The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 42: The State Preceptor was More Important II

Nalan Dai’er was naïve and had a pure heart. She had even put all the wrongdoings that Feng Ruqing did to her out of her mind. Moving forward, Lady Nalan must keep an eye on Nalan Dai’er and never let her walk out of the manor so Feng Ruqing could never get close to her.

“Tell the general that Dai’er is back but don’t tell him anything about Feng Ruqing.” Lady Nalan lowered her eyes. Feng Ruqing had wholly broken the general’s heart. Whenever he heard of Feng Ruqing’s name, his sorrow grew even more profound.

Hence, Lady Nalan did not want the general to know that it was Feng Ruqing who had brought Nalan Dai’er back. Her father had suffered a great deal of grievances because of Feng Ruqing. She did not want the general to follow in his father’s path.

“At your command, Lady.” The guard cupped his hands in a salute.

As Nalan Dai’er had returned to the general’s manor safe and sound, it did not make a great stir in the kingdom. However, the guards in the general’a manor were greatly increased and even the back door was closely guarded to prevent Nalan Dai’er from sneaking out of the manor again.

At the crack of dawn, Nalan Zhangqian pushed opened the door and walked out of the study. He seemed to have not slept through the night as fatigue was engraved on his worn face.

Suddenly, a sweetie pie came into sight in the distance. Seeing Dai’er, Nalan Zhangqian broke into a wide smile.

“Dai’er, why are you here?”

“I miss you, daddy. I brought you a fruit,” Dai’er said softly with a smile of pure joy.

Seeing Dai’er, Nalan Zhangqian’s heart melted, his eyes filled up with tenderness.

“Dai’er is such a good girl. What have you brought me?”

“It’s a sweet and juicy fruit.”

Nalan Dai’er stretched out her hand and revealed a crimson red fruit in her tiny palm. Feng Ruqing gave her five, and she had only eaten one. The rest was for her father, mother, grandfather, and brother.

The sweet scent and spiritual qi from the fruit proved that it was the Divine-Spirit Fruit in Nalan Dai’er’s hand. Even though the spiritual qi of the Grade-1 spirit herb was faint, a spirit herb was truly rare and expensive in Liu Yun Kingdom. With Nalan Dai’er’s allowance, she could never afford such a spirit herb.

“Ah? Dai’er… Where did you get this from?” Stunned, Nalan Zhangqian asked solemnly.

“I bought it.” Feng Ruqing had taught Nalan Dai’er a sweet lie. She did not want Nalan Dai’er to tell the general that it was she who had given the Divine-Spirit Fruit to Nalan Dai’er. Even though Nalan Dai’er did not know the reason Feng Ruqing did that, she trusted Feng Ruqing and that her cousin would not hurt her.

“Where did you buy it from?” Nalan Zhangqian’s face was growing more solemn as he continued asking.

“I bought it from an old man on the street. I ate this before. It tasted extremely good. So, I bought it for you and mommy.” Nalan Dai’er pouted and lowered her head.

“Did I do something wrong?” It was Feng Ruqing who taught Nalan Dai’er to say this. Even though Nalan Dai’er was feeble-minded, she was not mentally disabled. So, she could still repeat Feng Ruqing’s words.

“No. You have done something incredible. This fruit is truly precious. Dai’er, you are so lucky to have bought this. Do you know where the old man is?” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.