The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 16: Teaching the Palace Maid a Lesson I

Feng Tianyu sighed. “Qing’er, you must remember that everything I do is for your own good. Feng Rushuang is not as innocent as you think. Moreover, Noble Consort Rong is not a good mother as well.”

As a child, Feng Rushuang was good. Even though the emperor had given all his attention to Qing’er, he did not treat Rushuang badly. However, she had grown up to be more manipulative and wicked. His last straw was when both the mother and daughter had managed to manipulate Qing’er to trust them wholeheartedly.

Looking at the new gray hair growing at Feng Tianyu’s temples made her sad. “Father, I was immature and had made you worried. I won’t let you down this time.”

“Alright, alright!” Feng Tianyu chuckled after hearing his daughter’s promise, which made him feel contented. “I feel glad that you have figured it out now. If this situation persists, I don’t know how to face your late mother in the afterlife.”

At the mention of the late Empress Nalan Yan, the atmosphere in the royal study chamber grew heavy.

“Father.” Feng Ruqing finally broke the silence between them. “I actually came here for another matter. Do you agree to my request?”

Feng Tianyu frowned. “Qing’er, have you not given up on Liu Yuchen yet? Listen to my advice, he is not your perfect match.”

“No,” Feng Ruqing shook her head. “I wish to request for a new residence.”

His daughter’s words shocked him greatly. He looked at her in bewilderment.

“Qing’er, staying in the palace is just as nice. Why do you need a new princess manor? How can I let you move out without being worried?”

“Father.” Feng Ruqing’s eyes shone with excitement as she laughed. “The state preceptor is going to accept me as his disciple.”

There was no choice for her. In order to leave this palace, she used the state preceptor as her wild card.

As expected, after listening to her explanation, Feng Tianyu was not against her wish anymore. He felt that it was indeed a good idea.

Truthfully, Feng Tianyu himself was not sure about the state preceptor’s real capabilities. He did not even know about his real intention of staying in Liu Yun Kingdom. But he was sure about one thing. If Qing’er became his disciple, there was nobody who could fight her in this world.

“Qing’er, are you serious? All this while he had never accepted anyone as his disciple. What made him change his mind?”

“About this matter, I am not sure too…” Feng Ruqing blinked and continued, “Maybe he thinks that I am talented, that’s why he changed his mind. However, due to his special status, the palace is not very convenient for us. Thus, I plan to move out to a new residence, which will make it easier for him to guide me.”

“Good! Good! Good!”

Feng Tianyu was very delighted at the news as he repeated the same word a few times. His eyes beamed with joy as he was happy that Feng Ruqing had gotten such a rare opportunity.

“Qing’er, if you want to train with the state preceptor, you must listen to him. No more acting childishly like in the past, do you hear me? Moreover, do not let anyone know about this. I am afraid that it will bring you harm.”

Feng Tianyu said the last sentence seriously. He never liked surprises. He always cared about his daughter’s safety.

“I understand.”

Feng Ruqing kept nodding her head. As long as she could move out of the palace, she would agree to anything.

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