The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 36: It Was a Mouth-Watering Delight! II

Feng Ruqing stretched her body. She was easily tired because of her flabby body. Since she had the time, she wanted to do a lap around the backyard. As she was still unable to make the herbal dish, this was the only way to lose weight. Moreover, her fatigue would be quickly washed away by the Divine-Spirit Fruits.

Qing Han took small steps across the lawn to Fu Chen’s side, tilted her head and furrowed her brow as she asked in bewilderment, “Brother Fu Chen, What’s wrong with the Divine-Spirit Fruit? Why does the Divine-Spirit Fruit grow at such a fast pace? Even if the Divine-Spirit Fruit is the most inferior spirit fruit, it needs at least two days to grow.”

“I am not sure why, but there was a precedent.” Fu Chen frowned.


“It happened to the founder of the Divine Herbs Sect—the mysterious ancestor.”

The mysterious founder resembled a plain white sheet of paper, open to one’s imagination. There were no chronicles about this legendary founder. Simply no one knew his gender or physical appearance. He was the one who studied and passed down the spirit herbs sowing skills. He had given a clear direction to the cultivation of all human beings in this realm. Although no one knew who he actually was, his name would live on from generation to generation.

He was regarded as the Ninth Emperor.

“You are saying that she has the same talent as the Ninth Emperor? That’s why the spirit herb grows faster and the Divine-Spirit Fruit that she sows possess an intense aura that has even surpassed the master of the Divine Herbs Sect.” Qing Han blinked her eyes in wonder.

“We need to check out her talent later. The Ninth Emperor was not only a master in sowing spirit herbs, the speed of his cultivation was unparalleled in the realm.”

It was a pity that the Ninth Emperor was only a legend and was buried by time and dust.

“Since she is our mommy, we will never starve for food from now on. Otherwise, I don’t know how long should we wait for a Grade-3 spirit herb.” Qing Han’s eyes sparkled with joy.

“She is our herbs slave!” Fu Chen’s face darkened a few shades and snorted.

“I don’t care. She is my mommy as long as she gives me the spirit herb. Brother Fu Chen, I am completely worn out being starved for years.” Qing Han stroked her belly gently and pouted.

Feng Ruqing was not aware of the chatter between the two little kids. Little did she know that these two little sweetie pies were observing her secretly.

The sky turned dark after Feng Ruqing did a complete lap around the backyard with the energy from the Divine-Spirit Fruits. Drenched in sweat, she was panting as she walked out of the backyard.

“It would be perfect to have hawthorn soup now.”

Hawthorn soup was an herbal dish cooked with hawthorn, peacebloom, and silverleaf. It was extremely useful for detox and fat loss. Presently, her flabby body was not only a life-and-death issue on the battlefield, but it was also an obstacle to gain a foothold in this kingdom. Hence, the most important thing that she wanted to do presently was to lose weight.

“Liu Li, have you heard of the Divine Herbs Sect?” Feng Ruqing saw and asked Liu Li, who was waiting for her in the distance, as she walked closer to her after pondering for a while. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.