The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 38: Nalan Dai’er II

“Oh yeah, you are not only weak but also feeble-minded. Since you can’t talk properly, I don’t expect an answer from you.” A little boy said as he and squinted disdainfully at the little girl sat on the ground. The little boy had fair and delicate skin and was dressed in rich, intricate brocade just as a spoiled descendant of a prestigious family would.

“Have we gone too far? She is the general’s daughter after all. What if the general comes after us?” The person next to the boy tugged at his sleeve and said softly.

“What are you afraid of? Her aunt has died, and my aunt is Noble Consort Rong. She would be the Empress of Liu Yun Kingdom one day. Who dares to mess me?’

Liu Yu stuck his nose in the air. Till then, the whole world belonged to the Liu family. The general was nothing.

“Moreover, she is feeble-minded and can’t even talk properly. Even if I lay my hands on her, do you really think that the general would avenge her and mess with me?”

Liu Yu raised his foot, wanting to give Nalan Dai’er a kick.

Sitting rooted to the ground, Nalan Dai’er did not dodge Liu Yu’s foot and only stared blankly at him.

Before Liu Yu’s foot hit Nalan Dai’er, a huge foot could be seen kicking the boy in the chest. It was truly a hard kick, Liu Yu fell down and his head struck the ground. Tears ran freely from his eyes. He reached out and wiped off his tears.

“Who kicked me? I will make my aunt…” Engulfed with rage, Liu Yu got up as he snarled.

When he saw the huge flabby body, his face stiffened.

“Feng Ruqing, was it you who kicked me?”


Fen Ruqing took a step forward and slapped him hard across his face.

“Haven’t you learned the customs and etiquette from your family elders? I am the princess of Liu Yun Kingdom. How dare you call me by my name!”

Liu Yu stood up dazedly, his eyes wide opened. He did not forget about Feng Ruqing’s status and treated her with respect all this while. This time was really just a slip of the tongue as his rage overtook his senses. However, Feng Ruqing should never have kicked him as he was Noble Consort Rong’s nephew.

“You kicked me? Sob… I am going to tell my aunt and let her teach you a lesson.” Liu Yu burst into tears.

Feng Ruqing had always obeyed Noble Consort Rong, and Liu Yu was Noble Consort Rong’s most beloved nephew. He would not let her off easily.

“Don’t you dare cry!” Feng Ruqing lifted the edge of Liu Yu’s brocade as she sneered. She raised her hand and slapped him on his buttocks.

This time, the slap was different from the one she gave Fu Chen—it was a hard slap. She did not show the slightest bit of mercy on him.

The kids around them did not dare to mess with Feng Ruqing and took a few steps back in fear as they started to panic.

“Get your aunt to teach me a lesson. I dare you! I want to have a good talk with her about the Iron-Blooded Token.”


Another hard slap on his buttocks. Liu Yu cried his heart out in pain.

“You are seeking your demise! I will get my aunt to punish you with a rod!”

Liu Yu struggled to get away from Feng Ruqing but failed. Feeling that his buttock was burning hot, Liu Yu cried out loud. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.