The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 14: There’s No Harm in Obeying You II

“Yes, there is.”

Feng Ruqing subconsciously rubbed her nose. “I see, then can you ask someone to inform me when you wish to have a swim or bath in the lake next time? Don’t worry, I will secretly peek at you without causing any disturbance.”


Nan Xian frowned. Perhaps it was because he could not bear with her perverted attitude anymore.

“It’s getting late. You should make a move now. You can find me here tomorrow in the afternoon.” Nan Xian gave Feng Ruqing a meaningful look. He continued, “If you have any problems in regards to your immortal training, you can come here and ask me anytime.”

He hesitated for a few seconds and then added, “If you really wish to see me take off my clothes, your wish will be granted once you have reached Immortal Warrior tier.”

There were about ten warrior tiers on the mainland: Beginner Warrior, Earth Warrior, True Warrior, Spirit Warrior, Dark Warrior, Immortal Warrior, Holy Warrior, King Warrior, Emperor Warrior, and Divine Warrior.

If it were based on old Feng Ruqing’s previous cultivation, it would take her forever to master that tier. However, she had been reincarnated and things were not the same as before. She believed that she could get to that tier without much difficulty as long as she put in enough effort.

“Since you have promised me, you must keep your word.” Feng Ruqing winked and grinned. “Or else, I will not just strip you but also sleep with you.”

Nan Xian glanced at Feng Ruqing and said in a flat voice, “If you can win over me, I don’t mind surrendering myself to you.”

Although Feng Ruqing was not sure about Nan Xian’s real capabilities, she assumed that from her father’s respectful treatment toward him that he was not an ordinary warrior. If she wanted to beat this guy, it might be… a bit challenging.

“I think I will strip you first,” Feng Ruqing replied while tapping her round chin.

“You should leave now. Don’t forget to come here tomorrow.” Nan Xian reminded her again after looking at the sky.

Feng Ruqing had just realized that she had stayed longer than she should at the Southern Bamboo Grove. Her father should be done with his morning audience by now. If Eunuch Liu had informed him that she was looking for him and she did not show up at the palace by now, her father would definitely be anxious.

After giving it some thought, Feng Ruqing raised her hand and touched Nan Xian’s handsome face. “Beautiful man, you better wait for me in this Southern Bamboo Grove, I am coming back here for you tomorrow.”

Complex emotions flashed in Nan Xian’s eyes. He looked at Feng Ruqing who left after she had indifferently and unemotionally waved goodbye.

“Master.” A turquoise-colored snake stuck out of Nan Xian’s sleeve. It hissed, “This princess seems like she has changed. Last time, she would not even dare to lift her head in front of you as if you were a demon.”

Nan Xian’s eyes never left Feng Ruqing’s silhouette. He seemed calm. Then he spoke emotionlessly, ” Maybe… she is the one we are looking for…”

Previously, the person he had predicted in his vision was an evil princess. He was not sure about it until the current Feng Ruqing appeared. He had this feeling that she was the person he had been waiting for all this time. She was finally… here.

“However, she is too weak, really weak. Is she really the one we are waiting for?” asked the Azure Snake 1 hesitantly.

Nan Xian remained silent.

However, deep in his heart he knew that whether Feng Ruqing was really the right person or not, she had entered his life and his life would no longer be peaceful…

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