The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 49: Surprising Qi

Prince Murong’s eyes glimmered, yet contained a slight chill, “Why would a minister who has served three emperors be concealed within an academy, not asking about matters of the world? There is definitely something strange about this. According to what people are saying, the reason why Battle Spirit Forces are called spirits was because they are mysteriously hidden within every corner of White Academy. Apart from Retired Emperor who knows of their real identities, no one else currently are able to discover who they are. But one thing’s for sure, they definitely are inside the academy!”

“What Father means is that this Huan Ming Xiang is a member of the Battle Spirit Forces? After Murong Chang Feng guessed at this, he had a bit of difficulty controlling his own emotions, “But, ever since I’ve entered the academy, I’ve never seen any lofty old man with a divine qi!”

“Huan Ming Xiang conducts himself eccentrically, and has always appeared and disappeared like a ghost. It’s very possible he’s disguised himself as a teacher within the school.” Prince Murong rubbed his own chin and pondered seriously, “However, no matter what, he should be at the Superior Compound. After all, this is the most likely place for candidates who can potentially enter the Battle Spirit Forces. What you need to do is to be very polite towards every single teacher. I have a feeling, since the new students have entered, a guide from the Battle Spirit Forces will definitely appear!”

Swish, swish, swish….

Northeast corner of the commerce plaza. An old man with a hunched back held a broom in his hand, silently sweeping the fallen leaves on the ground. This is a place especially built to supply reading materials to the students, storing lots and lots of books and ancient scrolls. However, after having welcomed countless descendants from prestigious families who came to train qi, not one of them had felt that this area was worth returning to.

Except for Helian Wei Wei.

Since the age of seven, she’d lost her qi. That’s why there were many things that no one had taught her. Even though Yuan Ming, a god of death, is there, he’s nevertheless only a demon and can only raise her fighting strength. And in areas such as the systematic study of qi, it’s better for her to depend on herself.

Within such a big courtyard, apart from one old man sweeping the grounds, there was one girl conscientiously reading books. A glorious sunset was shining down, bringing about an indescribable quietness and peacefulness.

But no one noticed that when that unremarkable old man looked up, a sharp light streaked in the corner of his eye.

He took the broom in his hand and intentionally or otherwise, swept over to the area in front of Wei Wei. Carrying a heavy load on his back, he sighed a couple of times then pointed to a high bookshelf, “Young girl, I see that your height is taller than me. Could you help my senile self take away those books, so I can clean.”

Wei Wei was focused on reading and actually didn’t notice that there was an old man here. Now noticing that it was indeed inconvenient for him to move around, she stood up and retrieved the old books. After she gave them to the old one, she decided to continue studying.

She absolutely didn’t expect that the old man would disappear .

Her pupils constricted as she quickly looked behind her!

The old one already changed into an another appearance. His white and grey hair was suspended in space. One hand was placed behind his back while the other stroked his beard. The cuffs of his sleeves were floating lightly, like an immortal who descended. His voice was clear yet deep and resounding, “I have been sweeping here for many years. You are the first person who was willing to help me. Young girl, your heart’s not bad.”

“It’s no big deal.” Wei Wei’s expression didn’t change much as she extended her hand and put down the old book. The corners of her mouth carried an indifferent smile.

Yuan Ming narrowed his pupil, “Girl, this old head is not simple. You should be careful.”

Wei Wei gave Yuan Ming a ‘don’t worry’ hand signal. She certainly didn’t feel any evil intention from the old man. Her previous life of living while carrying arms already gave her an ability to distinguish whether or not there is danger. From this old man, she only perceived a bright expression and delighted interest. Certainly no other hidden intention. In other words the other person was harmless.

The old man seemed to appreciate Wei Wei’s composed and calm disposition and smiled a rare smile, “Young girl, this old man has never owed anyone. Since you helped me once, I’ll also return something to you.”

Having spoken, he pointed the branch in his hand. As it was directed at Wei Wei, thick and heavy energy condensed into a point, strangely and complicatedly. It was a rather mighty force capable of cutting into a mountain or splitting rocks.

Wei Wei’s pair of eyes abruptly narrowed, then her shadow like figure agilely and nimbly moved, just like scattering plum blossom petals. Spurred by the surrounding wind directions, she used qi to break his move.

The old man’s eyes shined and continued his attack.

