The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 50: Participate in the Consort Selection

“Yes.” The shadow nonchalantly looked at the old man’s distancing back and lightly shook his head, Elder Huan wouldn’t admit it.

How could Huan Ming Xiang admit it? Rumors and gossip really could destroy a person!

The old man took the broom and continued to sweep the ground. Except this time, he obviously used a lot of strength in his movements, just as if he was sullen and sulking.

Such a decent girl was made to be so repulsive.

If it weren’t for her visit to the Commerce Plaza this time, wouldn’t he have continued to be mistaken?

The more the old man thought about it, the more upset he became. He directly threw away the broom and then laughed wickedly, “This year, we are not going to choose people from the Superior Compound anymore. It’ll be more interesting if we took a stroll through all of the living quarters, instead.” Leave out those people from the Superior Compound. Always thinking they were so great, just wait and see…..

Night fell. The armament shop at the Commerce Plaza.

The manager stared at the ten-plus armaments, eyes shining in astonishment, “These were all personally made by Miss Helian?”

“Mm hm.” Wei Wei replied casually and lightly sipped from the tea in her hand.

“Two days, it’s only been two days time!” The manager had to admit he’d been shocked again. It should be known that there wasn’t any novice armament maker who could make this many armaments within this amount of time. Even among the current Armament Masters, there wasn’t anyone who could achieve this speed! This was just too heaven defying!

Wei Wei picked up an armament among them and looked it over while stating, “This one was not made very well. Wait until class time tomorrow. I will dismantle it and start over.”

“Done done done. Whatever Miss Helian decides will be done as you say!” The manager actually could not tell how it was good, nor how it was not good. Merely because she felt the armament might somehow be embarrassing, she’s going to dismantle it as if she was only playing a game with her hands! If this was made known to the other masters’ disciples, how could they not cry to death!

“Alright now. Why don’t you go to the front and do some business. Don’t keep interfering with the bonding time between me and my dear disciple.” Grandmaster blew at a corner of his white beard, extended his hand, and pushed the manager out. Where is there still the dignified appearance that people usually see, “Wait until after the consort selection. You guys can then go home and rest for a couple of days. This master is really afraid that after you go home, that older and younger one from the Helian family will shamelessly bully you again! Disciple, listen to your Master. If they dare bully you, come look for me, I”ll definitely stand up for you!”

Wei Wei lightly laughed, “Doesn’t Master believe that I can take care of it myself?”

“Master is just worried about you!” He turned towards his own chair and resolutely sat down, “So what if you have low qi? Even with low qi, we can still fabricate armaments as usual! Those people complain that the grapes are sour, because they can’t eat grapes. They even said things like I definitely won’t be keeping you and will kick you out? Hah! Simply is too ridiculous. They are not me! Disciple, rest assured, even if you don’t have qi, are rejected by the public, and can’t make armaments, Master still won’t drive you out. I’ll raise you as usual and give you scrap iron!”

Wei Wei knew the old man really doted on her. This also served to strengthen her resolve in cultivating her own power!

Having been a ringleader for so many years, she of course knew that regardless of whether it was Su Jia Cheng or Helian Guang Yao, to have reached their position today was by no means an accident.

If it weren’t for their meticulous state of mind and ruthless methods, they also wouldn’t have been able to divide up Helian family’s power and influence as easily as splitting a melon. Mother’s reputation also wouldn’t have been slandered so horribly.

Wanting to shake them would absolutely not be an easy thing to do.

Moreover, compared to quickly killing them off with a sword, she’d prefer to slowly, slowly make them feel the pain of ruined families and calamity, the taste of falling into the lowest abyss.

However, what did she just hear?

“Consort selection?” Wei Wei creased her slender eyebrows, “What does that have to do with me?” She didn’t think that as a good-for-nothing, she would have the qualifications for the consort selection. Hey, wasn’t it resolved that she’d be a low-key beauty?

Grandmaster guiltily looked up and studied the roof beam, “Master also didn’t know how those people had your name. However, Master feels that since you are named, you should go take a look at that Third Prince. He doesn’t look too bad.”

“Is there a way not to go?” Wei Wei didn’t expose the old man, and only calmly put down the teacup. She still wanted to do more business and honestly couldn’t find the time to attend some consort selection. In addition, she had just cancelled an engagement, so she’d already become second hand goods. Wouldn’t the Royal clansmen complain of attracting dirt?

He lightly coughed twice “No. But rest assured, disciple. That little stinker had never liked women. Moreover, his sights are set terribly high. Even if you go, you still won’t get chosen.”

Wei Wei also thought that’s true. Right now, she’s only a bit whiter than a lump of coal. If she’s like this and that Third Prince still chooses her, then she would have no choice but to bow down to that guy’s artistic taste.

Wait wait!

Did he say that the little stinker had never liked women?

Could it be that the Third Prince, whose name could shake the world, was actually gay?

Hiccup. It seemed that she’d discovered an extremely serious secret.

“In any case, it’s but a matter of walking across the stage. There are so many superior candidates…”

Grandmaster was still thinking of a way to soothe his disciple, when Wei Wei already smiled, “Master, you need not say anymore, I’ll go.” If worst came to worst, after she went, she could just sit there and sleep, or eat some cakes and pastries. In any case, it would just be as Master had said. So many superior girls had signed up, she would just be there to add to the number of participants…

On the second day, a mild and gentle wind blows through the vast clear skies.

Besides the westernmost Inferior Compound, all the other quarters looked unusually exciting.

Even all the teachers went to meet with the principal and was too busy to supervise them.

Everybody was wondering if something big had happened?

Within the memorial temple the students at the desks from front to back gathered together to compare notes. Their faces were excited and itching to be involved.

“Hey, did you guys hear? It seemed that the Third Prince is coming soon!”

“Are you sure? It’s not a trick, right? Isn’t it true that Third Prince never leaves the Ghost Palace?”

“This is news coming from the Superior Compound and absolutely can’t be wrong!”

“Even if the Third Prince is coming, so what, he’s sure going to head for the Superior Compound. Bummer.”

Some disappointed people breathed a long sigh, lost their composure, and looked out the window in a daze.

Wei Wei didn’t change at all, whether who came or did not came, she still leaned on the low desk and slept as before.

Within such a large memorial temple, only she had a hand which half dropped, as if it was empty around her as she slept shallowly. The surrounding chaos increasingly magnified and contrasted with this image of comfort and elegance.

“You guys look, she’s sleeping again.”

Their chattering and comments changed the atmosphere.

The young girls remarked in low voices, “She seemed to be sleeping from morning till night and doesn’t do anything.”

“What can she still do. Don’t forget, she actually doesn’t have even a bit of qi.”

“Already doesn’t have qi, and still so lazy…” Someone didn’t approve and shook their head, “When the time comes, she’ll definitely have no achievements.”

Allowing the sound of reproach to rise on all four sides like the tide, Wei Wei slept lethargically as before.

However, Yuan Ming laughed, “Girl, did you hear? If you keep sleeping like this, be careful of failing come exam time!”

“Noisy.” Wei Wei closed her pair of eyes, her expression was emotionless as she instructed him, “Wait until it’s lunch time then wake me again.”

Generally, when one slept, there’d be some grogginess. Wei Wei temporarily forgot to keep these words private. When they dropped into Baili Jia Jue’s ears, he raised his eyebrows slightly… If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.