The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 49: The Princess’s Notice I

Liu Rong almost lost her composure. This girl did she not understand what she had meant.

Additionally, it was impossible for Feng Ruqing who had a bad reputation to meet the arrogant state preceptor.

“Oh right.” Feng Ruqing blinked as she walked toward Noble Consort Rong. “The only reason why I am able to meet Liu Yuchen that year was all thanks to Feng Rushuang for showing me the direction. She kept praising Liu Yuchen in front of me and made me fall for him. I will now go and write a notice to thank her and stick it all over the city.”

Liu Rong panicked. If the emperor knew that Shuang’er was the reason why Feng Ruqing fell in love with Liu Yuchen, he would be furious.

“Qing’er, are you misunderstanding something? I don’t think she meant it.”

Feng Ruqing continued smiling. “Then let others judge for themselves.”

Liu Rong stared blankly at Feng Ruqing and by the time she figured out how to respond to that, Feng Ruqing had already left for Serene Palace.

That last tease had left a deep scar in Liu Rong’s heart, causing her to clench her fists.

Feng Ruqing was surrounded by the morning sunlight.

She looked at the sky and stretched. Perhaps it was due to her good mood that she just couldn’t seem to stop smiling.

Feng Ruqing looked down at her hand that was holding the Iron-Blooded Token and her eyes glowed.

“Even though I have obtained the Iron-Blooded Token, now is still not the time yet.”

The Iron-Blooded Troop was single-handedly trained by Empress Nalan. The troop was made up of female soldiers but could put all the males to shame.

But these people had been hurt by her. She wasn’t willing to use the Iron-Blooded Token to force them to obey her but she had hoped that they would loyally follow her.

Feng Ruqing rubbed her forehead as her head started hurting. “The previous owner is gone but has also left this massive mess for me.”

It did not matter. She had already taken back the Iron-Blooded Token and the Iron-Blooded Troop shall return to the world again.

Determination filled Feng Ruqing’s eyes. She didn’t go looking for Feng Tianyu. Instead, she left the palace.

Supreme Princess Manor.

Those words hung above the door.

However, the street in front of the princess manor remained quiet. There were only two or three passersby. It was unlike the crowded street before.

Feng Ruqing looked at the street and was unable to figure out what was going on.

She felt that the usually crowded Southern Street had lesser people.

“Qing Ling.” The moment Feng Ruqing entered the princess manor, she met Qing Ling and immediately summoned her and asked, “Do you know what happened to Southern Street recently? Why has it suddenly become so quiet?”

Qing Ling stared at her blankly for a moment and answered after a while, “Princess, it’s not that the Southern Street has become quiet, but those people…. When they knew you have moved out here, they try to avoid the princess’s manor.”


Feng Ruqing’s face turned dark. Was she that terrifying of a person in other people’s eyes?

“Am I that scary?” asked Feng Ruqing, staring blankly.

Qing Ling nodded. “Five years ago, a child accidentally knocked into Your Highness. Your Highness almost asked someone to beat that child to death. It was only when the general’s people stepped forward that the child was saved. Three years ago, Your Highness and another person were fighting for an accessory. In the end, because the shopkeeper had decided to sell the accessory to the other person due to first come first serve policy. Your Highness ordered the servants to destroy the shop and the shopkeeper was grievously injured.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.