All along, Wei Wei’s speed was very fast. Every move was nimble and flexible as she dodged.

It’s just that her use of qi was still relatively unpracticed.

Gradually, her ability started to fall short of her wishes…

The old man used the chance to launch an attack, and originally thought that this would determine the outcome. He never thought that Wei Wei would surprisingly use the move that he’d used previously!

He was stunned at first, then put down his bamboo stick while continually laughing, “Good, good, good! Unexpectedly, in this world there exists such a bright girl! Wonderful, too wonderful!”

Wei Wei merely smiled and didn’t speak. In the twenty first century, she had to work with people from both sides of the law, and had developed a superhuman memory early on. Naturally, she could immediately use a skill after having seen it only once.

Before a move was executed, she was also able to change and react accordingly to battle situations. During those years, she constantly held a machine gun while crawling through Yunnan, Zang, and Hai provinces. What conditions could she not have encountered. Right now, she took a branch and with perfect control, moving in sync with her heart and mind, gracefully displayed each move.

“Come come come, I will pass on Flames Swallow the Sky to you again!” He had waited here for so many years. At long last, he’d found a wonderful young successor that was everything he’d wished for! His heart was filled with joy. His face was full of excitement that could not be concealed. If it was this girl, she definitely would be able to learn his special skill!

When she first heard the words Flames Swallow the Sky, Wei Wei also experienced a moment of clarity.

In the Dragon War Empire, even a three year old had heard of this profound lost skill.

Allegedly, this profound lost skill didn’t get passed down when elder Huan Ming Xiang, a three generation court minister retired and vanished.

And now, this old man unexpectedly wanted to pass it on to her…

Wei Wei’s eyes sparkled. Naturally, she figured out the old one’s identity, but after a moment, she nevertheless shook her head, “I had better not learn Flames Swallow the Sky.”

“Why? ! !” Huan Ming Xiang was shocked. Could she be like that guy at the palace who hated to wake up early?

Wei Wei smiled, “Although I haven’t practiced qi for long, nevertheless, I’ve figured out some things. Elder Huan’s Flames Swallow the Sky should be a fire attribute skill. However, I’ve become aware that my current qi has no connection with the fire element.”

“You….” Huan Ming Xiang didn’t find it strange that Wei Wei had already guessed his identity. After all, this young girl was so intelligent, and would figure things out quickly.

It’s just that, he rubbed and rubbed his chin and suddenly creased his white eyebrow, “Your qi is flowing in a weird way, as if it had been damaged before. It’s somewhat formless, yet still capable of winning by a surprise move. Girl, what in the world are you cultivating?”

After Wei Wei listened, she smiled a bit, “In any case, my qi’s approach and that of Flames Swallow the Sky differs greatly. There are endless numbers of various miraculous skills in the world. Learning too many of them may not necessarily be a good thing. It’s even possible for someone to lose control and accidentally lose their mind. I’m doing pretty well as I am, comfortably learning on my own. Whatever skills I use are entirely a part of me.”

Having heard that, Huan Ming Xiang was indeed stunned for a moment, after which his pair of eyes shined as they looked at Wei Wei, “Ha ha, I didn’t think, I really didn’t think that even though, without exception, people who learn martial arts haven’t been able to overcome the greed in their hearts, you have already awakened to this principle early on. You truly are exceptional!”

“It’s just from having fought too much.” Wei Wei curved her thin lips, took a look at the setting sun, “It’s no longer early. Elder Huan should rest early. Don’t always sweep in the same place and easily expose your identity.”

Huan Ming Xiang looked over at the area of ground he’s been sweeping, which appeared shinier than the other areas. His face was endlessly shocked. After a while, he raised his hand to stroke his beard. It’s unknown who he was speaking to, but he was beaming, “This girl really is…outstanding, ah, extraordinary. Go to the Superior Compound to investigate this girl’s identity. The Battle Spirit Forces can accept a new member this year.”

“Sir, Elder Huan, she….she isn’t from the Superior Compound.” The shadow kneeling on the ground paused a bit before clarifying.

Huan Ming Xiang looked back in surprise, “Not from the Superior Compound? Then which compound is she in? The Fine Compound?”

“Cough cough.” The shadow coughed twice, “She’s at the Inferior Compound. Actually, she’s the one you’ve recently been disgusted with, the one who’s been running around bootlicking people, that Helian family’s eldest daughter.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.