The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 46: First Confrontation with Noble Consort Rong I

The sun shone brightly as the warmth grazed the maiden’s face.

Her skin was glowing like jade—translucent and fair. She had a pair of beautiful eyes and a set of white teeth with a smiling face.

Looking at the maiden standing at the door, Liu Rong seemed to have fallen into a trance. If she manages to slim down, she will look like another amazing person like Nalan Yan.

Fortunately, Feng Ruqing was currently a fatty. Otherwise, Shuang’er’s glory and attention would be snatched by this minx.

“Noble Consort Rong, I heard you were looking for me?” Feng Ruqing squinted as she asked, smiling.

Liu Rong was stunned. The way Feng Ruqing had addressed her made her feel uneasy.

She clenched her fists tightly, forced a smile, and asked, “Qing’er, did you hit Yu’er?”

Feng Ruqing ambled into the inner court and sat down. “You came here to see me for Liu Yu’s matter? I thought you have finally found your conscience and have decided to return my Iron-Blooded Token.”

Liu Rong’s heart sank slightly.

Previously, when she heard from Shuang’er that this girl wanted her Iron-Blooded Token back, she did not believe it. It turned out to be true.

“Qing’er,” Liu Rong said with a bitter smile. She sounded a little heartbroken. “I treat you like my biological daughter—even Shuang’er cannot be compared to you. I don’t know who had spread false news to you, and that has affected our relationship. I will keep the Iron-Blooded Token on your behalf since you’re still too young. Otherwise, people might cheat it off of you.”

Feng Ruqing replied wryly, “You mean the people who might cheat my Iron-Blooded Token off of me are from the general’s manor?”

“Qing’er, you must bear this in mind, I am the only person who treats you with sincerity. Others are just taking advantage of you.” Liu Rong sighed. She continued, “Moreover, you have forgotten about the incident. The year you were attacked, Shuang’er was the one who saved you from the sword. That is why you are still alive. But I never expected that you would turn into someone so merciless.”

Disappointment could be seen in her beautiful eyes like the frustration felt by a mother when dealing with a child who did something wrong. It was so heartbreaking.

“Qing’er, I hope you can follow me to Liu Residence and apologize to Yu’er, then this matter would be considered resolved. Yu’er is usually an obedient child. If you did not treat him badly, he wouldn’t have complained to me,” Liu Rong advised her in a soft and gentle tone.

Feng Ruqing stood up abruptly. The corners of her lips curved into a cold sneer. “I am the honorable princess of Liu Yun Kingdom. You want me to apologize to a cabinet minister’s grandson?”

Liu Rong’s face turned stiff—she quickly explained herself, “Qing’er, I did not mean that. After all, you were the one who did wrong in this matter. I just don’t want to see you continue doing the wrong things. If this incident reaches the public, it will affect our imperial family’s reputation.”

The underlying meaning was, ‘I asked you to apologize for the sake of Liu Yun Kingdom and yourself instead of personal reasons. If you refuse, it implies that you do not care about the reputation of the imperial family.’

Feng Ruqing squinted at Liu Rong as she scanned her up and down.

Suddenly, she let out a stifled laugh.

“Noble Consort Rong, what good reputation do I, Feng Ruqing, have now? Moreover, you think that I am wrong in this matter. Fine! Since today’s morning audience hasn’t finished yet, let’s go to the audience hall to find my father and let all the civil and military ministers decide if it is your grandson of the Liu family’s fault or mine!”

Feng Ruqing’s tone was domineering which made Liu Rong fluster.

She had cheated the Iron-Blooded Token from Feng Ruqing previously, so all civil and military ministers hated her to the core. If she argued with them at this moment, she would be wronged even though she was right. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.