The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 45: Coward Qing Zhu II

“You stay here to protect her.”

Qing Zhu had goosebumps. It did not dare to go against its master’s command. It gave Feng Ruqing a stern glare.

Huh! It, Qing Zhu, was not afraid of a mere human. Could this human eat it for real?

“In this imperial palace, you must listen to her. If I get to know that you fail to protect her well…” Nan Xian’s stare was sharp but he spoke calmly and with full authority.

Qing Zhu hid its head, feeling disgruntled it muttered, “Master, she is not the previous princess anymore. I feel that she is scary. What if she bullies me after you leave? Do you have the heart to leave me, a pitiful small snake here?”

“I do.”

Nan Xian replied curtly which made Qing Zhu almost tear up.

As expected, since it was not a female snake, its master was unfair and did not like it.

Nevertheless, Nan Xian did not bother about Qing Zhu who almost teared up after his words. He turned his gaze to Feng Ruqing.

“I heard… Noble Consort Rong looked for you?”

Feng Ruqing replied with a ‘yeah’.

“Do you need any help?”

“No need.” Feng Ruqing shook her head and smiled. “It’s just Noble Consort Rong. It’s not something that I cannot handle.”

Nan Xian did not utter a word but just stared at her.

When Feng Ruqing saw Nan Xian’s stare, her heart skipped a beat as she just realized that she had used the wrong words.

The original owner trusted Noble Consort Rong highly, but she had said something contradictory. No doubt, the state preceptor would be suspicious of her.

However, she wondered why she was able to loosen up in front of the state preceptor, so much so that she would just say out something unknowingly.

In fact, she never had this feeling toward anyone, even to her father, Feng Tianyu.

After a moment, Nan Xian spoke again, “As long as you can handle it.”

He did not ask any questions and said nothing, which made Feng Ruqing feel relieved.

If the state preceptor insisted on the truth, she would not even know how to explain to him…

“If she is looking for you, just go to her. Come to Southern Bamboo Grove and look for Qing Zhu if you need anything. Its venom is extremely potent, which will be of use to you.

Potent venom?

Feng Ruqing blinked as she looked at the Azure Snake on the ground with a knowing smile. She seemed to be planning something in her mind.

The gleam in her eyes gave Qing Zhu another round of goosebumps. It subconsciously moved to hide beside Nan Xian.

“Alright,” Feng Ruqing smiled and turned to the state preceptor. She waved him goodbye before leaving. “Then, I will come and see you again after one month.”

One month!

She must let the state preceptor see a brand new her when he comes back after one month.

At Serene Palace

After Feng Ruqing had moved out from this palace, this place was unoccupied as the palace maids and imperial servants were shifted to other places. Servants would just come to clean this place on a daily basis.

Meanwhile at the inner court, Noble Consort Rong gripped her handkerchief anxiously. Her brows furrowed as she paced back and forth.

She did not know what was happening now. Since Feng Ruqing that silly girl had woken up from her coma, she seemed to have changed to be a different person. Not only did she refuse to listen to her anymore, she even hit and bullied Yu’er …

If Yu’er did not swear the truth that the person who injured him was Feng Ruqing, she would not even believe that the person who was once obedient to her had actually done that.

Suddenly, the door was pushed ajar. Liu Rong turned around and saw a familiar silhouette. She was a little pleased and rushed forward.

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