The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 46: Two Loving People

The teacher tabulating the test data held the file in his hand. His face was filled with stupefaction. “The previous year’s reports are still here. In all previous cases, new students from the Inferior Compound who scored enough to pass had chosen ancillary specialties. Unlike how it is this year, where they broke through both martial qi and divination. It really is a miracle!

Some people completely didn’t care, “It’s nothing but a one time fluke. Look at this. There was also one person whose opponent threw away the match. It didn’t even say clearly how.”

“Then how should we dole out the award?”

The teachers were sitting on the wooden chairs, one person looking at another, the other looking back again while stroking their white beards.They didn’t know how to make their decision.

In the end, they could only fix their gazes at the teacher from the Superior Compound.

After all, if they started handing out awards, then the winners were supposed to directly enter the Superior Compound. However, now…..jumping from the Inferior Compound directly into the Superior Compound was a situation that had never been seen before.

“I propose that we cancel the award this time.” The one who opened his mouth was the main teacher responsible for Qi Cultivation courses at the Superior Compound. He pulled a long face and solemnly stated, “We shouldn’t allow students who are in fact unqualified, to enter our Superior Compound, just because of one lucky stroke. Principal, you are the principal of the academy. Even the young ones should understand. If we hand out the award like this, it’s very possible that it’ll lead to dissatisfaction within those from other compounds. Moreover, the students who were selected into the Superior Compound by White Academy in previous years had all been selected very carefully. In the future, they might very well be selected by the War Spirit Forces. We can’t just casually arrange for three students to enter like this. It’ll destroy our standards.”

Tusu Feng calmly listened and raised his hand to hold the teacup. His voice was level as he said, “I thought White Academy’s standard was to keep our promises?”

His expression didn’t change one bit. The corners of his mouth even contained a gentle hint of a smile, but an oppressive feeling directly hit on one’s face, which made all of the teachers feel a tremendously fierce pressure.

The teachers still sitting of course were not willing to see the principal and the teachers at the Superior Compound be in conflict over this kind of matter, and hastily interposed, “The award still must be given. It’s just that what Master Li Yan said also wasn’t completely without reason. Principal, what do you think of the following? Those three Inferior Compound students up until now still haven’t purchased their necessary supplies for entering the academy. How about we directly award each of them one set. This can also be considered as resolving one of their problems.”

The proposal was very compromising. The Superior Compound’s Master Li Yan naturally agreed. Humph, having him yield to a bunch of merely small characters who didn’t have any power or influence. It probably won’t be of any benefit to him in the future. Giving them clothes was all a waste.

Tusu Feng didn’t say much of anything, and only curved his thin lips. The corners of his mouth carried a bit of devilishness. Sooner or later there’ll be one day when these people would regret their decision today. He reckoned that no matter what, they wouldn’t be able to imagine that between the three Inferior Compound students who, according to them, depended on luck to win, one was the current administration’s young genius High Priest, and another one was the Third Prince that they would give their life to win over, Baili Jia Jue!

Noon. All instructors and students gathered at the commerce plaza to announce the testing results.

Concerning the matter of not being able to enter the Superior Compound, a certain Highness, after hearing the news, didn’t even have the slightest reaction. The side of his grave and stern face displayed a curve that was a smile yet not a smile. He appeared indescribably handsome and seductively cold.

Nangong Lie, on the other hand, lamented the missed opportunity, “I heard that there were a lot more girls at the Superior Compound. I had really wanted to go and check it out a bit.”

Wei Wei’s expression was difficult for people to figure out. The light in her eyes were rather sombre. The teacherss even thought that she wasn’t satisfied with the academy’s arrangement and was just about to say something when they heard her voice clearly ask, “Couldn’t

these clothes be exchanged for money?”

The teachers:…..

“Ha Ha, ha Ha ha. Ah Jue, look at these old guys’ expressions. It’s too funny!” Nangong Lie almost collapsed from laughing. Just how much did this young lady from the Helian family actually love money, uhm, making those teachers stunned and speechless. Interesting. Truly interesting!”

“So these are the people from the Inferior Compound. It indeed is seeing is believing.” The person sitting next to Nangong Lie coldly snorted. A mocking smile was smeared on his egotistical looking handsome face. He wore an ethnic silver robe and around his waist hung ornaments which appeared more expensive compared those other people wore. When she stood to receive the awards, Wei Wei could clearly feel the waves of qi on his body. As she brushed past, she saw that person speaking in a voice without the slightest bit of warmth, “Don’t think just because you’ve defeated those defective things from the Fine Compound that you really have no other opponent in the world. You guys are still greatly inferior!”

After having spoken, that person’s sleeve floated past. His pale white robe hung down slightly and the long hair wasn’t tied, or bundled. His pair of eyes seemed as if they hid goblins bringing disaster, sinking and floating, righteous yet evil.

In a moment, everybody’s gaze gathered on his person. One after another, they whispered to each other. Their faces were obviously pleasantly surprised. “It’s him! Yun Ling Xuan!”

“Yun Ling Xuan? My God, one of the leader’s son of the great four clans?”

“I’ve heard that when Yun Ling Xuan was seven, he had already developed his earth attribute. Now that so many years have passed, even a chief from one of the four clans isn’t sure exactly how powerful he is. Recently, he was even called to the palace by His Majesty, so that they could discuss how to manage the XiongNu barbarians.”

“How come even he is at the Superior Compound. Man, this simply is not leaving us ordinary people with any chances!”

The sound of air being drawn reverberated throughout the courtyard. Almost everybody anxiously watched Yun Ling Xuan receive the award.

Wei Wei only yawned indifferently, casually sat at her own seat, and raised a hand to prop up her chin. The mole beside a corner of her eye glowed faintly.

Sitting by her side, Baili Jia Jue’s slender and long fingers turned the black jade thumb ring. The glistening sunshine illuminated him and even his fingertips sparkled and shined. His expression didn’t change at all, as if whoever appeared was of no concern to him.

Nangong Lie draped his arm over the back of the chair, casually facing upward, his face sporting an evil smile.

The three people sat together. No matter how one looked at it, they gave others a feeling of unbridled provocation!

This made Yun Ling Xuan standing on the stage coldly narrow his eyes. The award within his hands changed shape. They really were a bunch of idiots not knowing how high the sky was and how profound the earth was. Sooner or later, there’d be a day when he would show them who’s the boss!

“Look you guys, those are the three people who were victorious during the qi exam.”

When Wei Wei entered the Inferior Compound’s memorial temple, there were no small number of students who turned toward her and looked over. They whispered, “I heard Grandmaster even accepted her as a disciple. Wonder if she can help me make an armament.”

“Make an armament?” Someone derisively laughed, “Don’t even dream about it. Why don’t you find out why Grandmaster accepted her. For those of us from the Inferior Compound, actually, our honor has been completely lost by her. Brown-nosing people in order to climb up. We really can’t take it anymore.”


The sound from the stool echoed.

People within the memorial temple immediately heard the noise.

Wei Wei gracefully retrieved her foot. The corners of her mouth half curved as she sat in the middle of the crowd of gossiping young girls. She looked at them with a cold expression.

The young girls each only glanced at the entrance before becoming awkward beyond words. All of them turned their heads around and put on an act of grabbing the book scroll on their low desks.

Wei Wei felt that it’s now peaceful and directly leaned on her low desk. In her hand were some scrap iron which seemed like toys as she played with them.

Baili Jia Jue sat next to her. After seeing those little bits of scrap iron, the light in his eyes sparkled. His fingers, which were as fair as ivory, lifted and moved over. They pressed down on Wei Wei’s wrist….. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.