eyes looked straight at Murong Chang Feng as she spoke, pausing after each word, “However, I want to break off the engagement.”

Those few placid and serene words were like thunder that suddenly cut a hole within the crowd of people.

Everybody was stunned and one after another stopped their movements, finding it difficult to believe as they looked over towards Wei Wei.Their eyes were filled with stupefaction.

Wei Wei was just as before, indifferent in appearance, “Second Sister kept insisting that I’ve resented her because of you. Since it’s like that, in the future, Lord also won’t need to move surreptitiously anymore. As long as you agree to break off the engagement, I naturally will also help you guys fulfill your desire.”

Murong Chang Feng’s jaw clenched slightly and his body also stiffened subsequently. His pair of eyes unwaveringly stared at her, concealing waves of anger. This girl suddenly really wanted to…..

“Seeing that Lord is not speaking, it should be because you’ve agreed.” Wei Wei, facing his eyes, laughed mockingly.

If it weren’t for Murong Chang Feng’s words today, she still wouldn’t have known that this marriage contract was so troublesome.

A marriage that was appointed by the Retired Emperor; without a special reason, there would’ve been in fact no way to get rid off it.

Since Murong Chang Feng wanted to plead with her on behalf of his Helian Jiao Er, then she has to make him take out a bit of payment.

A single word, ‘forgive’, in exchange for her future freedom was worth it!

“You…good, great! Wei Wei, how great you really are!” Murong Chang Feng waved his long sleeves, the side of his face was ice cold, as if he was a sculpture that had just emerged from the freezing ground.

He, Murong Chang Feng, when did he become a groom who was sent to the door of the wedding chapel, only to be locked outside?

In addition, she suddenly even wanted to push him over to another woman!

Feeling indignant was his first reaction. If it wasn’t for so many people looking from all sides, he really would choke her to death with his own hands!

The one who liked him clearly was her, wasn’t it?

And now also pushing him away…..

Argh, did this girl really feel that he wouldn’t deal with her!

Wei Wei knitted her long, shapely eyebrows a bit. She hadn’t imagined that Murong Chang Feng would have this kind of attitude. The one who didn’t want to get married clearly should’ve been him.

She certainly hadn’t forgotten that if it weren’t for his bill of divorcement, Helian Jiao Er and Helian Mei also wouldn’t have had the guts to skin her alive and thrown in a river.

Even though he wasn’t the criminal, nevertheless, he had never helped her even once.

From beginning to end, he’d only coldly looked on from the side, detesting her to the extreme.

This kind of man, even if he was a rare find in the world, to her, he was not worth having!

“Eh?” Nangong Lie, who’d just finished the divination exam, extended his hand towards his chin, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, “Surprisingly, it’s Wei Wei who brought forth the issue of breaking off the marriage. There’s something going on, there’s definitely something going on!”

Baili Jia Jue leaned on the flowering tree as before, the tea cup grasped within his hand neared the side of his lip, slowly being savored. That swaying trunk seemed as if it calmed down quite a bit.

“Ah Jue, could it be that you’re not even a bit curious? Why would Wei Wei do this?” Nangong Lie seemed lost in thought as he inclined his head a bit to one side, “Based on my many years of experience, she must be loosening the reigns to grasp them better! That’s right, it’s loosening the reigns to grasp them better! One really couldn’t tell that this ‘little kitten’ likes Murong Chang Feng so much she doesn’t even want her reputation because of him….”

After that, Nangong Lie stopped his speaking momentarily. It wasn’t for any other reason than because that guy’s pair of eyes were sinking then emerging, like they were bobbing in the freezing cold ice. He slightly turned his body to the side, as if he’s listening to him speak again. A hand casually inserted inside his pocket. The other hand lightly held the white porcelain teacup. He clearly appeared indolent, however, when he moved, it absolutely could be interpreted as dangerous to the highest degree…..

Nangong Lie lowered his head and softly coughed.

Baili Jia Jue glanced at him while a thick fog covered his eyes. His finger fastened on top of the teacup, and one couldn’t tell if he was happy or angry, “Too noisy.”

Only two single words caused Nangong Lie to stiffen, “Hey, hey, hey, you should come back and tell me clearly who was too noisy! Seeing that you haven’t experienced love before, this brother analyzed things for your benefit…..speak clearly first, you can’t move your hand! I can talk it out with you!”

Baili Jia Jue didn’t even bother to give him the slightest bit of attention, grasped the teacup, lightly used force…..

Nangong Lie stroked the bridge of his nose a bit and planned to follow him when he heard a ‘bang!’ sound.

The tree behind him seemed as if it received some heavy damage and fell with a loud crash while stirring up a thin layer of dust.

Having seen at this, Nangong Lie didn’t dare to follow after him, turned his back around and began to be puzzled. Who could it be, that finally provoked a certain highness…..

Meanwhile, the people standing at the center of the compound pleading were displaying their expression caused by Wei Wei surprising them again and again. They were shocked dumb.

Unlike them, Helian Jiao Er’s pair of water like eyes glared extremely fiercely at Wei Wei and was going to support Helian Mei to descend and leave.

At that instant, she heard Wei Wei laugh lightly and start to speak, “My sisters seemed to have forgotten something.”

“Helian Wei Wei, I’m warning you, don’t overdo it!” Helian Mei’s usual temperament was in fact fiery. Enduring until now was already very difficult for her. Right now, any of Wei Wei’s words could potentially ignite her temper.

Wei Wei looked at her with thin lips turned down in displeasure, “Do you know why I waited until the very end before taking out your blood jade? It’s because I wanted to find out how far you’d go to frame me. I really didn’t think that after the matter had already been examined so clearly, sister could still be so bold and assured, as if justice was still on your side. Who was it that gave you a foundation for your status? Was it grandfather, or was it those teachers who spoke out for you? And I, Wei Wei, will also speak my words here today. Even though grandfather had passed away and the Helian family also changed hands while I am on my own and alone, don’t anybody think, however, that after framing me, they would be able to leave without any words of apology! Even if behind that person there were countless numbers of teachers to support them, or there were countless powers to shelter them, I would still demand that they return to me the justice that I’m due!”

Her voice was clear and limpid, penetrating the ear while reverberating many turns within the academy without subsiding for a long time!

Pah! Pah! Pah! It seemed like everybody’s face was being slapped.

Not merely Helian Mei and Helian Jiao Er, but also those slanderous teachers!

Freezing winds burst forth as Wei Wei held her head high. Her dark black hair flowing willfully and her long sleeves blown by the wind made sounds as they fluttered.

As Grandmaster observed this scene, the whites of his eyes turned slightly red, while a sincerely smiling expression surfaced again.

This child really was outstandingly intelligent, a great demonstration of how to retreat in order to advance!

Also well said, “Return to me the justice that I’m due!’

During these many years, exactly how many grievances had his dear disciple suffered?

Tusu Feng looked at the Wei Wei standing in front of him. Even within the Royal palace, he had never come across a girl quite like Wei Wei.

Her firmness was like her mother’s.

Yet she was even more tenacious and clear headed than that other person.

Originally, he had felt pity for the Helian clan and thought that the things which belonged to the Venerable Sir would be handed over to others on a silver platter just like this.

Tusu Feng kindly curved his thin lips upward, maybe now, this little lass could be the sole agent for change among them….. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.