The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 35: It Was a Mouth-Watering Delight! I

“I love adorable pets. If you can’t make me happy, I won’t waste my Divine-Spirit Fruit on you.” A faint smile played on her lips as Feng Ruqing took out a Divine-Spirit Fruit. She divided it into half and gave it to the two spirit rabbits.

The snow wolf was too conceited. Feng Ruqing must kill its ego to make it guard the manor with all its heart. Moreover, those who stayed at the princess’s manor were like her kin. She did not want them to have conflicts within the manor.

Seeing that the spirit degus and the spirit rabbits were happily enjoying the Divine-Spirit Fruits, the snow wolf’s hairs bristled, his eyes reddened and were fixed at the Divine-Spirit Fruit in Feng Ruqing’s hand. At this moment, strong spiritual qi surged from the surroundings which enveloped the snow wolf and suppressed the fiery spirit aroused within its body.

Feng Ruqing actually wanted the snow wolf of Heavenly Mountain to wag its tail at her? The snow wolf had always been unyielding and had never bowed to humans. However, it simply could not deal with the temptation of the Divine-Spirit Fruit. It finally surrendered, sat on the ground and wagged its tail at Feng Ruqing like a dog begging for food from its owner.

Feng Ruqing actually tamed the snow wolf? Since when did the princess become so powerful? Liu Li and Qing Ling stood rooted on the ground, puzzled.

Liu Li looked up at Feng Ruqing, her eyes were flooded with tears. The giant body before her eyes reminded her of a person engraved in her memories many years ago. Even though she was still young at that time, she could still remember the empress who led hundreds of Iron-Blooded troops in a battle, against hundreds of thousands of opponents. She had even defeated countless of masters on the battlefield. The empress had since then commanded a lot of respect from all the emperors from the other kingdoms. The empress was really something. Naturally, her daughter was not inferior to her. Feng Ruqing would be better, just like the Empress Nalan.

Qing Ling looked at Feng Ruqing in bewilderment. Indeed, the princess was different from her old self. Previously the princess was a good-for-nothing. Presently, she was extremely charming even with her flabby body.

The snow wolf bit into the Divine-Spirit Fruit that Feng Ruqing threw at him contentedly and had nearly swallowed the seed.

It was a mouth-watering delight! The Divine-Spirit Fruit was no ordinary spirit herb. It was far tastier than the Divine-Spirit Fruits that he ever had before.

“That’s all for today. If you guard my manor properly, I will give you one Divine-Spirit Fruit tomorrow. However, if you dare to eat them without permission, I will make you a slave at the general’s manor and you can never taste the Divine-Spirit Fruit again for the rest of your life.” Looking at the snow wolf’s innocent eyes, Feng Ruqing merely waved her hand.

The snow wolf nodded hastily.

“Liu Li, take it to the backyard and let him guard my herbs. During this period, no one is allowed to go near there!” Feng Ruqing commanded with a cold gaze. She trusted Liu Li more than Qing Ling. If she did not allow Liu Li to walk near the backyard, Liu Li would definitely obey her command. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.