The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 45: Young Mistress Has Gone Up

At the Lu Airport control room, Gu Juexi entered with a cold demeanor.

Lu Qichuan stood facing the monitor, looking at the man that has just disembarked the plane. The man was dressed in a black tux and wore sunglasses, even then they could recognize the man.

“What about Song?”Gu Juexi asked in his deep voice, as he scrutinized the image on the monitor.

“Yu Jiangqing returned earlier compared to what we have planned, in fact it is three months earlier.” Lu Qichuan looks at Gu Juexi, and felt his distant composure. “Had an argument with sister-in-law again?”

“You speak too much.” Gu Juexi snapped. “What about Yu Sha-sha?”

Yu Sha’er’s real name is Yu Sha-sha, but she used the name Yu Sha’er after she became an actress.

“I have been supervising her, but I think you need to make a trip over, seeing how it is a crucial moment now. You have not been paying much attention to her.” Lu Qichuan hit the right note. “Don’t forget you came up with the idea to use Yu Shasha to make Yu Jiangqing let his guard down.”

Gu Juexi raised his head abruptly, showing his sharp, penetrating eyes.

Indeed, he came up with that idea as it is the most effective way to let Yu Jiangqing let his guard down.

But it was out of control now!

More aptly put, it all boiled down to that woman who had caused him to lose control.

“Gu, your attitude toward Yu Sha-sha lately may have cause Yu Jiangqing to raise his suspicions, thus his early return.” Lu Qichuan deduced. “Yu Sha-sha has always been pushing limits, you were able to react calmly, why the sudden change?”

‘Because Ye Yuwei was obedient back then!’

‘But now…’

Thinking about how she had rather sell her blood than submit to him made his blood boil.

“Nothing,” Gu Juexi replied calmly, “Since he is back, let’s bring our plans forward.” Gu Juexi leaned forward on the table, looking at the still image of the video—the man in the image.

The man that was the cause of conflict.

“With Yu Jiangqing’s current status, he is able to get rid of us easily. Gu, would you slip up and make a mistake at this juncture?” Lu Qichuan expressed his worries, as Gu Juexi has been acting out of the norm.

Gu Juexi looked up and straightened himself, then turned to Lu Qichuan. “I know what I am doing.”

However, he did not know what Ye Yuwei was up to!

“Gu, did you know that sister-in-law is the lady we met years ago—

Before Lu Qichuan could finish his sentence, Gu Juexi’s phone rang. Gu Juexi looks at his phone and PA Wen’s name appeared on the screen. Gu Juexi raises his hand to Lu Qichuan, gesturing him to complete his words later as he picked up the call.

“Where is Ye Yuwei?” Gu Juexi asked.

Ye Yuwei had gone up to Xiao Yaojing’s house, while PA Wen was waiting downstairs.

PA Wen was restless as the matter had gotten out of hand.

“Mrs. Gu.. She..”

“Speak.” Gu Juexi impatiently snapped as PA Wen stuttered over the phone.

He was not convinced that woman would sell her own blood.

If she really did, PA Wen would have to bear the consequences.

“Mrs. Gu is on her way to Miss Xiao’s house.” PA Wen blurted out quickly.

“Who allowed her to go?” Gu Juexi raised his voice as his entire body tensed.

There was a hint of guilt.

As quickly the guilt crept in, it swiftly disappeared beneath his arrogance.

“Mrs. Gu has gone up,” PA Wen replied after a short pause.

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