The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 27: The Youth of the General Manor I

Feng Rushuang stood frozen and dazed. She was not around when Liu Rong got the Iron-Blooded Token. She simply did not know how Liu Rong got the Iron-Blooded Token. The only thing she knew was ever since Liu Rot got the Iron-Blooded Token, no one in the four kingdoms dared to mess with her.

‘Is it true that Feng Ruqing just lent it to mother for a few days?’

“Sister, I am not sure what had happened. Let me check with my mother. Also, you are my sister, so I would definitely buy these spirit beasts for you.” Feng Rushuang turned her thoughts back to the present, a faint smile played on her lips.

Feng Rushuang paid the court keeper generously. Deep down however, her heart was bleeding. That was indeed a tremendous amount of money. However, if she did not do that, Feng Ruqing would not let her off easily.

“Take out the beast now.” Feng Ruqing turned to look at the court keeper.

The court keeper was slightly startled and turned to glance at Feng Rushuang.

“You just do what my sister says. If you dare to mess with her, His Majesty would tear down your beast court for sure.” Feng Rushuang frowned as she snarled.

By doing so, Feng Rushuang was telling others that Feng Ruqing had always been bossing around whoever that was standing in her way using the emperor’s name.

The court keeper stared at Feng Ruashuang as if thanking her for the reminder. He then signaled the servant to take out the beast.

“Sister, the court keeper is taking out the beast now. Please don’t vent your anger on the beast court. It’s not good for Father’s reputation.” Feng Rushuang’s looked up at her with a smile.

“Feng Rushuang, how dare you mislead the public by making a false imperial decree?” Now, Feng Ruqing was also staring at Feng Rushuang with a broad smile.

“Sister, what do you mean?” Feng Rushuang stood stunned, her eyes filled with confusion.

“You are not only slandering me, but you have also even passed down a false imperial decree. Since when did father want to tear down the beast court? Father is such a wise emperor. Do you think he would do something without proper deliberation? Or…would it be that your mother is trying to usurp the throne?” Feng Ruqing said with an oppressive and domineering tone.

“Sister, what are you talking about? My mother is loyal to His Majesty. She will not do that. You are doing her injustice by saying this.” Dumbfounded, Feng Ruqing shivered in shock. A burning rage swept over her like fire.

‘Mother was right. Feng Ruqing has changed. Why would she do that? Presently, Feng Ruqing is really annoying.’

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