The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 3: The Deserted Princess III

“Your Majesty, please don’t get angry. It’s because… Qing’er is very fond of meat and would explode with rage without meat in her meal 1 . Since she just woke up, it would not be good for her health if she loses her temper.” Liu Rong quickly kneeled down in shock.

“Qing’er, listen to me. You can eat whatever you want when you have fully recovered. You need to take care of your health now. Alright?” Feng Tianyu looked at Feng Ruqing.

Feng Ruqing merely lowered her eyes without uttering a word. It was as though she was dissatisfied with Feng Tianyu’s words. In fact, Feng Ruqing was browsing through the information about Noble Consort Rong from the images stored in her memories.

The princess’s mother was the empress of the palace. However, she had lost her life due to complications during childbirth. Even so, the emperor did not vent his anger upon the princess. On the contrary, he showered her with affection—spoiling her.

Hence, simply no one was capable of stopping the princess from doing anything she wished. She had even sneaked out of the palace and nearly got herself killed. It was Noble Consort Rong’s daughter who had saved her life.

Noble Consort Rong was merely an imperial concubine back then. She was very close to the princess ever since she saved the princess’s life. As Noble Consort Rong had always been a sweet talker, she had successfully made the princess call her ‘mother’.

Not long after that, she rose to noble consort and obtained the Iron-Blooded Token from the princess. The Iron-Blooded Token embodied the late empress’s life’s work of painstaking effort in building the army. The token commanded a lot of respect from the military and its power was extremely devastating.

Therefore, a lot of people including the emperor was against the princess’s idea of giving the token to Noble Consort Rong. However, the princess paid no heed to them and went on determinedly. She had upset all the devoted officials who were loyal to Empress Nalan.

“Your Majesty, Qing’er is angry. I will ask the imperial chef…” Liu Rong felt bad for the princess.


Feng Ru Qin did not allow Liu Rong to finish. Then, in the very instant she cut her short and looked up, her eyes seemed to reflect a boundless night sky filled with dazzling stars, a beauty that made the world dim in comparison. Apart from her marble-white skin, Feng Ru Qin’s other merit was the overwhelming gaze she inherited from Empress Nalan.

When Feng Ruqing was little, she was a petite belle and was the spitting image of Empress Nalan. As the emperor was deeply in love with Empress Nalan he naturally loved Feng Ruqing with all his heart.

It was a shame that aside from her eyes, the present Feng Ruqing looked completely different compared to Empress Nalan. However, that did not stop Feng Tianyu from adoring her.

“I need water and plain congee,” she said in a hoarse but determined tone.

At this moment, the room sank into an uncomfortable silence. Everyone in the room stared at Feng Ruqing in bewilderment.

“Qing’er, what did you say?” Rooted to the spot, Feng Tianyu’s voice quivered.

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