The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 8: Armament Master Assembly

Helian Wei Wei softly say “Aunt Mei you don’t have to worry about it, I know what I’m supposed to do.”

From the memory fragments she saw that the White Academy, was the place she did not want to go to, not only did she fear all the ridicule, but also due to the fact that when she was seven years old, she was admitted into the academy and she became instantly famous and she was hailed a genius, creating quite a stir in the city.

She felt burdened, worried that she, who lost all her cultivation, won’t be able to keep all the glory she brought to her mother, so she kept dawdling to go to the academy.

Helian Wei Wei squinted her eyes, hold on, what’s this?!

Notice for new disciples: School expense ten thousand taels, total of three years, on the first day of school the fee must be settled?

There’s a fee?!

Ten thousand taels?

She doesn’t even have a thousand…

Helian Wei Wei lazily tapped on the wooden table, this was her typical movement when she was thinking.

That Su woman was smart with this kind of things, never once had she let her be short on food and clothes, even assigning the servant to send the best silk to her, however she never gave Helian Wei Wei any money!

To outsiders, her stepmother was very generous and benevolent, but it was all just for show.

Helian Wei Wei understood it well, if she didn’t enter the academy in time, she would lose everything.

Because she could only regain the former glory that belonged to her at the academy!

When Aunt Mei saw the exorbitant school fees, she was hesitant, but she stood up and said ” Young Miss doesn’t need to worry about the school expense, this old servant will go to the main courtyard to find the old master.”

“No need.” Helian Wei Wei randomly placed the letter on the table “Aunt Mei remember this, don’t just go looking for that waste for help every time when there’s trouble. I, Helian Wei Wei don’t need it.”

Aunt Mei’s eyes trembled and smiled ” Yes, this old servant won’t go anymore!”

Mistress, are you seeing this?

The young Miss changed, thoroughly changed!

This was the true Helian family bloodline, persistent and dauntless, who fully understood between whom or what to hate or love!

“But the expense…” Aunt Mei was still concerned about it.

Actually the students who could enter the White Academy, were mainly those heirs of nobles and those with authority, so this amount of money was a piece of cake to them.

But to Aunt Mei right now, even if she wanted to, she still couldn’t round up this much money.

Helian Wei Wei stood up, her black eyes radiated with a tinge of mischievousness, “I have my own way dealing this situation.”

Aunt Mei wanted to ask what was she going to do, but seeing the disturbing smile on Helian Wei Wei’s face, she just kept quiet. Even though knowing it’s not possible, but she still had hope, maybe Miss does have a plan…..

Noon, Dragon War Empire.

The roads crowded with people and carriages, the city bustling with prosperity.

Helian Wei Wei leisurely walked on the cobbled stone pavement, listening to the street vendor’s bartering, experiencing the genuine fact that she was currently living in a totally different era.

“Hey, woman, you have been walking for quite some time, aren’t you tired?” Yuan Ming who was in the ancient book asked, with presumptuous voice.

Helian Wei Wei ignored him.

Yuan Ming sighed heavily, wait till he recovered all his cultivation, the first thing he would do was to teach this woman a lesson, she was too arrogant, not cute at all!

“Hey, did you hear? The Phoenix Loft is looking for an Armament Master, the winner will receive ten thousand silver taels, this is a once in several years opportunity, I have never met a Armament Master!”

Ten thousand silver taels?

Hearing this Helian Wei Wei stopped, her lips curved into a smile.

One could be searching high and low, and yet by a lucky stroke of luck, the item could easily be found.

Coincidentally she was in need of money, why not go to this ‘assembly’ to check out if she could get some money.

“I don’t care about any Armament Master, usually they are very old, so there’s nothing worth my time to look at, no eye candy at all.” Helian Wei Wei smiled while walking, as she said it dismissively.

Yuan Ming nearly vomited blood out after hearing what she said!

When people hear the two words “Armament Master” one would only think if they could get a suitable armament for themselves.

But not her, she only cared about the person’s looks….

“Woman, can you be a bit more serious!” If she continued to be this indifferent, when could he recover his cultivation!

Helian Wei Wei innocently replied “I’m very serious.”

“Where is your seriousness?” Yuan Ming weakly retorted.

Helian Wei Wei raised her eyebrow ” I’m very serious about earning my school expense!”

School expense? What’s that? You mean it’s more important than gaining a new armament? He really couldn’t understand what this woman was simply thinking! Yuan Ming straightened his ears, as he glared at her.

Helian Wei Wei just smiled and turned onto a long old bridge, as she found the legendary Phoenix Loft.

The size of the crowd was bigger than what she had imagined, it was practically a sea of people.

The memories of the body told Helian Wei Wei some information about “Armament Master”.

In the entire Dragon War Empire, there were only a few elite Armament Masters. Although many have cultivated and reached the appropriate level, yet they couldn’t understand the fundamentals of dismantle and reconstruct, hence they wouldn’t be able to create any armaments.

With this kind situation, even for the established cultivator is rather difficult.

Since ancient times, objects have been valued by their scarcity. The simple logic of supply and demand.

So the amount of people who came to observe the selection of “Armament Master” was reasonable…..

“Look who’s here!”

“Helian Wei Wei? Why did she come?”

“What? Even the trash came? Why is she here? I saw her score, she has the worst score in the academy, her admission might be canceled by the headmaster, and yet she still has the guts to leisurely walk around, such an open-minded person.”

“Not just open-minded, I think she is just thick-skinned, her fiance annulled her, and she is just roaming around, whose face is she losing!”

The people talked while blatantly glancing at her with disdain.

Helian Wei Wei didn’t think that she would be meet her ‘fellow students’, her lips curved upwards, emitting an icy aura.

Yuan Ming excitingly rubbed his hands “Are we fighting? This lord have not taste fresh warm blood for a long time!”

“Yuan Ming, let me remind you once again, we came here to earn money, not to fight.” Helian Wei Wei slowly and imperturbed told him, lazily yawned, as if not seeing the crowd of people.

Since they were ‘fellow students’, why did she need to be afraid that she won’t get a chance to get her revenge on them? Why so hasty?

Yuan Ming’s lips curved up: “You’re right.”

There’s still many years ahead of us, hehe…

At this moment, an elderly woman appeared from the Phoenix Loft, her face was full of distress and regret, it showed how demanding this test was.

However, the Phoenix Loft was pretty humane, the process of the test and result would be kept confidential, so even if one failed or not, that person would be the only one who knew….

“Who else wants to apply?” The steward looked around.

The crowd looked at each other, still hesitating.

Helian Wei Wei walked up, her attitude neither haughty nor humble “Me.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.