The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 37: Nalan Dai’er I

“Your Highness, Divine Herbs Sect is the biggest sect in Cang Yue Mainland. Rumor has it that there were countless spirit herbs in the Divine Herbs Sect. It was a place where all the greatest minds want to get in,” after contemplating for a while, Liu Li answered.

Hearing this, Feng Ruqing knitted her brows together. She could still remember Fu Chen telling her that the Divine Herbs Sect had been massacred. It seemed that Fu Chen was not reliable.

‘Now that I have learned the spirit herbs sowing skill from Divine Herbs Sect, would the Divine Herbs Sect come after me? It is too risky. I need to have a good talk with Fu Chen.’ The corner of Feng Ruqing’s lips slightly lifted.

Seeing this, a chill ran down Liu Li’s spine. She could feel that Feng Ruqing was planning for something evil.

“Liu Li, did anything happen at the general’s manor?”

The old princess did not care for the general’s manor. Consequently, Feng Ruqing could hardly find anything related to the general’s manor in her memory.

“Your Highness only cared for Young Master Liu previously. After you fell sick, His Majesty was afraid that you would mess around with the people at the general’s manor and did not tell you about this.” Standing dazed, Liu lowered her head and only answered after a long while.

Feng Ruqing was no longer the ruthless princess who was good for nothing. Hence, Liu Li could finally tell her the things that happened at the general’s manor.

“Your Highness, Princess Ziyan of Long Ao Kingdom has broken off the engagement with the young master of the general’s manor—Nalan Jing.”

Slightly surprised, Feng Ruqing clenched her fists.

When Empress Nalan was still alive, the emperor of Long Ao Kingdom had forged an alliance with Liu Yun Kingdom by marrying off a princess after losing the battle. It was a pity that none of the princes were of marriageable age. Hence, a marriage was arranged between Empress Nalan’s nephew and Princess Ziyan, who was a new-born infant back then. Both of them would get married when they reached eighteen years old. Presently, it was just one year before their marriage, and the engagement had been called off.

“Your Highness, we have lost Empress Nalan, and the old general’s health is declining year after year. If not for His Majesty, the attacking troops of the other kingdom would have reached our main gates,” Liu Li explained earnestly.

“Liu Li, I want to take a look at the general’s manor. Don’t tell anyone about this,” Feng Ruqing said with a determined expression. She was worried about the general’s family. Even if she could not enter the general’s manor, she wanted to take a look from outside.

Out in the bustling Southern Street was a group of six or seven years old kids. Initially, Feng Ruqing paid no heed to them. However, as she walked past, her eyes fell on a little girl encircled by the kids. Her hair was dripping wet, and her skin was ghastly pale with a scar slashed across her face that had ruined her loveliness.

Her bright eyes were dilated in fear, like a kid who had been deserted by the whole world. The girl hugged her knees tightly, shivering with fear. She was defenseless and helpless.

“Nalan Dai’er, how dare you sneak out from your manor! You are grounded because your father knows that you are an eyesore. He is afraid that you would frighten off the people outside. Now that you have frightened me, how would you compensate me?” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.