The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 39: Nalan Dai’er III

Only when Liu Yu was completely worn out and had stopped crying did Feng Ruqing loosen her grip and throw him on the ground.

“Don’t you ever lay your hands on Dai’er again! Otherwise, I would not let you off easily. Get out of my sight now!” Feng Ruqing snarled.

Feeling the prickly pain on his buttocks, Liu Yu stroked his buttocks and stared at Feng Ruqing as though she was a monster.

As soon as Feng Ruqing finished speaking, he quickly turned and left. Even though he could hardly walk and was stumbling through the streets because of the pain, he did not dare to stay there any longer.

Nalan Dai’er was still sitting on the ground, her eyes staring at Feng Ruqing fearfully.

“Dai’er, do you remember me?” When Feng Ruqing glanced at the scar across Nalan Dai’er’s face, her heart was full of unutterable sorrow.

It was the princess and Feng Rushuang who had left the scar on Nalan Dai’er’s face. Feng Rushuang had pressed Nalan Dai’er onto the ground as the princess burned Nalan Dai’er’s face. However, Feng Rushuang had pushed all the blame onto the princess to avoid any punishment by the emperor. Feng Rushuang had since then become the one who failed to stop the princess from hurting Nalan Dai’er. The princess was such a fool. Even though the general knew that Feng Rushuang was involved, he could not help but put all the blame on the princess.

“My mother said that you are evil. You will hit me, burn me, and ride me like a horse. She wants me to stay away from you. You are a demon!” Nalan Dai’er’s body shook violently. Apparently, Feng Ruqing was more terrifying than the group of kids.

Feng Ruqing lowered her head, she felt a dull ache in her heart.

“But I have saved you. Look, they will never hurt you again.”

“My mother said you are a demon.” Nalan Dai’er’s eyes were filled with doubt.

“I was wrong for hurting you, but I have changed. Can you give me a chance?” Feng Ruqing squatted down before Nalan Dai’er, a gentle smile hanging on her lips.

Tilting her head, Nalan Dai’er bit her finger as she stared at Feng Ruqing.

“Look, I brought you something yummy.” Feng Ruqing stretched out her hand, a tiny little fruit on her palm.

A sweet-smelling aroma lingered in the air. The fruit was glistening like a jewel. It was such a juicy treat.

Sitting motionlessly, Nalan Dai’er did not take the fruit. She had been hurt too many times that even a feeble-minded kid could hardly trust Feng Ruqing now. She was afraid that Feng Ruqing would hurt her again and that she could no longer handle the pain of her heart being ripped apart.

“If I want to hurt you, I wouldn’t have helped you just now. So long as you eat this, I swear that I won’t hurt you anymore. Is that alright?”

Nalan Dai’er swallowed hard. Her she looked at Feng Ruqing’s face and then at the Divine-Spirit Fruit.

Nalan Dai’er could no longer restrain the temptation of the Divine-Spirit Fruit. She stretched her arms out carefully, her eyes filled with fear.

Feng Ruqing was immensely relieved when Nalan Dai’er took the Divine-Spirit Fruit from her outstretched hand.

This time, Feng Ruqing did not hurt Nalan Dai’er.

“Eat this.” Feng Ruqing rested her chin in her hands as she looked at Nalan Dai’er with a bright smile.

Nalan Dai’er bit into the Divine-Spirit Fruit. The juice burst into her mouth and spread across her tongue. It was sweet and succulent! If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.