The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 48: Agreeing To The Consort Selection

Baili Jia Jue took a glance at him and again recovered his previous ice-cold self-disciplined appearance, as he immediately left the hall.

Nangong Lie looked left and right, “Speaking of which. Where did that girl go? How come she still hasn’t returned after so long?”

The students were taking a break outside the hall. A young girl heard Nangong Lie’s words and bashfully answered, “Is the one you’re asking about Helian Wei Wei?”

“Huh? You know?” Nangong Lie smiled, as smoothly as water.

The redness on her face didn’t lessen as she softly said, “There were people who just saw Lord Murong’s servant boy looking for her. She should have gone to the Commerce Plaza on a date. Afterall, she liked Lord Murong for so long. She may have spoken firmly in front of people, but is probably thinking of ways to reconcile in the shadows. If you want to look for her, you could go to the Commerce Plaza to take a look.”

Baili Jia Jue’s long and slender fingers paused and calmly listened. His face didn’t have the slightest expression.

“Since they’re reconciling, it’s not good to disturb them.” Nangong Lie turned around while looking up and smiled as he said, “See, what did I say? ! Loosening the reins in order to grasp them tighter! That girl did a good job of playing hard to get.”

After having heard this, the scrap metal in Baili Jia Jue’s hand slightly shifted as layers of netlike cracks covered its surface.

Nangong Lie looked at him strangely, “Ah Jue?”

“Mm.” Baili Jia Jue’s tone of voice responded levelly, his face appearing indifferent.

Nangong Lie touched his nose and didn’t know why, but he had felt that Ah Jue just seemed to have been a bit angry.

Baili Jia Jue stopped paying attention to him and unhurriedly left the compound. His long and slender figure quickly disappeared into the hazy horizon as dusk falls.

“Your Highness.” When no one was around, Shadow came down from the treetop and his knee settled upon the ground.

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes lightly swept past the person on bended knee. His voice was chilly, “Inform the imperial troops to wait for me at the base of the mountain.”

“Yes!” Shadow paused a bit before dropping his eyes to receive the order. A bit of astonishment streaked through his eyes. During these few days, His Highness has been playing hide and seek with Retired Emperor. Now he wanted to notify the imperial troops and have them wait at the foot of the mountain.

Is he …agreeing to the consort selection? ? ?

Sunset. People were busily flowing through the Commerce Plaza.

The servant who was dressed like a schoolboy lifted his chin slightly as he looked at Wei Wei, appearing like he was already doing her a big favor by coming to look for her, “Helian Wei Wei, my young master already said that he’s going to let bygones be bygones. You should think it over carefully. If the engagement is cancelled, there won’t be anymore room to turn things around.”

“Are you done talking?” Wei Wei’s face was cool. Her voice wasn’t rushed or slow, “If you’re done talking, then hurry and get the hell out of here.”

This little servant certainly wasn’t unfamiliar to her. That year, he followed closely by Murong Chang Feng and had always been haughty, never saluting the misses from prestigious families when he encountered them. She could even say that it’s become a habit!

“You, you!” The little servant had never been angered like this before. No matter who it was, anyone who met him was polite and courteous. He represented the esteemed Noble Murong! This girl unexpectedly didn’t place him in her eyes like this, when in the past she was following him everywhere to ask him to talk, wanting him to tell her news of Lord Murong. Now, she suddenly wanted him to scram!

“Helian Wei Wei, don’t you regret it!” The little servant yelled with rage as he left.

Wei Wei rather disapproved as she picked at her ears. Her pair of eyes scanned the surrounding crowd of people watching the drama. She inserted a hand into her pocket. Her expression didn’t change as she stepped onto the street, languid and composed.

“Cheh, cheh, cheh, those people really don’t open their eyes.” Yuan Ming’s voice was as presumptuous as before.

Wei Wei raised an eyebrow, “You woke up? Seems like your qi energy recovered pretty well.”

“If you fought a few more fights, I would be even better off than now.” Yuan Ming licked his thin lips, totally bloodthirsty.

Wei Wei stroked the ancient book in her hand and lightly laughed, “Don’t be anxious. I already thought of how to spill those people’s blood.”

Yuan Ming looked at the young girl in front of him smiling wickedly, her thin lips slightly curved upwards.

White Academy, you guys would never expect that after a few hundred years, this senior is going to return again!

“What did you say?” After Murong Chang Feng listened to the servant who returned and reported the news, the teacup in his hand almost deformed from his grip.

The servant was furious, “That girl who can’t tell good from bad surprisingly told me to get lost. Young Master, I’m not trying to be nosy, but this kind of girl, sheesh, even if you’re kind to her, you’ll still be wasting your efforts.”

Murong Chang Feng was already upset and now that he heard the servant’s words, he felt as if a boulder pressed on his chest, the pressure unable to be released. He really couldn’t believe that he had already intended to reconcile, yet that girl unexpectedly refused him.


Murong Chang Feng fiercely hurled and smashed the teacup in his hand.

The resulting spray all landed on that servant’s face. The little servant was startled and stunned. However, his pale face didn’t dare to say anything more.

Murong Chang Feng inhaled a deep breath. His face revealed an expression of contempt, “What you said was right. A girl who doesn’t know right from wrong doesn’t deserve this Lord’s kindness.”

He originally was going to bring her to meet his father. Since she refused to step forward like this, then just forget it.

She’d involved Grandmaster. Still, what could she hope to achieve on her own.

He wasn’t anxious. Sooner or later, one day, she’d come back begging!

Murong Chang Feng glanced sideways at the little servant, “Has Lord Father arrived?”

“His Highness already arrived and is having a conversation with the teachers. He’ll come when he’s done.” The little servant’s words barely dropped out of his mouth when Prince Murong arrived. He was dressed in official foreign court dress, a perfect image of wealth and status. Seeing the son he loves, that strict and solemn face can be counted as expressing a bit of a smile, “Feng Er.”

“Father.” Murong Chang Feng hastily stood up.

Prince Murong patted his shoulder, “You’ve done well. Just now those teachers dragged me over to praise you for half a day.”

“Those were but a bit of flattery.” Murong Chang Feng’s cool handsome face didn’t change expression at all.

What Prince Murong fancied was this haughtiness, “Good, Feng Er is right. It’s only flattery. I came this time because I was concerned it’d be difficult for you to remain impartial. Seeing that you’re so calm and composed, Father feels satisfied. That’s right, where’s Master Tu Lao. How come I haven’t seen him at the academy this time?”

“Master is still looking for the genius he met at Phoenix Tower.” Murong Chang Feng gripped the palm of his hand, “I also don’t know what kind of person the other person is, unexpectedly making Master so concerned that he hasn’t even appeared since I arrived at White Academy.”

Prince Murong lifted his eyes and replied, “No matter who the other person is, it’s irrelevant. Becoming a qi cultivation master, although that’s hard to accomplish, but Feng Er, you shouldn’t forget that the most important thing you need to do is figure out a way to find the Battle Spirit Forces. After that, become a member along them. A qi cultivation master is but a springboard for you to join the Battle Spirit Forces.

“Don’t worry Father, I’ve never forgotten anything Father has said.” When Murong Chang Feng raised his eyes again, his face was filled with the determination to succeed!

Prince Murong contentedly nodded his head while his hand stroked his beard, “Feng Er, have you heard of Huan Ming Xiang, a minister who has served three generations of emperors?” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.