However, she was a step too late and Gu Juexi already had her in his arms.

“Let go of her!” Xiao Yaojing said, while holding on to Ye Yuwei’s arms.

Ye Yuwei was so dizzy and semi-conscious, that her ears were ringing and she could not make out what they were saying.

Gu Juexi looked at Xiao Yaojing and his anger and frustration increased. If it was not for this woman, he would not have gotten into this fight with Ye Yuwei.

Xiao Yaojing became the subject of his anger.

“She is my wife. Whatever happens between us is none of your business.” Gu Juexi said, while carrying Ye Yuwei and leading her downstairs.

“She already wants to divorce you! She does not love you anymore!” Xiao Yaojing shouted at him.

PA Wen thought to himself, ‘Dear lord! You should have kept those to yourself, why did you say it out loud?’

PA Wen hurriedly stepped forward as he saw the change of expression on CEO Gu’s face. “CEO, let’s send Mrs. Gu home first.”

Gu Juexi bowed his head and looked down at the pale face in his arms. She was breaking out in cold sweat and her eyebrows were furrowed, showing the discomfort she was feeling at that moment.

“Miss Xiao, Ye Yuwei is my wife. No matter how close you are with her as a friend, you have no right to ask about the matters between us.” Gu Juexi said as he carried Ye Yuwei downstairs.

“Gu Juexi—” Xiao Yaojing chased after him, but was stopped by PA Wen. “Get out of my way!” Xiao Yaojing said to PA Wen. She was also filled with hatred for PA Wen. To her, he was no more than just another tool that Gu Juexi utilised for his own benefit.

Although PA Wen was scolded, he did not feel like he was suffering any injustice. After all, he had played a role in her losing her job. Therefore, he did not feel angry at all.

“Miss Xiao, I am sorry for what had happened before. However, it would be better if you do not interfere with the matters between the CEO and Mrs. Gu. It would not be beneficial for you.” PA Wen reminded her politely.

“I do not believe that Gu Juexi can control everything in B City.” Xiao Yaojing shouted at PA Wen before she turned her back and headed home.

PA Wen was speechless.

Before PA Wen could lift his arm to stop her, he already heard the sound of the door slamming.

PA Wen sighed and put down his hand. “The CEO might not have the power to control the entire B City, but he has the power to change your life.”

‘Sigh. How could Mrs. Gu’s friend be so similar to her?’

Those with a bad temper always suffers!

Gu Juexi brought Ye Yuwei home and hurriedly ordered the servant to make some nourishing tonics for her to replenish her blood. He did not notice Yu Sha’er sitting in the living room.

Upon seeing him entering the room, Yu Sha’er quickly got up and greeted him, “Brother Juexi.”

Unfortunately, Gu Juexi was busy ordering Jin Shu to do something and did not hear Yu Sha’er’s greeting.

Yu Sha’er stood by the couch and stomped her feet. She had on a sinister look when she saw PA Wen entering the house.

“Why is that woman back here?” Yu Sha’er asked in anger.

PA Wen bowed his head, a slight smile formed on his face.

“Miss Yu, that is still CEO Gu’s wife after all. Please mind your manners.” PA Wen kindly reminded her. After all, Gu Juexi was not in the best mood right now. Yu Sha’er had constantly been in petty arguments with Mrs. Gu. If the CEO wanted to release his anger on someone, Yu Sha’er would currently be the perfect candidate.

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