The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 2: The Deserted Princess II

“Feng Ruqing, you are such a fool. Since he doesn’t love you, why did you take him away from his loved one? What goes around comes around. Naturally, you have to pay for what you did.” Feng Ruqing heaved a sigh as she scanned through the flashes of images stored in her memories.

The people that Feng Ruqing hated the most were those who rode roughshod over anyone who stood in their way. However, little did she know that she had actually become one of them. It was a coincidence that she and the princess shared the same name. Hence, she could avoid the hassle of changing her name.

Presently, the thing that worried her the most was her body that was currently in Hua Xia. Since her soul had entered Cang Yue Mainland, she must have lost her life in Hua Xia.

‘It must be heartbreaking news for my brother. Can he get through this?’

Feng Ruqing bit her lip and did not utter a word. Her heart was filled with grief.

Her brother was her only relative in Hua Xia. After she lost her voice being poisoned by her stepmother, her brother took her away from her house decisively and worked extremely hard to give her a good life.

God helps those who help themselves. He had finally done it. However, Feng Ruqing’s health had been declining day after day. In the end, Feng Ruqing was admitted to the nursing home and she did not survive the trial.

‘I had been living my life aimlessly back then. Perhaps, even God could no longer tolerate me and has now given me a chance to start all over again. There’s a saying a living dog is better than a dead lion. However, I still don’t know what this princess looks like.’

With luck, there was a bronze mirror in the room. She reached out and took it. Looking at the person in the mirror, her hands trembled in shock. The mirror slipped through her hands and fell on her body.

‘Who is this fat lady? Where is my beautiful body?’

Feng Ruqing finally realized why Liu Yuchen dumped her. Not only was the princess extremely arrogant and overbearing, but she was actually a butterball.

Her only redeeming quality was her fair skin. However, it was true that while a fair complexion is powerful enough to hide all other blemishes, a fatso ruins all.


When Feng Ruqing was still pondering over her weight loss plan, an excited voice sounded.

Feng Ruqing turned her head only to see a man in yellow imperial robes striding into the room.

The man had a sharp and thin face with defined facial features. His delicate eyes were gentle like water. His stunning face was like a warm ray of sunlight which pierced through Feng Ruqing’s heart directly.

“Qing’er, thank god you are awake. Otherwise, I would upset your late mother if anything happened to you.” The man in yellow imperial robes held Feng Ruqing’s hands tightly as his voice trembled.

‘This man is the Emperor—Feng Tianyu?’ Feng Ruqing tilted her head as she stared at the man.

This man would be a wise emperor, if not for this bratty princess’s existence. However, he had always sided with the princess—ignoring whether the issue was right or wrong.

“Your Majesty, I’ve told you Qing’er would be safe and sound.” A sweet voice rang.

Hearing this, Feng Ruqing looked at the woman standing next to Feng Tianyu with a bright smile on her face.

The woman was wearing a violet chiffon dress with a jade hairpin in her hair—exuding extreme elegance yet modesty.

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